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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


When good technology goes bad

Computers, we can’t live without them. We use them to scroll the internet for research, for school, for emailing, instant chat and so much more. We live in a technological age of computers, eReaders, cell phones GPS and so forth, but what do we do when technology screws up? We can call technicians to fix our computers if they breakdown, or get attacked by a virus. When our cell phones don’t work, we have them serviced or replace them with a better, newer model. But what do you do when the electronics decide they know better than you? No I’m not talking I Robot or anything like that…yet. No, I’m talking about autocorrect. Yah, I see you nodding your head…metaphorically speaking because I can’t really see…never mind. There is nothing more frustrating and sometimes embarrassing than autocorrecting your words. As a writer, I know how much this frustrates me. I type in a sentence and it will replace a word with another one. Now I’ve learned how to turn off the autocorrect, but before I did, I had some messed up sentences.

Another example is blogging. The tags are a real pain in the butt and I hope someone can tell me how to turn the darn thing off so every word I try to type in doesn’t change to one that was previously used. For instance, I type the word ‘Love’ and it replaces it with, ‘Love thy Neighbor’ WTF? No, I just want ‘Love’ yet it keeps adding the rest to it. Frustrates the hell out of me. Sometimes when I’m in a hurry I don’t check before hitting publish. Then I’ll check out the blog post, make sure everything is aligned and easy to read and at the bottom of the page the tags are all messed up. And we all know how important tags are. You don’t want to write an inspirational biography and have ‘Intercourse’ replaced with ‘Inspirational’. Not good.

And then we come to cell phones. Oh how we love them. We text, we call, we can check our emails, Facebook and twitter all on our cell phones now. What did we ever do without them? Yet they too can mess with our minds. Ever send a text message or email and have the person reply with a ‘WTF’ and you have no idea why they are upset. So you go back and look at what you sent and wham! Now you get the WTF statement. Instead of writing, “I could go for a nice juicy Dill pickle right now.” It writes, “I could go for a nice juicy dildo with now.” That is something you do not want to send to your grandmother. Damn that autocorrect! But what are we to do? We rely so much on technology to do the spelling for us that we have almost forgotten how to spell for ourselves. Maybe eventually, they will have it worked out so we don’t all look like complete fools, but until then, let’s have a laugh at some interesting autocorrect failures and remember, this could be you so check your spelling carefully. :-)

Jim: “Be warned: I’m dumping you when I get home”
Jenna. “Fine with me. I was just thinking we could use some time apart.”
Jim: “WTF JENNA??? I got autocorrected. I meant to write jumping you not dumping you and now you’re telling me you want to break up?”
Jenna: “Well, this is awkward.”

Lori: “Tell me how you met him?”
Mary: “Well we met at a party in December. We were a bit tipsy…and he kissed me under some cameltoe.”
Lori: “Well I guess you would need to be tipsy to kiss under the camel toe.”
Mary: “MISTLETOE! MISTELTOW! We kissed under the freaking mistletoe. LOL”

Sara: “I’m going to six flags tomorrow! Can’t wait!!!”
Tina: “Jealous! Make sure you ride the anal buster! It’s so much fun.”
Sara: “Ewe! Lol. Thanks but no thanks!”
Tina: “Canyon blaster…lol whops.”
Sara: “Definitely not taking my 5 year old on an anal buster any time soon.!!!”

Amy: “Hey sweet man…Goodmorning!”
Don: “Good mornin figwort.” “OMFG LMAO” “Gorgeous.”
Amy: “Wow. LMAO”
“Don: “Well wasn't hat just awesome.” “That”

Lila: “OK, I’m on my way home.”
Tim: “K on patio yanking.” “Tanning. I meant tanning.”
Lila: “Yanking jahahaha.” “Yankin It a bit.”

Joe: “When is the next presidential erection?” “ELECTION! OMG!!
Ray: “Hahahahaha.”

Gary: “For x-men?”
Brad: “X men will be at 12 01 btw r u at school?”
Gary: “Yep.”
Brad: “Yeah, at AMC right?”
Gary: “Yup”
Brad: “Alright cool, I’ll spread the herpes.” “WTF my my stupid autocorrect the word, the word.”

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Abused for years by a sadistic fiancé, Missy Green has finally had enough. Running away is her only recourse. Wanting a new life, she takes refuge with a group known as the Stargazers. Taken in by the illustrious Draco Starr, Missy is elated to finally find peace. Yet, something doesn’t seem right about her host.

