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Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's in a kiss

Kissing. Just the word alone can be exciting, anxiety-producing, and even amazing. On one hand, it's so simple. On the other, it's so complex. It can be a prelude to romance, the first taste of sexual foreplay or an expression of deep emotion. Kissing should be fun and feel good; otherwise, what's the point of doing it? And it is certainly one way to show someone how much you care for them.

For some people kissing is the best way to express closeness. To show someone the intimacy of your feelings for them. Feel the romance blossoming between two people. The touch of lips, the tease of tongue, all are expressions of the sensations and emotions rushing through your body. Other qualities of a great kiss included eye contact beforehand, holding hands, and tenderness.

First kisses seem to be awkward for just about everybody. Being nervous and concerned about whether or not you're "doing it right" can certainly lead to awkwardness. Some people worry that they might not be good at kissing, and of course there is such a thing as a bad kiss. But we’re not going to talk about them today. We’re only going to talk about the kisses that send the temperature zooming, the body quaking, the blood heating….Oh, wait. I think that’s a line from one of my books!

In Lust By Moonlight, Mark and Chloe each have erotic dreams about the other even before they meet, so that first kiss packs quite a punch.

Chloe leaned against one of the supports of the carport as she watched Mark turn the steaks, sipping at her wine and hoping it would take the edge off a sudden case of nerves. The familiar heat of the Texas day had waned and a soft breeze carrying the scent of mesquite and black persimmon played with the strands of her hair. It would have been a relaxed, casual atmosphere if not for the sexual tension between the two of them that was so strong it was almost visible. The elephant in the room they both seemed to be working hard to avoid.

Had he had a dream last night—or whatever it was—the way she had? Had the stage been set already, even though they’d just actually met that morning? Something had made him issue this invitation, the same thing that had urged her to accept. So here she was, drinking wine, watching him turn steaks, and suddenly her clothes were too tight for her, her skin was too tight for her, and she had an overwhelming need for him to forget the steaks and throw her to the ground. Take her right here.

Somehow they got through dinner making polite conversation, although Chloe couldn’t have said what the steak tasted like or what they talked about. Draining the last of the wine from her glass, she rose to carry her plate to the counter, but Mark’s hand gripped her arm.

“Leave it.” He stood also, took the plate from her hand and put it back on the table. “I think we both know what’s been on our minds since the minute you walked in the door. Maybe since…whenever.”

“I don’t…”

“Yes. You do.”

He pulled her against him, his muscular body like a wall of granite, but one with flames leaping from it. His hand cupped her neck, fingers threading through her hair and when his mouth took hers the kiss was so predatory the hunger inside her burst into life. He licked her lips, tasting every bit of the surface before forcing them open and sweeping his tongue inside.

Heat! It was everywhere. Inside her. Around her.

He touched everywhere inside her mouth, the inside of her cheeks, her teeth, the line of her gums, as if each place had a special taste. His other hand gripped her buttocks, pulling her firmly against him until she felt the thick ridge of his cock even through the denim of his jeans. When he clamped his lips around her tongue and sucked on it she moaned and tried to press herself even more tightly against him. Every nerve in her body felt as if it was sparking individually, igniting her skin tiny space by tiny space.

Lust By Moonlight, Night Seekers: Book Two. is available at Ellora's Cave and at all virtual bookstores.


Jean P said...

That was an intense, very erotic excerpt, the sexual tension between the two characters, awesome.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Cindy L said...

When my hubby and I first kissed, there was no awkwardness! It was perfect!


Desiree Holt said...

Thanks, ladies, for the great comments.