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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Brigit Aine's World

I am so excited to be here today.  I really appreciate the chance to highjack the blog for a bit. I have two new and exciting things to let everyone know about… well I have lots of things I am involved in to let everyone know about so I suppose I should start.

First…I am co-owner of a fabulous FREE on-line romance magazine called Sensual Treats. We come out once a quarter and have some wonderful articles. Travel to romantic places features prominently; we have been to Italy, Greece, done some wonderful Winter Vacations and in March we are going Celtic.  *sigh* my favorite.  We also feature musicians, artists of all sorts and have some wonderful  columns. Food, advice from a counselor and we offer free de-classified ads for authors and publishers.  Twitter style ads that go in the back of the magazine as well as up on Twitter.  We have a great ad rate for authors, promoters and publisher. We feature new and promising authors, do interviews, have romantic short stories and in general are a fun place to hang out. Check us out at  and see for yourself. There are free reads, great recipes and all of our issues are archived so stop by and sign up.

As if that isn’t enough I am an administrator at a wonderful new book review site called Siren Book Reviews. I have a great co-conspirator in Kayden McLeod. We are looking for books to review and reviewers…so be you a reader or an author, or both, stop by and check out what we are doing. 

I just want to tell you that I am having a total blast hanging with great people who have wonderful ideas.

The newest project I have been drawn into is an up and coming promotion business for Paranormal Authors.  Again, Ms. Kayden McLeod  is the brains and I have willingly jumped in to follow.  Otherworlds Publicity is just at the planning, beginning stages as we get ourselves licensed and situated, but once we get rolling will be a force to reckon with.   If you have a paranormal blog and would like to host our authors, though, please e-mail me at .  Right now I am collecting spots for the Blog Tours we will be offering.

Still more…I am having a great time with all aspects of the writing world. In case you think that one is just an author or just a reader or just anything may I be the first to say that this not the case. I have been asked to co-moderate groups, get involved with reviews, start new projects…and that doesn’t even touch on my own works in progress (which are coming along nicely) or the books I have out.  I have just been offered a contract for the third book in my Torrent’s Talents series with XOXO Publishing.  I am very excited though and am sure “Kraig’s Kat” will do fabulously with them.  

I have a number of titles out right now, “Red’s Return” Torrent’s Talents 1 at Decadent Publishing ( ) and “Cassie’s Awakening” Torrent’s Talents 2 over at Eternal Press ( )and 2 anthologies with Just Another Paranormal Monday (where I am a co-owner) at Mojocastle Press.  Just Another Paranormal Halloween (  ) and Just Another Paranormal Christmas ( )

There is a free read up on my website right now, a spin off on my Torrent’s Talents Series, called “Crystal’s Capitulation”.  It is on the Works In Progress/Released page.  Stop by and pick it up.

Thanks for hanging out with me today.  Feel free to leave a comment, e-mail me, stop by the many places you will find me.  I look forward to seeing you.

Brigit Aine

Brigit Aine lives in the Sacramento, CA area with her husband and two boys. While working full time during the day, she writes at night and on the weekends to release the voices in her head. She is the author of the Torrent's Talents series and is working on a number of other projects as well. A lover of reading as well as writing, she is the co-owner of Sensual Treats Magazine, a free quarterly magazine that focuses on the romance of life, the administrator of Siren Book Reviews and helping to start up Otherworlds Publicity, a publicity company for paranormal authors.

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Brigit Aine said...

Thank you for hosting me. I am sorry I was MIA, I got hurt at work and was not feeling well.

I am here today though :D