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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine in Your Heart

I’m sure most of our posts this weekend are suggesting you celebrate with your loved one, but what about those of us who are solo?

Treat yourself. If you don’t love you, no one else really can. Or perhaps your love is still in your heart but not at your side. Make this day special with flowers, a fantastic meal, your favorite chocolates, whatever will make the day unique. Rent a movie, curl up with your favorite book. If your valentine is only in your heart these days, or is stationed overseas, pull out the photo album and pour through the good times. You deserve it. You have been loved, or are worthy of love, whether someone is by your side on the holiday or not.

Remembering the good times and the one that got away is what Maui Rekindled is all about. Gabe is the summer fling in Maggie’s youth. When her divorce leaves her drained, she returns to the resort where they met, hoping to soak up the sun and a few memories. The last thing she expects if for Gabe to come walking out of the waves.

Is there a vacation fling in your past who comes to mind at times, making you wonder how he is doing? I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours!

Maui Rekindled

Ari Thatcher

“I’ll call you.” That’s the last thing Gabe said fifteen years ago as Maggie prepared to fly home from a summer in paradise. When he didn’t call, she packed away the memories of their sexual romp and relegated him to vacation-fling status.

Now, as the ink on her divorce papers dries, Maggie returns to that Maui resort hoping to find the carefree woman she once was. When Gabe walks out of the waves on her first afternoon at the beach, she isn’t sure whether to laugh or run away. Hot, crazy vacation sex with no strings attached would be the perfect remedy for her bloody divorce.

Gabe thinks of Maggie as the one who got away, and he’s not about to let it happen again. The passion between them is as fiery as ever, but is it hot enough to rekindle the romance he knows they could share? He’s got one week to prove to her it is.


Excerpts and buy links are on my website Plus, download the free read, prequel Maui Heat, and find out just how hot that summer fling got!


Cathy M said...

I loved this story, Ari, and will have to go check out the prequel.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Terra Pennington said...

Oh this sounds like a fight ready to happen. 15 years and still waiting for that call. Well maybe not just a little rekindling. I got to get this one.


Ari Thatcher said...

Cathy, it's great to see you here! I hope you enjoy Heat!

Terra, enjoy the read.

Cindy L said...

We usually spend V Day as a family, but my hubby will be out of town. So I'll do something special for my boys.


Jean P said...

This sounds like a great story, I have to check it out!

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Ari Thatcher said...

Cindy, I'm doing the family thing, too, this year. Trying to finish crocheting slippers for my mom. Warm feet, warm heart, perhaps?

Ari Thatcher said...

Jean, I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by.

heavy hedonist said...

Vacation? No. But there was a romantic, deliciously sleazy guy I met on NYE one year at a huge party. he was all sweetness and romance, till I realized he was Married!
And that was that. He was the BEST kisser ever, though.