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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This is a great time to be talking with you because I’m just starting a new book, CRADLE OF LIES, a romantic suspense. Already I’ve become obsessive about the research. My research has taken me to some dark places, some delightful places and just about everywhere in between.

About the dark places…  I’ve been learning about the differences between psychopaths and sociopaths (just your average light reading :-)). But I’ve learned not to do it at night if I want to have sweet dreams!

The terms are often used interchangeably but they’re actually very different. In lay terms (I have to say that because you professionals out there will likely cringe at my gross over-simplification) psychopaths are highly intelligent, very organized and can connect with a limited number of people, such as family, but they have no empathy. They cannot relate to anyone else’s pain, sadness, loss, and so forth although to some it is a curiosity. They’re often successful in their careers, and they plan for years before they carry out an act of violence. They blend in, and are difficult to apprehend. They could be anyone and usually, we’ll never know it.

Sociopaths typically come from a lower socio-economic background than psychopaths, are very disorganized, cannot maintain relationships or steady employment, are erratic in behavior, and their acts of violence are unplanned. These characteristics make them easy to spot and apprehend.

Psychopaths are persuasive—even dazzling in nature. Sociopaths try to dominate others and humiliate their victims.

And finally, there are some who believe in the ‘psychopath gene’ … which I found intriguing and plays a central role in the book.

Now for one of the most the delightful bits of research I’ve run across. The techniques horse whisperers use to work with horses tend to be as effective in human relationships (and especially between men and women) as they are on horses!

I keep readers updated about works in progress so feel free to check my website for more details.

Also, my contemporary cowboy romance LIBERTY STARR is on sale at Carina Press. If you’ve read it, I’d love to hear what you thought of it.

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DrkCherry said...

That is a sexy cover.

cindystubbs said...

I want to learn something when I read, isn't it funny that fiction, which is made up, has as it's skeleton facts that are carefully researched? How did the novel come to be like this? I sometimes think fiction os non-fiction more that non-fiction is.

Christine H said...

I found your post very interesting and will definately keep an I out for your next book! :)

I guess that would mean Scott Peterson is the perfect example of a Psychopath. I can see how someone would never know people like that were capable of such horendous things. I'm not sure which I find scarier. Maybe the Sociopath since they just sounds plain crazy and might have a lifetime of violent acts.

Thanks for the great post. Glad it's daytime! Just reading that is creepy. Hope I can forget about it by the time I finish my comment.

Sweeter the berry said...

The books here look very interesting. I love romance books.