Born in the pits of hell, Draco Starr was once a fearsome Demon. For centuries, he collected soul s for Satan. Having done his time, Draco sets out to start a new life. Even with more wealth and prestige than anyone could ever want, something is missing in his life.


Missy is about to have her world turned upside down. Discovering Draco is a demon is terrifying enough, but finding out she too is a demon is more than she can handle.

Can Missy deal with her new life, and the affection she is beginning to feel for Draco, or will her past come back to haunt her?

Raised on a rural farm in Saskatchewan, Shiela Stewart relied on her vivid imagination to fill her days.
Never did she realize that her need to tell a story would someday lead to becoming a published romance author. In the fall of 2006, Shiela published her very first book and hasn’t stopped since.

When not writing, Shiela spends time with the love of her life, William, and their three children. She has a strong affection for animals which is evident in the five cats, one dog, three turtles and ten fish she owns. Some of her passions aside from writing are drawing and painting and proudly displays her artwork in murals in her home. Her favorite time of day is sunset and loves to stargaze.

Shiela’s website:

Monday, June 27, 2011


Writing Challenging Characters – by Starla Kaye

I love writing and having the chance to let my imagination run free. My father was a dreamer, an inventor of some really bizarre stuff that mainly served to annoy my mother. But he taught me to see things way, way outside the box, to imagine all the possible what ifs. I remember spending time lying on the grass beside him as we looked up at the sky and tried to determine what the various passing clouds looked like. To this day, I still watch clouds and play that little game. And I spend a great deal of time overstepping those box lines and figuring out what ifs for my various characters.

Over my dozen years of publishing romances in many sub-genres I have created and worked with a large number of characters. As I write and get to know these characters, they become actual people to me. Each one has their own personality, strengths and weaknesses, backstory, relationship issues, conflicts…their own life. Some characters are harder to write than others. Some are more complex and their battles (external and internal) more difficult.

Writing in the medieval time period in Their Lady Gloriana, tested me as a writer. Research, research, research. Then coming up with a particular setting, an overall plot, and the perfect characters challenged me. Thomas, Gloriana, and Rowan were some of the most complex characters I’ve ever created. Additionally, I expanded my writing into an area I had read a lot about but never tried my hand at: a ménage a trois relationship.

Thomas had been married before, had a son he had rarely seen from a wife he hadn’t loved and who had cheated on him, and he has a male lover when his king orders him to marry Gloriana. Gloriana learns the same day that her abusive husband died, that she is being ordered to marry another equally hard warrior, who arrives with his first knight, a man she realizes Thomas is close to in many ways. Rowan has had lover after lover before finding Thomas, possibly losing Thomas, and discovering he is also drawn to Gloriana. Each of these characters was challenging to write about.

Thomas was the main hero in Their Lady Gloriana. He had never even thought about making love with another man, until circumstances changed for him and Rowan on the battlefield. Rowan is the only man who draws him and they have a special bond. Thomas is an honorable man and must do as his king has requested: take another wife that he doesn’t want and accept holding her valuable piece of land and castle. But he is torn. He must honor the marriage and find a way to live with his new wife. Yet there is Rowan, a man/lover he is not willing to give up. He didn’t expect to fall in love with Gloriana. He didn’t expect to be willing to share either of his lovers: Gloriana or Rowan.

Gloriana, too, was a character with many facets to her personality and one who often surprised me as I wrote the story. She definitely surprised her new warrior husband one night when he returned from a tryst with his lover, Rowan. The following is one of my favorite scenes that reveals a little of each of their personalities and a challenge between them.

He avoided looking directly at her and stretched out beside her, on top of the linens. “I’m fine. Just a bit sore from riding so hard today.”

He shifted again, gave another quiet moan.

This time she turned toward him. “Is there something I can do? Some salve I can apply?” The thought of touching him in any manner sent shivers through her. Yet she didn’t want him to suffer, even if he’d made her suffer.

But he was already half asleep. He mumbled, “’Tis Rowan’s fault. He rode me too hard.”

“What?” She didn’t understand. Rowan had returned much earlier and had come to check on her. He’d told her that he’d caught up with Thomas. They’d talked, he’d said. But he hadn’t looked her in the eye, either. She nibbled on the corner of her lower lip, pondering Rowan’s odd reaction. She studied Thomas more closely. Something was odd, something that niggled at her curious nature.

