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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tearing Up My Heart ~ Wendi Zwaduk

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share a little bit about Ryan and Samara’s first kiss. Now you have to remember, these two people are two I didn’t think would get together for even a kiss. Ryan’s one of those men who thinks women should be at his feet because he’s a semi-celebrity. He’s a Ghost Explorer—and if you ask him, a darned good one. Samara? Well, she doesn’t buy his skills. In fact, she calls his ghost exploring a sham.

“Hauntings? Aberrant actions? What you do has nothing to do with demons or spirits—unless you mean the spirit of getting into women’s pants.”
Ryan turned to see Samara standing next to him, her arms folded. Had she listened in on the entirety of his ridiculous diatribe? “I don’t cross-dress.” Sitting on the edge of the table, he took in the sight of her. A strange rhythm pounded behind his ribs and his cock pulsed beneath his zipper.
“Har.” She rolled her blue eyes, the type that could snare a man at twenty paces. “No, you bed the women whose houses you clear of spirits. I’ve seen your show and I hear the gossip. Criminey, you should be checked for STD’s.”
“Gossip and innuendo.” Hell, up close she demanded his attention without saying a word to grab it. “And FYI, I’m clean.”
Damn, if she didn’t turn him on with her sass. He wanted to be irritated and she verbally smacked him between the eyes. A tiny part of him wanted to walk away from her and never see her again for the sake of the memory of Felicity. Shit. The more his gaze roved over Samara Jacobs, the more he wanted to take a trip all over her body, learning what made her laugh, sigh, and whimper in delight. She, unlike the female population of Snake Falls, Ohio, didn’t buy into his line of work. The simple fact that she gave him a run for his money enticed him.
Just as she turned on her heel to leave, he touched her arm, amazed by the silky smooth texture of her skin. “Wait, you watched my show?”
“Yes, I saw the show. If it’s truly pretend, then you’re golden—only a fiction writer can make up some of the stuff that happens to you. Then again, I don’t buy into ghosts anyway. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all bunk.”
“How so?” His mouth watered for a taste of her. Anything to keep her talking so he could be around her more.
“Because, you go to places infested with rats, raccoons, and other vermin. Critters make noise and scatter when the light hits them. And the static from your camera isn’t a voice, so don’t try to convince me otherwise.”

Yeah, she’s not buying his BS for a moment. Made me laugh when they had the conversation in my head. He’s so smitten and she’s...turning him down. But then again, all isn’t easy for her either. Think about it: the sexiest man you’ve ever seen is trying to make time with you. Most women wouldn’t turn him down. They’d climb on him for a nice long ride.

Ryan Black. In the flesh—again.
A grin curled the corner of his mouth and mischief danced in his eyes. “I hear you want to work the cameras.”
Yanking the earphones from her ears, she nodded. “How’d you know? You don’t have a clue who I am, other than the meeting in the cafeteria and a couple of nods in the stairwells.”
He folded his arms and leaned against the wall of her cubicle, like he owned the place. The bulge in his jeans caught her attention. Gravy. He wanted to talk to her after getting a hard-on from someone else?
“If you’d look at my face, not my crotch, we’d get somewhere.”

Now at this point, I’ve got the both of them complaining, look, he’s (she’s) tearing up my heart. I want to love him (her), but he (she) won’t let me. So you’re probably wondering what happened to them to at least get them to stop complaining. I let Ryan off the leash, that’s what I did.

“I wanted you to come along because I like you and I’d like for you to like Ryan, not the Ryan Black. Does that make sense?”
The faintest hint of a smile fluttered on her kissable mouth. “You’ve stepped through too many cobwebs. They’ve fuzzed your brain.”
Ah, the sass returned. He hooked his fingers under her chin, thrilled by the tiny gasp as she parted her lips. “For one of the few times in my life, my mind is perfectly clear.” Without thinking any further, he feathered a kiss over her mouth and bit back a groan. Damn, she felt good. Like a woman should, sweet, sassy, and soft in his hands. He closed his eyes and pushed the kiss further, tasting her. Honey, pure feminine honey. When she wound her arms around his neck, he fought off the urge to jump for joy. The one woman he wanted to desire him seemed like she did!
With languid strokes, he caressed her back and cupped the base of her skull. Samara Jacobs embodied calm and restraint, but her kiss intoxicated him like the finest whisky. The denim of his jeans pulled tight over his erection. He could almost imagine the velvet of her body as he slid into her pussy. Fuck yes, he liked her, probably more than he should.
He pushed into her mind for a split second, just to see if he could.
Ryan Black is kissing me!
Holy fuck. If he could hear her thoughts as if they were his own, then she was the one. His true Spirit Mate. Life couldn’t get better.
When he broke the kiss, Samara’s warm breath skittered over his cheeks. He had her on edge as much as he was—nice. She smoothed her hands down his chest, splaying them across his pecs. “You make it hard to think.”
“So do you.”

