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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who stuck?

When I think back to all the romances and erotica I've read (and written), certain couples come to mind right away. Sometimes it's spectacular writing; sometimes certain things were going on in my life, but for whatever reason, some characters have resonated with me.

As a teen, I'd read historical romances my mom passed on to me, so I had some experience with love scenes. And then I found the Clan of the Cave Bear series. You might say it was a bit educational for me. The things Ayla and Jondalar did were much more...erm, detailed. And back to my earlier post about music--Gregory Abbott's Shake You Down was popular on the radio at the time, so I associate his song with Jean M. Auel's characters.

I still remember scenes from Kathleen E. Woodiwiss' Shanna, too... and it's been years (about 25) since I picked that book up.

What couples do you remember most vividly? What made them stick with you?

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Piper Denna
Romance is sexy!


doxymom said...

Han and Leia from Star Wars, and Paul and Chani from Dune were the of couples in fiction that really stuck with me.

doxisrcool at

Terra Pennington said...

I love Kathleen E. Woodiwiss' to but I love "The Wolf and the Dove" and "The Flame and the Flower". I still have both books in my library.


Piper Denna said...

Ahhh. Star Wars. Boys dug the violence and we went for romance. :)

And those are also great titles from Woodiwiss!

Cathy M said...

My first erotic romances were also Kathleen Woodiwiss storis, and those characters still remain memorable.

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Mindi said...

Hey Piper for me I love to hear music and its nice to see someoen else that does when they write. I have yet to pick up a historical romace novel and really feel I need to start especially after your reading your blog!

Joyce said...

It seems that Kathleen Woodiwiss' books were many of our first memorable books. I'm no exception. I can't remember the names but I do remember the scenes.

Cindy L said...

Shanna was one of the first romance books that I read. I remember digging through my mom's books and grabbing that one first. I think she still has it packed in a box somewhere. May have to dust that one off and read it again!


Piper Denna said...

Kinda wishing I'd hung onto all those old paperbacks...

Crystal Dee said...

I love the old standbys. Those books that stay with you and call you back every now and then.