She lightly touched Thomas’s face to capture his attention. He looked wearily at her.

“Did you and Rowan…” Her face flamed but she pressed on, “Did you suck cock? Like I… like I saw yesterday.”

“Good God!” He sat bolt upright in bed, his eyes wide in shock. He also winced and quickly lay back down. “No, we did not ‘suck cock’ as you so delicately put it.”

But she knew there was more to what had happened between he and Rowan today. Something that had to do with his obvious discomfort. “Then what do you mean ‘he rode me too hard’?”

“God’s teeth! Did I actually say that?” He sounded distressed, worried.

She nodded. “Aye, but you were partially asleep.” She sat up and looked down at him, determined to get an answer. “What did you mean?”

He was silent for several minutes, his face contorted in deep thought. Finally he heaved a heavy sigh and met her gaze. “You already know that Rowan and I…” He struggled with what to say. “That we…”

Gloriana was getting impatient. “Aye. You have relations, of a sort. It does not bother me.” She pinned him with a prodding gaze. “Explain about this business of ‘riding you too hard.’”

He squeezed his eyes shut, muttered something, and then faced her again. “We sometimes do far more than as you witnessed.”

“Far more?” She cocked her head and studied him. She still thought about how she’d observed the two powerful men engaged in a sexual act that she’d previously found appalling. At least it had been with Geoffrey. Did Thomas mean that he, too, sucked on Rowan’s shaft? What else could two men do together?

She furrowed her brow trying to figure it out. When she couldn’t, she asked, “I cannot understand this riding matter. Nor this far more issue.” She found that she was intrigued by whatever happened intimately between Thomas and Rowan.

“I really don’t want to discuss this, Gloriana.” He tried to roll to his other side, but gave a quiet hiss as he moved.

She pulled him to his back once more, frowning at the flinch of pain that crossed his face. “I will tell no one, my lord, I promise. But I wish to understand. Especially when I see that you are in obvious discomfort.”

He clenched his jaw and appeared to gnash his teeth before he bit out, “We fuck. All right? This time he fucked me. Hard.”

She reeled in astonishment, blinking in confusion. “You mean he…” She gaped at him and then glanced toward his slowly growing cock. “You mean he put his rod inside you? But I don’t understand. How can that be?” She truly couldn’t imagine how such a thing was possible.

His patience had clearly reached an end. He rolled to his side again and pointed to his butt crack. “He drove his rod into my ass. Fast. Hard. Mercilessly.” He glanced at her over his shoulder with a sour expression. “Are you satisfied now?”

Instead of being satisfied, she was more curious, worried as well. Before he could resist, she pushed him to his stomach and gently parted his butt cheeks.

He tried to bat her hands away. “What are you doing, woman? Stop it!”

She ignored him and studied his ass. In truth, it was a very nice ass, firm. Unlike hers which was far too flabby, in her opinion. Her face heated at such thoughts. “It looks very sore, husband.”

She promptly climbed off the bed and hurried to the trunk where she kept herbs and salves.

“Now what are you doing? Come back to bed.”

She planted her hands on her hips and snapped, “You need something to soothe the pain.”

“Good God, Gloriana! You are not going to apply one of your healing salves to my ass. Forget it. I’ll be fine on the morrow.”

He got up, scooped her into his arms, and lay her on the bed. Then he stretched out on his stomach once more, growling, “Go. To. Sleep.”

“I only want to help.” She gently touched his buttocks.

“Leave my ass alone.” He pushed her hand away and planted his pillow over his bottom.

She huffed at his impossible attitude. Fine, if he wanted to suffer needlessly tonight, he could. But she’d check on his ass on the morrow. If it wasn’t better by then, she’d apply her salve no matter how much he grouched about it.

Their Lady Gloriana was released May 7th from Black Velvet Seductions.

Starla Kaye has published 19 novels, 19 novellas, and 5 anthologies with Blushing Books, Black Velvet Seductions, Decadent Publishing, Red Rose Publishing, and iUniverse.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Why Condoms? – by KevaD

First of all, I have to say this:

Unless you're going to kill them – slowly and lasciviously - by the second page, please don't name any characters Bella or Cullen ever again. And Jacob is creeping its way up the list. Thank you.

