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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I’ve always said that spring is my favorite season (and in Canada we truly have four separate seasons!) but this year I am really looking forward to it. Winter has been particularly nasty, and old Jack Frost has broken many long-standing records. Every morning I get up and imagine what it will be like to be able to take my coffee out on the deck and watch the sun come up over the mountains. I  can’t wait to get my hands buried in the mud  of the flowerbeds and to go browse the local garden  center for geraniums and daisies, petunias and marigolds and  all the other colorful flowers that  I plant in the pots on my deck.

Spring is also Mother Nature’s season of love. The birds sing cheerfully as they pursue their mates and settle down to build their nests among the green foliage. The rabbits, and ground squirrels, bears and turtles all emerge from hibernation to renewed life. The local cats can be heard yowling late into the night in the hopes of attracting members of the opposite sex. Amazingly, that works for them. No accounting for musical taste, I suppose.

Romance is in the air, and even us sophisticated humans are not immune. Spring makes me feel happy, and ready to tackle just about anything. I write my best love scenes sitting out in the spring sunshine with my laptop propped up on my knees and my faithful little dog busy chasing butterflies and grasshoppers in the yard. With months of warmth and sunshine ahead of me, I find it easy to believe in true love and happily ever after.

Anne is a gorgeous supermodel who writes romance in her spare time while jetting around Europe with a string of boytoys in tow.
Hmmm… no one is going to believe that. How about this?
Anne is an undercover agent for a super secret government agency, and when not saving the world for democracy and all the good people, she writes romance one-handed on a special mini computer designed just for her by a mad scientist.
Yeah, that sounds way better. So, ignore the people who tell you she’s just an ordinary person with an extraordinary imagination. They’re just jealous because she gets to play with James Bond and vacation in exotic locations.
When she's not busy saving the world or writing the next great novel, she likes to kayak, hike, ride motorcycles, swim, skate, practice karate, play her guitar, sing, and of course, read.
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Maria said...

I love Spring! The birds are out putting their nests in the tree next to my window so I get to hear them everymorning. It's much nicer to wake up to than the sound of traffic!


Jean P said...

Really look forward to spring, hearing the birds singing, the frogs croaking and best of all being able to open up the windows.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Rebekah E. said...

I wish in Colorado there was four separate seasons. We tend to go from hot to cold and visa versa.But I am loving the flowers that are starting to pop up.


JoanneR said...

I just love Spring! I have a bird that has been serenading me each morning as I am getting ready for work and it makes me feel so wonderful inside to know that new life is starting all over again!

Angelwolfstorm said...

In GA too it goes from cold to hot then back again, although for just a brief time the flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and it's just perfect!

chey said...

Here is NW ON spring is mostly just the snow melting.

Cathy M said...

Hi Anne,

We already have our first taste of spring here, and I am itching to get those empty flower pots full of color. Then I know spring is really here...

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Terra Pennington said...

Love your books Ms. Anne. and looking forward to sitting out side and enjoying the spring weather and flowers.


katsrus said...

Love your book cover. I love spring seeing my first robin and the buds on my flowers peeking out.

booklover0226 said...

I love spring, too. The daffodils are out!

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Judy said...

I really enjoyed your post. I love your job resume:)

Living in the South, we have had a taste of Spring. My pecan trees are budding!!!


Mercy a.k.a Rogue said...

I long to live somewhere, where there are truly 4 different seasons. Its just year long hot and icky where I am.

lisagkendall said...

Great Bio.
lisagk at yahoo dot com

EdgesAngel23 said...

I love the spring, all the pretty song birds come back and all the little "peeper" frogs start singing and welcoming the warmer weather :)
Great post!
Ashley A

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

ugh, winter was such a pain this year. So much snow. So glad to see it finally gone

Anonymous said...

I took my dog out before the sunrise and the birds were already chirping. You don't realize how quiet the winter has been until the birds arrive in the spring.

user1123 AT comcast DOT net