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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Wish Upon A Star

Hello Everyone! Happy Valentine’s Weekend!

I thought I would start off my part of the Valentine’s festivities with a sexy free read…

Wish Upon A Star
by Lisa Fox

Alyssa sighed and twirled the straw around in her watered-down cocktail as the man beside her tried his best to get into her pants. She glanced around the crowed bar and then back at her unwanted companion. Was it Valentine’s Day that brought out the almost fervent desperation evident tonight, she wondered as he droned on and on, or were people always this anxious to get laid?

“Look,” she said, breaking into his monologue on god only knew what, “I have to…” Her mind searched for a good excuse to get away, but came up blank. “Go.” She caught her friend Heather’s eye across the bar and made a slight motion with her head to indicate a quiet corner where they could talk. She flashed the man a feeble smile. “Um, thanks,” she said as she moved away from him. “See ya.”

“Okay,” Heather said once Alyssa joined her. “What was wrong with him?”

Alyssa shrugged. “Nothing really. He was just –”

Heather held up her hand, cutting her off. “You really need to get off that high horse you ride around on, Alyssa. You’re not getting any younger, you know?” Heather’s face softened and she gave Alyssa playful tap. “Stop being a bitter old bitch and lighten up. It’s Valentine’s Day. Tonight is the night for love.”

“Love,” Alyssa snorted. “Is love standing around a dark, smelly bar waiting for some man to decide he wants to fuck me?”

Heather shook her head. “You really are a bitter old bitch.”

“I just wish, for once, I could meet a man that actually wanted to be with me,” she said. “Not just want to fuck me simply because I was standing there and willing.”

Heather laughed. “Men don’t want much more than ‘there and willing,’ honey.” She looked around the bar, presumably for the man she had been talking to before Alyssa called her away. “All I know is that I’m not spending Valentine’s night alone and as your friend, I’ll telling you, you have to get over yourself. Let someone seduce you. Get laid. It’ll do you a world of good.” She caught the eye of someone across the room and smiled. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to go take my own advice.” Heather gave her one, last almost sorrowful look. “Really, Alyssa, love is not all roses and romance and happily-ever-afters. Not in real life. You gotta take what you can get and make the most of it.”

"That’s sad,” Alyssa said.

“But not untrue.” Heather patted her arm.

“Try to have some fun, okay?”

“Yeah, right,” Alyssa muttered as her friend walked away. She thought about getting herself another cocktail, but ultimately decided against it. What would be the point? There was no one she wanted to talk to and she didn’t want to be in the bar any longer. Her home was really where she wanted to be.

Alyssa collected her coat and stepped out into the cold. For once, the sky was clear and one, lone, brilliant star shone like a beacon in the dark night. It was a star just made for wishing upon and Alyssa laughed to herself, realizing that it probably wasn’t a star at all, but rather Venus.

“Star light, star bright,” she whispered, and then with a rueful smile, dropped her gaze to the concrete sidewalk. This was silly. Besides, what would she even wish for anyway? She gazed back up at the star and took a deep breath. “I wish I could have someone who actually wanted to be with me.” Now that she had begun, the words came pouring out her mouth, filled with all the emotion and longing she’d kept bottled up inside for so very long. She wished with every fiber of her being, pouring every bit of the yearning in her heart into her words. “I wish for romance. I wish for someone to hold and hug and kiss. I wish for someone to not just fuck, but to make love with. I wish for happily ever after.”

Merry laughter in the distance made her jump and she looked around furtively to see if anyone noticed that she had been standing in the middle of the sidewalk talking to herself. It seemed that no one had and she shook her head at her own foolishness. Wishing on a star indeed. Like that ever worked. She looked back up at the brilliant light in the sky. But then again, if there was ever a perfect star to wish upon on Valentine’s night, it would have to be Venus.

“Stupid,” she mumbled as she walked to her car. And though she knew it was stupid, in her heart, she hoped.

She got home, kicked off her heels, got into her comfy pjs and stretched out on the couch with her book. She tried to concentrate on the story, but the wish she had made kept circling around and around in her mind. If only it could be real. If only it could happen. She closed her eyes, letting herself imagine how wonderful it would be, and soon she drifted off to sleep.

She woke sometime later feeling fuzzy and disorientated. She sat up and ran her hand over her face. Falling asleep on the couch was obviously a bad idea. She had a horrible crick in her neck and her back ached.

“Gotta get to bed,” she said, and stumbled toward to her bedroom.

She paused at her bedroom door. It was slightly ajar, but it should have been wide open. She never closed the door. Why would she? She lived alone. She reached out cautiously, slowly pushing it open and then peeked into her room. The sight she found stole her breath and froze her in her tracks.

The most gorgeous man she'd ever seen lay stretched out on her bed with only a thin sheet draped haphazardly across his mid-section to hide his nakedness. His full lips curled into a sensual smile that just about melted her insides. “Hello Alyssa,” he said, and his deep, velvety voice flowed over her like a wave of rich, sweet honey.