So… I'm not understanding the use of condoms in erotic stories. I'm not talking about the ones equipped with nubs and ridges – you know, the toys designed to increase pleasure and drive the partner to orgasmic insanity. I'm talking about the plain, boring, vending machine-available, latex sheath.

Is the use of a shrink-wrapped penis designed to promote safe sex? Isn't this fiction? Nobody gets pregnant unless the author wants them to get pregnant. To ward off disease? Again, hello… fiction. Nobody has an STD the author doesn't want them to have. Not to mention I've been reading more and more stories where the condom comes off just before ejaculation and the juices splat on sweaty bodies and into mouths. So much for disease concerns.

If a reader wants to be educated as to the dangers of any of the above, there are a multitude of text and medical books that can provide that information. Though, admittedly, those books probably won't send a ball of passion from your throat to the moist nest between your thighs.

How about helping a writer out here? Do you prefer the men in erotic romance to come (pun intended) packaged in plastic, or au natural? Why?

Never one to miss an opportunity, I will mention here that in my novel Sunday Awakening, Cheryl does shrink-wrap an erection. But she uses a gum wrapper and Bic lighter on a pervert on a bus. Ouch.

A former army medic, EOD specialist, police officer, auctioneer, furniture restorer, and antiques dealer, I clearly can't hold a job. But I love to write – about anything.

When not at the keyboard, shoveling snow or mowing our 5 acres outside Freeport, IL, I'm trying to explain to my wife that the SOAP channel and the Game network aren't the only channels on TV.

I love love. That first touch of skin, the first kiss, the moment two lovers shed their inhibitions and their clothing. Add a hint of danger, a threat neither lover has the power to control, a dark reality that causes the hero/heroine/hero/heroine to reach beyond who they are and find a vein of strength he or she never knew existed, and I'm there.

I'm a devoted story teller. Be it a comedy, mystery, thriller, or horror tale, I'm always busy working on a story. Some days I start at sunrise. Other days I stop at sunrise. The bottom line for me is, I have to write. It's who I am, what I do. I have to chase that dream.

What dream you ask? The one where the reader finishes one of my books and says, "Now that was a great story."

Find out more about KevaD at

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Ten Facts you Don’t Know About Cerise Deland!

Entertainment, IMHO, has nada to do with the creator’s ego. So in an effort to give you pure fun reading, I attempt to write this ditty and give you a laugh.

1. I speak Mandarin. (HUH?) And German. Very good German.
Why, you may well ask. The German comes from my father’s family, of which I am the fourth generation. The Chinese? Came as a choice when I decided to go to grad school.

2. There, I did my master’s in Chinese and Japanese History!

3. And I have taught both subjects on college level.

4. But I also taught foreign military officers to speak jargon English. YEP. For the United States Command when hubbie and I lived in Japan.
Great fun! And my collection of officers came from almost every country in the Far East except, of course, China! Irony, no?

5. I ran my own business for more than 20 years. I loved the independence of being my own boss. Having worked in the big corporate world, I saw the challenges of being “a good soldier.” Today, I often marvel at those who can do it, stay happy and centered and create new ideas inside the corporate “blender.”

6. I read any darn thing I have a mind to. Yoga Journal and Martha Stewart’s Living sit on my coffee table. But I just finished Empire by Steven Saylor and am on to a new novella by my buddy, Desiree Holt. Out soon, her book is titled HEAD GAMES about a sculptress. You MUST read this!

7. I work out three days a week. Plus I do Dance Jam on Saturdays. Grace, we got it. Style? Hmm. Not so much. At my age, I am happy to make it through the 60 minutes. Why? Because the hour is a combo of salsa, belly dancing and um…yeah, hip hop. I did write that: Hip hop.

8. I like to cook and travel. Not in any order. But all the time. The cooking means I must go to work out 3 times a week. The traveling means I have to write around all that.

9. I ADORE the new e-publishing business model. Now, I truly do write for the delight of conveying the story and have few worries about sell-thrus, reserves against returns, ad nauseam.

10. I am happy in my every day life. I have a spouse I adore--and have for more decades than I can believe! I have adult children and their spouses whom I celebrate and enjoy being with. I have a home I enjoy. I have friends I deeply treasure. I have work I crave like food and water. What could be better?

Monday, June 20, 2011


The Most interesting man in the world

And it’s not the Dos Equis guy.

