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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Writing the Fantasies I Can't Live

I once wrote a blog post about what life would be like if we lived in a romance novel and though funny, it wasn't exactly a viable option. Basically nothing would ever get done and there wouldn't be anything good to read. Well on the flip side, my manuscripts aren't exactly true-life experiences. I've never had sex with the office security guard on my desk, I don't fight rogue shape-shifters in my spare time, there isn't a millionaire I knew as a kid pining away for me as I type this...sigh. If I were to write non-fiction it would be hundreds of pages of ranting about customers that annoy me and how my kids won't leave me alone when I'm trying to read. Yeah, exciting stuff. That's why I'm a novelist rather than a journalist and also why I tend to read fiction more than non-fiction to relax.

However, both as a reader and a writer I like a splash of realism in my literature. My husband thinks it's funny when words like "a vampire would never really say something like that" come out of my mouth. What can I say, I like dialogue and action that might actually occur between two people whether they're human or not. So, though I write fantasies that I've never actually experienced, I feel secure in the assumption that someone, somewhere has actually done what I'm making my characters do. Okay, okay, maybe not the rogue shape-shifter one. never know.

Of all of my stories, this is my favorite scene and one I could picture actually happening in my life:

From Educating Macey:
     I bent my head slightly to the right as I watched the screen, trying to decide if the acrobatics were physically possible for the average person. Beside me, my twenty-five-year-old neighbor, Max, sipped his beer and watched in silence as gasps and moans filled the room from the television. I took a sip of my soda and wondered exactly what was going through his head. He didn’t seem the least bit bothered by my storming into his house and taking up residence on his sofa as he watched sex on his flat screen.
     I’d been in the process of mowing my lawn and decided to see if he had anything cold to drink. Max always keeps the brand of soda I like in his fridge and I have the bad habit of going weeks without buying groceries. He answered the door after my first knock and didn’t say a thing as I brushed past him into the house. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and his jeans were unbuttoned, but I assumed he’d just rolled out of bed by the look of his spiky black hair. It was barely nine o’clock on a Saturday. I guess I didn’t really expect him to watch porn so early in the morning.

-Missy Jane
*Make reading a guilty pleasure...*


Anonymous said...

Missy Jane,
I like what you say about living the life...or not actually living the life, more like living it vicariously through characters. I get it - it makes for a great read. Your excerpt sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing and being here today.

Wendi Zwaduk said...

Isn't it funny how the problems are universal--children, pets, people who don't cooperate. That's why I love romance. It's an escape.

Stormy said...

The way that you write "real" dialogue into your stories is what made me a fan when I read Two Week Trial. Also, the "just enough Alpha" that shows up in your hero's makes me a bit swoony in a good way! BTW, Educating Macey was HAWT and so much fun.

Crystal Dee said...

Another book to be added to my very long list. I just love neighbor stories there's just something so almost possible about them. There's bound to be a truly hot man somewhere that likes short,soft women...right?

Jean P said...

Loved the blurb, you know that something like that could really happen.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Donna B said...

I love it! ...didn't expect him to be watching it so early in the that's great!

Kasey said...

I agree! When I write romance, I can live out my naughty fantasies . It's actually very theraputic in a way. LOL :0)

Caffey said...

So true! And also its educating to read, brings out the person to be creative and take the steps and the like. I'm saying it so politely! Smile, but its so true, the reads can be inspiring!

Missy Jane said...

Kay Dee, thanks for the welcome! I'm glad I'm able to participate in this fun event :-)

Wendi, I absolutely agree. I read to escape and often write problems out of my system.

Stormy, THANK YOU! I sincerely appreciate your feedback.

Crystal Dee, I was able to find one that likes short, soft women fifteen years ago(still got him too). Surely there are more out there ;-)

Jean and Donna, I was laughing the whole way through writing the scene because I could just picture it happening, lol.

Kasey, writing is definitely cheaper than a psychiatrist, lol.

Caffey, thank you! Great to see you here ;-)

Keep the comments coming! I'll visit again a bit later. Thank you!!

Cindy L said...

Missy, I love your post! I actually laughed out loud! You're excerpt while not relatable to me, I think could definitely be relatable to someone else. Boy would I love to hear that story! Instead I think I'll read Educating Macey instead! ;)


BTW does this email look familiar? I've received some great gifts from you!!

Cathy M said...

What a perfect excerpt to share. Now I can't wait to read their story.

caity_mack at

Missy Jane said...

Cindy, lol, both you and Cathy are familiar names. Wait...are ya'll cyber stalking me?

Di said...

love writing with humor - thanks for the chuckle!

sallans d at yahoo dot com

Shauna said...

That excerpt is just fun. I could just imagine doing that.

Missy Jane said...

Di and Shauna, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad ya'll enjoyed it.

Nancy G said...

I love humor in romance-it can relieve the tension of many situations

Missy Jane said...

Nancy, it's been as fun to write as it is to read. Thanks for reading! :-)

Paradox Sinner said...

Hi Missy;

You make a very good point when you talk about blending fiction with non-fiction or at least making the characters seem realistic. As a reader I hate when characters behavior seems so outlandish that it makes it hard for me to connect with the character. Plus I like the little details that make characters seem more realistic.

Missy Jane said...

Paradox Sinner, thanks for your response. I've only had a couple of books I couldn't finish reading, but the over the top dialogue or outlandish behavior was why. I try not to write anything I wouldn't read :-)