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Monday, May 23, 2011


“I’m Ready for My Close Up...”

I’ve been asked on more than one site to name or cast my books. Who would play the characters and why. So I thought, yanno, that’s a good question. Who could adequately portray the people I see in my head? For some characters, it’s a cinch. For others, namely the’s a struggle.

Here’s my list:

Tangled Up - Sav would be played by Tyrone Power. Not an easy task since Mr. Power is dead, but that’s how I saw Sav. Arran? I think Ewan McGregor would be perfect. He does well with oddball hairstyles and giving characters the right amount of sex appeal and heart. Mindy? Gut instinct says Scarlett Johansson. She’s good with characters that are a little left of center. Plus she’s gorgeous.

Careless Whisper – this one had at least one character in mind when I wrote it. Ryan Black was based on the look of Brett Chukerman. I’ve said Jonathan Togo in other interviews, but the more I read the story and the more I delve into his character, the more he reminds me of Brett. Plus, I can totally see him tripping over his own feet. Samara is a little tougher. Maybe Ginnifer Godwin before she got super skinny. She’s got the right twinkly, sparkly face.

Please Remember Me – This one also had people in mind when I wrote it. Back when I penned Right Where I Need to Be, I had the character of Deputy Marlon Cross as a secondary character. I knew right from the start, he was Ewan McGregor, a la the sixth Star Wars movie. The scruff, the floppy-ish hair. And those eyes. For Jade? Cameron Diaz all the way. She’s a former socialite-slash-actress. Not saying Cameron Diaz can’t act. Just saying she’s got the glitzy, glamorous look down pat.

The last one I decided to cast is a work in progress. I’ve been at this book, for geesh...5 years. Not the oldest one in the stable, but an oldie none the less. I called the book, Crash and Burn. Not the most original title, but hey, it was an EARLY book. Anyway, the role of the heroine has reminded me since the day I wrote it of Reese Witherspoon. She’s a little goofy, gorgeous, and smart. She’s also a little damaged. I think Ms. Witherspoon could pull off the juxtaposition of sweet and silly. For the hero, Paul, I had either Dane Cook or Bradley Cooper. Yup. Tall, sandy haired. Handsome. Mr. Cooper is probably almost a bit too perfect looking, but he worked rugged before.

So there you have it. My picks for the players to cast my books. Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? I’d love to know. :-)

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