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Monday, March 7, 2011


Eliza March Hooked – Series or Sequels?

One of my most popular blog posts involved the topic, “Series or Sequels”.  For fun (and because I’m reading Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning) I’d thought we could start a discussion. I always avoid TV programs that are continued next week . . . so you can imagine how excited I was when I finished the first book in the Fae Series and kept looking for more pages at the end of the book. Surely, I was ripped off. OMG there had to be more!

The story didn’t have a conclusion. I just had more questions, and there weren’t any more pages. No Answers!

AAAHHK! I was hooked. Why? Because I loved the characters, and I had to find out what happened to them.

The next book was already out, only I was determined not to pay the big bucks for the hardback. So I held off for several weeks. Then my resolve started weakening as people I knew started discussing the book. I felt left out. I covered my ears, did a lot of “La, la, laaaing”  . . . but it didn’t stop my need. In a moment of weakness, I eventually caved. I did. I mean, I ended up buying the hardback at  full price.

When the fourth came out, I bought the eBook because I finished the third book at midnight and couldn’t risk becoming one of those “People of Wal-Mart” who you see posted on the internet. I stayed in my nice warm bed and had instant gratification. Mmmm . . .

So, okay, I’ve got it bad! If any of you are friend of mine on Facebook or Twitter, you know I was waiting for it to come (pre-ordered this time) from UPS like a kid waiting for Santa. I wanted to rip my phone out of the wall when I got interrupted that day. You can see why I don’t like to get started on something like this, because I’m a lunatic. I’m a FAN, and what’s really bothering me now is that I’ve heard this fifth one may be the last. I’m trying to read it slowly, savoring each word, but I have to pry it out of my own hands to go eat.

Hooked! Oh, yes I admit it.

Although I’d like to get my readers hooked like that on one of my books, I’m writing stand alone stories which can be read in any order. The ENCHANTED MOUNTAIN Series is about a place where the people of the Lore come to mingle . . . and more. Download a copy of The Moon, The Madness, and The Magic available from  or The Lion, The Leopard, and The Wolf

BIO: Since I could read, the written word has captivated me. I’ve worked in libraries, written for newspapers, done copy edits, magazine copy and screenplays, but the one thing that always intrigues me is choosing just the right word to express myself. I write erotic romance as ELIZA MARCH and romantic suspense under the name ELIZABETH MARCHAT. To prevent boredom from setting in, I keep my hands in several pots at the same time. The characters in my head satisfy my needs to be and do all the things I don't have time for, or wouldn't dare to do. Or would I? 


Michele said...

I LOVED this series. I remember getting goose bumps from the fourth book - thinking "Say it isn't so!" It was more profound than "Who Shot J.R.?" way back in the 80s. I thought it was who it was but didn't want it to be. Thing is, I'd for some weird reason, hadn't known the fourth book was out and was waiting for it. I found the hardcover at a library book sale for $1, four months before the last book came out. I was SO glad it happened that way because I didn't have to wait as long as everyone else who'd read it as soon as it came out. Like you, I pre-ordered the hardcover. How could I not? I tracked that sucker and couldn't wait to read it. I was at the door when it

Michele said...

ARgh! Dang nabit Blogger cut off the rest of my comment! What gives? grrrrrr

OK..the short short version - I was at the door when it arrived and didnt' stop reading until I was done.

That I have high hopes that V'lane will be back because I LIKED him as a character - he was just too yummy and well developed to just leave there, despite that yummy position.

I can't wait until KMM writes the next druid book because you KNOW there's going to be one. Poor guy - turning into a dark and more sexy fae/druid. What a great conflict!

And KMM's interview with hunky cover model and her inspiration for a lot of her druid heroes, Nathan Kamp. ::le sigh:: Lucky lady.

And YES< I've read both your books, loved them, had a ball reading them and when is Celine? darn it,.. I'm going my memory and I'm rushing, Celia?? grrrr.. when is SHE getting her HEA? She's just such a know-it-all - but she's alone....

And..have to go to work, can't be back until late in afternoon, darn it..have a GREAT time here at WC and I love the subject matter!!!


Eliza March [Elizabeth Marchat] said...

I'm a solid KMM fan. Can't beat her heroes. I'm in love with Christian...can't wait to read more about him! Anyone else like him? LOL

Thanks, Michele! I'm glad you liked the two Enchanted Mountain books. I haven't decided when to write Celia's story. It's working itself out in my head, but she's going to need a very, very strong mate.

Lorelei Confer said...

Eliza: I have followed your work from the beginning and have sincerely enjoyed every single one of your books. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to read your romantic suspense.

Eliza March [Elizabeth Marchat] said...

Thank you, Lorelei. It's wonderful to know someone else is enjoying my books. They are fun to write. ;)

Sharron Riddle said...

I love your work, too, Eliza! And I am also a KMM addict - THANKS TO YOU! LOL - thanks for introducing me to her work - I think I've read all of her books. BUT - I've read all of yours too, You have great characters.

Eliza March [Elizabeth Marchat] said...

I loved sharing KMM with you. It gave me someone to discuss what we thought was going to happen next with. Glad neither of us guessed right. LOL