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Friday, April 15, 2011


Spring Fling’s Then and Now

My two favorite things about my twenties are:

 1. Every single scandalous and wild time I’ll get to shock my grandkids with one day far, far away.
2. That they are over. Phew! How I survived all that fun, I’ll never know.

This spring break as I take my two kids home to Reno for a nice, long visit with old friends and family, I can’t help but remember what life used to be like….

Then: Lake Havasu, sweating and grinding on the dance floor. Mike the Marine’s shoulders and a face to absolutely die for. A pup tent on a sandy beach and one hell of a hangover the next day. Only one other person in the whole wide world looked at me like that. Wow.

Now: Iron-on transfers to pillowcases of photos of hugs with Boo and Moon’s cousins. The cousins are at that pre-teen age where they are fighting to tolerate little kid adoration. Barbies and Bakugan aren’t fun anymore, but the cousins try and I love them so much for it.

Then: A dance off to win the cage in the middle of the dance floor. The two hot chicks I came with and I killed it and wouldn’t let that cage go for anything. Not even for another shot.

Now: Monopoly money pretending it’s real money and my sweet little 4-year old girl putting fake dollars in her wallet which also double as her panties. Uh-oh, mama. Keep an eye on that one!

Then: The spark of hope that these impossibly green eyes might just be the ones that will love me for the rest of my life.

Now: Crystal blue eyes that fill my soul and twinkle with delight over the latest belly laugh.

Spring--and love--is in the air. Even now, after I’ve changed in my cool card for something even better. The mom card.

What is your favorite Spring memory from ‘back in the day’? Share it here for an instant win, a free ebook of the “Fiercely addictive!” (Jessica Subject, Mark of the Stars) LOVE LUST.


Maria said...

My favorite spring memory has to do with the "picnics" that my sisters and I would have in the side yard when we were kids- we'd take a blanket and mom would make us cucumber sandwiches and tomatoe and pickle sandwiches and fresh lemonade....they were so much fun!


Jean P said...

My favorite memories of spring has to do with growing up on a farm, and in the spring going out into the pastures and seeing all the new baby calves running and playing.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Rebekah E. said...

Taking hike on the mountain and seeing all of the flowers was always fun.


Amber Scott Books said...

@Maria, FUN! Now I want a cucumber sandwich. What a good momma.

@Jean P, Baby animals at play has to be one of the most adorable pictures.

@Rebekah E., Lake Tahoe is a really fun place to hike around. Lots of trails that lead to hidden lakes. Where do you like to hike?

Kelli McCracken said...

Mine's not so much a memory as it is a yearly ritual of going into the woods, when the trees are budding and flowers are blooming. Smelling the honeysuckle in the air. Spring and fall are my favorite times to connect with nature. It clears my head and renews my soul.

Robin said...

My birthday is in spring, and my twin and I used to have a sleepover birthday party at our house with about 10 of our best school friends... we'd all take the school bus, then walk down the 2 mile dirt road to our cabin house by the lake... We'd swim in the lake, then jump in the hot tub out on the deck, and dance in the family room to 80s music. Such sweet, giggly, happy times!

Robin D
Vancouver WA

Judy said...

I enjoyed your post. Very interesting memories that sounded like fun. I remember going down to the swimming hole during the spring with my boyfriend(now hubby) with friends and having a wild time!!!


chey said...

My favourite spring was the year the snow melted before May.

Amber Scott Books said...

@Kelli, Honeysuckle? Yum! I can't picture you walking through the woods, smiling.

@Robin, Happy birthday and what brave parents you must have. Ten screaming girls dancing to the 80's? "Vacation all I ever want is...."

@Judy, Swimming hole with your boyfriend? Now husband? I might steal that one for a book....

Cathy M said...

We used to spend spring break at my uncle's ranch up until I started middle school, and I can still remember all the laughter. A multitude of cousins of every age, horse back rides, hide and seek in the fields, huge family dinner's and charades at night.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Terra Pennington said...

Wow, Love the cover on your new book "Love Lust" and I am going to be a first time grandmother in Sept.


Amber Scott Books said...

@Chey, Snow til May? You made this AZ girl shiver!:)

@Cindy, Sounds like springtimes to remember. I miss having horses to ride.

@Terra, Thank you! I love my cover artist. Congratulations on becoming a grandmama!

booklover0226 said...

As kids, we knew when spring arrived when he could run through the fields and streams and staying out until it got dark. THose days were fun and carefree.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

lisagkendall said...

One of my favorite spring memories is long weekends camping on the River. Always a big group and always lots of fun.
lisa gk at yahoo dot com

Amber Scott Books said...

@booklover, that reminds me of hide and seek in the dark. The freedom we had!

@Lisa, Camping rocks! Especially with a big group.

Sarita said...

The first strawberries in the supermarket! I was always jazzed by that, knowing summer was close.

EdgesAngel23 said...

My favorite spring memory from "back in the day" is getting to go to school without all the damn extras needed for recess in winter! No more boots, snowpants, heavy jackets, mittens, hats, all that stuff! Just getting to grab the book bag and a sweatshirt and go :)
Ashley A

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Road trip with my highschool girlfriends and cat calling to a beautiful boy on the beach. Good times

Anonymous said...

My favorite Spring memory is of getting married. We had a gorgeous May day with flowers everywhere.

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