She knew she should probably run, called for help, but there was something about him, some magical something that emanated from him and made her feel calm and peaceful. Contrary to what her reaction should have been under the circumstances, her body relaxed, becoming warm and languid. “Who are you?” she asked, dazed by his beauty and strange aura.

“I came to fulfill your wish,” he said. He held out his hand to her and then patted the space next to him on bed in invitation.

Her feet moved before she even fully comprehended what she was doing and obeying his silent command, she sat down on the bed beside him. He waved his hand in a graceful arc and suddenly there was champagne. He handed her a glass and she let her eyes roam over him as she took a sip. Unruly dark hair curled delightfully around his ears and his deep, blue eyes blazed in the low light. His body was amazing, every muscle toned and hard and defined. He was magnificence made flesh and she wondered what it be like to feel those strong arms around her, to feel his body moving with hers.

He flashed her a deeply dimpled, knowing smile and Alyssa couldn’t help but blush. She looked away from him and was finally able to regain some semblance of her sanity. What was she doing? She was smiling and admiring some naked stranger that had somehow crept into her bed while she slept on the couch. This was crazy. This was wrong. But when she looked back at him, she knew in her heart that it wasn’t wrong. That is was in fact very right. That he was something wonderful and magic and very, very special. She felt no threat from him, only the most deliciously glorious feelings of warmth and caring. “Who are you?” she asked again.

“I am a servant of Eros. When you made your wish tonight, he heard your prayer and sent me to you.” He took her hand in his. “I am here to show you love.”

She was about to take another sip of champagne, but quickly put it aside. Cleary she had had enough. “Okay,” she said trying and failing to absorb what he told her. “Do you have a name?”

“I am Rian.”

“Rian.” The name rolled smoothly off her lips, but she frowned nonetheless, trying to sort out all that he had said. “And Eros just sent you here? To me? And you’re okay with that? With just being sent off like that?”

His fingers lightly ran up and down her arm, from her wrist to her elbow and then back again. The sensation was intensely erotic and she felt her body heat. “I did have a choice, Alyssa. And I choose to be here with you.”

“Why?” she asked, honestly mystified by why he would choose her of all people. She was no beauty queen. No celebrity. In the grand scheme of things, she was an absolute nobody. There was nothing about her that would warrant the attention of this ethereal, supernatural, magnificent man. It made no sense at all.

“Your heartfelt desire for love called me to you,” he said, drawing her into his arms. She leaned back against his bare chest, relaxing in his gentle embrace. “I am here for you and you alone because after an eternity of serving Eros, you alone touched my soul.” His deep, silky voice against her ear sent shivers down her spine. He brushed her hair aside and lightly kissed her neck. “Give yourself to me Alyssa and I will show you passion beyond your wildest dreams.” She could only moan in response as he flicked her ear with the tip of his tongue. He slid his hands under her nightshirt and cupped her breasts. “Say yes,” he whispered as he pinched her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers making them tingle in the most spectacular way.

She could feel his erection pressing into the small of her back and she wanted him so badly she literally ached inside. And even though the whole situation was so completely bizarre, she felt so good, so safe and right with him that she never wanted him to let her go. “Yes,” she breathed.

His hands left her breasts and he turned her to face him. He dipped his head, his lips lightly brushing against hers and electric shockwaves shot through her entire body. She gasped and he took full advantage, sliding his tongue between her parted lips. In an instant, the entire outside world ceased to exist and Alyssa knew what true heaven tasted like. His kiss was exquisite, sensual abandon and he kissed her slowly, deeply, thoroughly.

He lifted her nightshirt off her between kisses and lightly stroked and played with her breasts. She was hot and wet for him, needing him with a fevered intensity that made her breathless. Yet, somehow, she knew this was much more than just sex. She didn’t know how he did it, but she felt secure with him. Loved. She wanted to give him all of herself, give him all the passion she had always dreamed of sharing with someone else. “Yes, Alyssa,” he murmured, nibbling on her neck. “Let me show you.”

Her kiss was an answer all its own and she melted in his arms, allowing him to take her on this phenomenal journey. He rolled her onto her back, laying her down on the bed, and eased off her pajama bottoms. He ran his hands over her trembling thighs and their gazes met as he leaned forward and lightly pressed his lips to her entrance. She moaned aloud, her hands curling in his dark hair as she tilted her hips toward him a little more.

He smiled up at her before flicking his tongue against her clit, sending waves of ecstasy throughout her entire body. He sucked her into his mouth and slid a hand over her thigh before parting her inner folds. He was making her absolutely crazy and Alyssa arched her back, offering more of herself to him. He eased two fingers inside of her and she bit down on her bottom lip to keep from screaming. She opened wider for him, rocking her hips in time with the rhythm he set. Her toes curled and she panted as her entire body shook from the total sensation overload.

“You are very sweet,” he said, kissing her stomach and then licking his way back down to her pussy. “I want to taste your pleasure.” Long, clever licks made her moan for more and more and more and his tongue swirled, his fingers moved faster and Alyssa cried out as he took her flying over the edge. Her body quaked with the force of her release and her fingers dug into his shoulders as the orgasm swept over her.