Now don’t go thinking it’s all wine, roses, and ghost hunting for these two. Nope. There’s more than a few twists and turns in this story. Want to know more about Ryan and Samara? Want to see if they get their HEA? Here’s the blurb:

He’s her kinkiest desire, if she’s willing to open her heart and believe in him.
The dead don’t always rest in peace. Some stick around to make the lives of the living hell on Earth. Ryan Black knows the frustration of dealing with the dead. He’s a Ghost Explorer. He’s conquered houses filled with apparitions, abandoned school buildings that house angry vermin, and managed to woo the female population of Snake Falls, Ohio. But he’s about to face his toughest challenge, convincing sceptical Samara Jacobs she not only shares his gift, but holds his heart.
Women fall at Ryan Black’s feet and Samara’s determined not to be one of the many—that is until she’s forced to work with him. He’s certain ghosts exist and willing to prove it. The more she gets to know the man behind the television persona, she decides the handsome klutz who chases things that go bump in the night isn’t so silly after all. But is he worthy of her love?
This book contains anal sex and a little harmless domination.

I’ll leave you with this: the paranormal seems to be really popular in the romance genre. What snags your attention in a paranormal story? What makes you buy a paranormal story? Let me know. I’d love to chatter with you!

About Wendi: I always dreamed of writing the stories in my head. Tall, dark, and handsome heroes are my favorites, as long as he has an independent woman keeping him in line. I tend to write books with titles taken from songs because music is one of my many muses.
I earned a BA in education at Kent State university and as well as a Masters in Education from Nova Southeastern University. I've tried my hand at teaching, waitressing, and retail sales, but writing holds my heart.

I love NASCAR, romance, books in general, Ohio farmland, dirt racing, and my menagerie of animals. I have six books under contract and more than my brain can handle percolating. I can't wait to share them with you! Visit me on my site and my blog!


Crystal Dee said...

Oh Wendy, Careless Whisper sounds great. I love paranormals and I think I migrate to them because they engage my imagination so strongly. After all, I've had sex and I know what it feels like, but I've never had sex with a shifter and I have to concentrate a little harder to get to the place where it's real for me. I love to live in these stories.

Jean P said...

I enjoy reading paranormals, because for me there is that unknown, a whole different realm that you can let your imagination go to.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Donna B said...

I love paranormals. Shape shifters are my favorites because they let your imagination run free.

Caffey said...

Ghost Explorer is sounding so unique already! I loved her trying to resist his charm! And kisses! For me, I love to read my favorites in paranormals but too love reading the themes I don't see much of or are totally unique! Like I don't see much with selkies and mermen and love to read more of those, so I do look to find them and its scarce. Too then I'll read a blurb, like this one, as a Ghost Explorer that is something i so never read and look forward to seeing how it all comes together! And liking it already!

Kasey said...

Nice premise for a romance story. I'll be sure to check out your work!

Cindy L said...

I think the reason I'm drawn to paranormals, is because it's an escape from reality. It's like an Urban Legend come true. Plus an author has free reign with a paranormal...there is no limit on where they want to take the reader.


Cathy M said...

The only limit is the imagination, and I love the variety of characters and storylines. I can feel like a shifter story one day, a vampire another, or even a faery or other world creature. Always something to suit my mood.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Terra Pennington said...

Is this book out yet? I need to see if I can find it. Love the excerpts first kiss and all.

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Crystal - this one was fun in part because I had to write something we cannot for certain prove - ghost may truly exist, but since we can't be absolutely certain, why not let the imagination run wild with them? I'm game to.

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Jean - hear hear! I am so with you on that one. :-)

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Donna - absolutely. Paranormals open up worlds mere mortals can only dream of. I love it.

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Caffey - i'm glad you're interested. I loved writing Ryan's story because a) he was a pill, b) Samara gives him a run for his money, and c) it's unique. Hope you enjoy it!

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Kasey - thanks! I hope you like the books and find a new author to follow.

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Cathy - aboslutely. I can't seem to write shifters and that's fine. I've got enough Vamps and Ghost Explorers to keep me happy. Maybe I'll try a fallen angel or demon one day, though.

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Terra - Careless Whisper releases February 21st from Total-E-Bound. Sorry, I should've put that on the blog. :)

Nancy G said...

I can't wait to get my hands on this one-hope it is soon. I love paranormal because nothing is impossible there.

Paradox Sinner said...

Great except Wendi. Sounds like another good story that I will need to pick up.

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Nancy - I hope you get it soon, too. Comes out Feb 21st, right AFTER Valentines Day. Hee hee...

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Paradox Sinner - hope you enjoy it! I loved writing it.