Patricia Snodgrass

Who is the most interesting man in the world? Do his words really carry weight that would break an ordinary man’s jaw? Probably not, and I don’t adhere to the sexy but hard to tame stereotype of the alpha male characters found in many romance novels. In fact, I find those men downright boring, therefore I never write about them.

I like extraordinary gentlemen; men who can hold a conversation or tell a great story. I enjoy being around men who are curious, active and enjoy exploring. I even like them a little on the dangerous side. And when I read, I favor fascinating male characters who are well rounded and worldly. And no, they don’t have to be pretty.

The world’s most interesting man is often a running theme throughout most of my novels. In fact, one of my upcoming novels,The Man Who loved Yolanda Dodson is all about what constitutes a most fascinating man.

It’s easy to write about the extraordinary male. All you have to do is think back to Indiana Jones, Han Solo, or even James Bond, if that’s your kick. But trying to find the world’s most interesting man in real life is a little harder to do.

What criteria are needed in finding this guy?

Is it intelligence?
Is it an adventurous nature?
Is it a sense of danger?
Is it sheer animal magnetism?
Is it a sense of compassion?
Is it being insanely wealthy?
Is it all or none of the above?

My first response to these questions was to look into the past. Humphrey Bogart, for example, could easily be one of the top contenders as world’s most interesting man, as well as Earnest Hemingway, Sidney Poitier, and the reclusive genius, Howard Hughes. These men weren’t astonishingly handsome, but they did have sex appeal, and each of them offered a woman a sense of danger; the kind of danger that turned women into thrill seekers. That, however, is for another blog post.

I really wanted to find a contemporary, and more so, a real flesh and blood male who could pass muster.

So, who could that most interesting man in the world be? Indeed, are there any truly interesting men left? Of course, I think my husband is the most interesting man in the world, but I doubt if the rest of the female population would agree, so that leaves him out.

It was obvious to me then that my search needed to go further afield and ask the ladies and gents on my FaceBook page just who they thought was the most interesting man in the world. After much poking, prodding, and eventually pleading, here are the responses I got. I have 9 contenders, but still no one is quite manly enough to take on the #1 slot. Some got really close, but not quite. So barring the Dos Equis guy, who do you think is the most interesting man in the world?

10. Ben Harper, musician and activist.

9. George Clooney actor and owner of Section 8 Productions

8. Jason Mraz: recording artist with a very cool website

7. Keanu Reeves: Actor

6. Bill Clinton: Former President of the United States: Think what you want, his administration was far from boring.

5. Josh Gates: Destination Truth, Adventurer:

4. Greg Mortensen: Entrepreneur for Pennies For Peace, adventurer.

3. Sir. Richard Branson: Businessman and adventurer. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the guy who tried to circumnavigate the world in a hot air balloon.

2. Dr. Zahiri Hawas: Director of Antiquities, Egypt:

So here’s your challenge, if you choose to accept it. Tell me who you think is the most interesting man in the world, and the winner walks away with a copy of my latest novel, Glorious. Good hunting, and please comment. I’d love to read your opinions.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Should Men Shave It All Off…Down There?
By Em Petrova

Well, should they? Let’s explore this fun topic today. I’m looking for lots of comments on this post, so get those fingers poised!

This is a common subject amongst erotic romance authors and smutters. When talking manscaping, exactly how much is too much?

While lying in bed the other night, staring at my man’s hairy front, I have to admit I did some mental waxing. Yes, it’s true. I’d contour the belly hair a little, trimming it to a perfect love trail. But other than that, I wouldn’t touch him. To me, being all bare might rank up there with carrying a man purse. (Mama likes to nuzzle!)

As an erotic romance author, I look at a lot of…um…inspiration. *wink* It’s impossible not to be influenced by publishing’s vision of the perfect man. After all, romance book covers typically sport shirtless heroes. But have you ever, in all your life, seen a hair? No wonder men feel compelled to shave, right? Women are lounging around devouring these books about hairless men, while our significant others wonder what those images have that they don’t.

In movies, it’s not that often you see a real hairy man chest. I’m sure these actors are subjected to torturous hours on the waxing table. I guess the good thing is they aren’t forced to have all their hair plucked by clam-shell wielding old women like some of the American Indian tribes, where hair was considered unsightly.

Some guys think that shaving their lower parts makes the tool look bigger. But in my opinion, when it comes to grooming the nether-regions, I’ve got one word for you—CACTUS. That’s right, guys. Ain’t no woman willing to take a ride on that.

