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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Three Things to Do Before I Kick Off

Am I blunt? Maybe a little. Nah, BFF just told me, I’m really blunt. So, I’ll just put it like this: there are three things I’d like to do before I kick off. I got the idea from reading a post by my pal Mysti Holiday. I thought, hey, she’s got a great idea. Hmm....what about me? So I thought and thought and thought. Want to know what I came up with? Read on.

1. Fly in a jet. Lear jet. (That sounded like, Bond. James Bond. But he does fly a jet.) DH is a pilot and I’ve spent time in puddle jumpers. Love flying in them. That being said, I know the pilot and trust him. In a jet or a commercial plane, I don’t know the pilot. I’d be going farther away (like to Vegas). Kinda scary, but hey, they go fast and look sleek. Might even be able to join that famed ‘mile-high club’...possibilities...definite possibilities

2. Ride along in an actual stock car. I’ve sat in one. It’s a blast. Tight, but a blast. I want to feel the wind in my hair, the tang of the fuel, and the roar of the crowd. Ok, I’d like to be plastered to the seat and scared witless hoping I don’t fly out the window. Then again, this goes along with another thing I’d like to do—learn to drive a darned stick shift vehicle. I can’t get the rhythm down to shift to save my life. And I was in the marching band. You’d think I have rhythm. You’d be wrong. So, I need to learn to shift, so I can ride or even drive the stock car. Check.

3. Meet someone truly famous. I’ve had my run-in’s with some pretty cool people. Clint Bowyer, Elliot Sadler, Matt Kenseth, Lori Foster, Lucy Monroe, Lora Leigh, Lori O’Clare, Joey W. Hill. Now they are pretty cool, but I’m talking someone really famous...Gerard Butler, Jon Togo...a girl can dream. DH met Former President Bill Clinton and has talked to Jack Roush. He’s scheduled planes for Bernie Kosar and John Cusack. So yeah, I want to meet someone cool. Possibly someone who’ll love to portray my heroes.

Not the most exciting list, but at least two of the three are doable. Give me that much. What are some things you’d like to do?

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