He let her recover for a moment before capturing her lips with his, sinking his tongue into her mouth. Her body heated all over again when she felt his hard cock against her thigh. She shifted beneath him until he was perfectly between her thighs and she rocked against him, wanting him inside her. She broke their kiss, breathless as she ran her hands down his back to cup his firm ass.

He reached between them and eased the head of his cock inside her. He paused, letting her savor the sensation and leaving her wanting so much more. She arched her hips upward, meeting his teasing, tiny strokes and whimpered. She wanted all of him. He pushed a little bit further inside her and Alyssa groaned from both frustration and ecstasy. He felt so good.

“More,” she begged, her fingers digging into ass as she tried to pull him in. “Please.”

He leaned down and captured a nipple between his lips, suckling her as he thrust all the way inside her. Alyssa gasped with surprise and pleasure as he filled her completely. She wrapped her legs around his waist and took him deeper. He pressed his hands into the mattress on either side of her head, their eyes meeting as he started to push in and out of her, gradually picking up speed. She met him thrust for thrust, grinding against him each time he buried himself inside her.

He took her higher and higher and she soared above and beyond anything she had ever felt before. As the tension overtook her, as she reached the highest of heights, she felt a connection to him, a deep, wonderful feeling in her chest, in heart, in her soul that vibrated through her entire body with exquisite warmth and power. She reached for him with everything inside her and she felt him reach back and their energy met and melted together, intertwined and held. And then the orgasm crashed through her, her physical body pulsing and thumping with blinding pleasure and she cried his name over and over as her release swept over her in a tidal wave of mind-blowing elation.

His own release followed shortly thereafter and he collapsed on top of her, his body a pleasant, solid weight. Utterly spent and satiated and exhausted, she feel asleep beneath him, wrapped safely in his arms.

The sun was streaming through her curtains when Alyssa awoke. She rolled over, her hand searching for her love, but he was gone. She sat up in bed, anguish and disappointment squeezing her heart.

“Rian?” she called, but she didn’t expect an answer. She had dreamed it all. He was too good to be true. And even if she hadn’t dreamt it, even if it had really happened, why would he stay? Sure, maybe she had felt some kind of mystical, otherworldly connection with him, but that certainly didn’t mean he felt anything for her.

She threw the covers aside and got out bed. She wasn’t exactly sure where she was going when she headed for the door, but as she reached for it, it swung open and she collided with Rian on the threshold. “Oh!” escaped from lips as her heart filled. She couldn’t believe how happy she was to see him. “You’re still here!”

"Of course I’m still here,” he said, obviously surprised by her reaction. “Did you think I would leave?” When he saw that she did, he frowned and then took her into his arms. “We’ve made love Alyssa, but love, the kind of love that you asked for, is greater than a single night. There is still so much more I have to show you.” He lifted her chin with his fingertips and kissed her lightly on the lips. “I intend to fulfill your entire wish.”

“But love,” she asked tentatively, “is not something that ever stops.” She held her breath, waiting, hoping for his answer.

“No, it doesn’t,” he said, and smiling down at her.

Alyssa let out her breath in a long, happy sigh and snuggled into his warm embrace.

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Anonymous said...

Holy crap woman, I've officially melted ;-)

Lisa Fox said...

Yay! Thanks so much for stopping and reading Liia! I'm so glad you liked it.

Happy valentine's Day!

desitheblonde said...

wow i love the free read and hope to see more

Stormy said...

Ahhh, now that's how to grant a wish!

Lisa Fox said...

Thanks Desi and Stormy! Thank you both so much for stopping by!

happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the free read! I'm going to have to go out tonight and make my Valentine's wish. A girl has to have hope. ;)

Jo-Anne Kenrick said...

Great short story...purfect for Valentine's weekend, no? Darn hot stuff, Lisa -- in need of an iced tea or something to cool off.

Lisa Fox said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the story Eyre and Jo-Anne! Thanks so much for reading!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Amy S. said...

Sounds good!

Lisa Fox said...

Thanks so much Amy!

Happy valentine's Day!

Laura Kaye said...

Aw, so sweet! I loved the ending!

Lisa Fox said...

Thanks Laura! And thanks so much for reading!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Darkreader said...

Great HOT read! I need a cold shower!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jean P said...

Oh my goodness, that was an awesome excerpt. Feeling kind of warm right now *L*

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Lisa Fox said...

Jean and Darkreader, you both flatter me. Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Taryn Kincaid said...

I have to start wish upon those stars more often!

Lisa Fox said...

Seriously, Taryn! It certainly couldn't hurt. Thanks so much for reading!

Jessica Subject said...

Wow, that was wonderful. I loved it! You left me with tears in my eyes. Just WOW!

Paradox Sinner said...

Great story. Wonder if a few of my wishes will come true

Lisa Fox said...

Thanks Jessica! That means a lot to me.

It never hurts to wish Paradox!

Thank you both for reading!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Savannah Chase said...

Lisa, all I can say is WOW....Amazing