What are your preferences? I can’t wait to hear your juicy comments!

Em Petrova
~where words mean so much more~
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My Sexy Valentine:
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


New Release and Book Giveaway!

I want to thank Whipped Cream for having me here today. I'm Randi Alexander and I write cowboy erotic romance. My first book, Chase and Seduction, was released May 27 from The Wild Rose Press' Cowboy Kink line.

When I saw the name of this blog, my mouth started watering. My second favorite food is whipped cream. The first is green olives, but each of them have their esteemed place in my life - one on pizza, and the other on ice cream.

I keep a can of whipped cream in the fridge for those days - oh, who am I kidding, it happens every day - when I need a sugar fix. A squirt of whipped cream is relatively low in calories and fat, and cures my craving without my needing to eat a half a bag of chocolate chips. Which has happened when faced with an especially challenging day.

But whipped cream has a sexier side, too. In Chase and Seduction, I wrote a love scene where the heroine, Reno, orders room service, and whipped cream is on the menu, along with warm chocolate and cherries. She gives Chase a surprise by creatively using all three items. The scene was fun to write, but also fun to prove accurate. My hubby still talks about it. (Hee hee)

I chose an extra-sexy excerpt to share with you today, and I hope you enjoy it.

Country music superstar/actor Chase Tanner has yet to be denied anything–and he’s never wanted anything or anyone more than gorgeous screenplay writer Reno Linden. So when the film they are working on is finally finished, Chase decides to turn up the volume on seducing Reno.

Reno Linden lived a quiet, rural life until she was thrust into the Hollywood scene when her book was adapted to film. Chase Tanner is larger than life, sinfully sexy and hell-bent on getting her into bed. Skittish after a failed wedding engagement, Reno risks the plunge into Chase’s arms, and is surprised that her good girl self can keep up with bad boy Chase.

Though Chase returns to his cowboy roots often, and Reno cherishes the time spent with him on his ranch, the two find their careers pulling them in different directions. Will their attraction survive the glitz and stress of fame?
EXCERPT: Over 18 only

Reno was already at the high bed, skimming her fingers over the navy silk comforter. She walked to the patio doors facing the Gulf, then she turned back to the fireplace and the big white leather sectional couch spread out in front of it. She glanced at him. “This is so beautiful.” She gestured to the water. “Everything. The house, the view.” She smiled. “It’s like a fairy tale.”

Damn, it was good having her here. She fit just fine, like she could make this her home. With him. And maybe a few little ones later.

He strode over to her, pulled off his hat, and tossed it onto the couch. “I wanted you to like it.” Sliding his hands up her arms, he settled them on her shoulders and looked into her eyes.

“What’s that look for?” she asked as she pressed her hands to his chest.

He shook his head and wrapped his arms around her, focusing on what he held right now. “It’s good to have you here.”

“I’m hungry,” she said, her voice low and sexy. She grabbed fistfuls of his t-shirt and yanked the bottom up out of his jeans.

“Whatever you want, baby,” His mind switched to sex just that easily, and his body juiced up, ready to show her how much he missed her. Shrugging out of his jean jacket, he let her pull his shirt over his head.

Her hands landed on his ribs and she traced them to his abs, where she slid her fingers down his stomach to his low-riding jeans. She looked up at him as she snuck her fingers beneath his waistband, touching the head of his hard shaft.

“I want you inside me, Chase,” she demanded.

To celebrate the release of Chase and Seduction, I'm giving away, to one lucky *commenter, an e-copy of my novella Her Cowboy Stud. Just leave a comment today and we'll choose a winner tomorrow. *Commenter must be 18 years of age or older to win.

I'm also giving away a cowgirl hat to one subscriber to my newsletter. For more details, and to sign up for this contest, please go to my website, And while you're there, you can read the first chapter of Chase and Seduction.

Good luck, and thank you!
Buy Chase and Seduction at The Wild Rose Press Wilder Roses.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Since I was 10 years old I dreamed of writing horror novels. That dream quickly ended with the realization that boys and girls were supposed to not only get along with one another, but they were so supposed to fall in love and live happily ever after. So then came Mindi the woman who had an imagination for writing the things us women dream about, with of course having little or no cap on my words and being able to do what I wanted with a story. I have a young adult novel called The First Taste and two adult paranormal romance novels- Midnight Assassins and Wicked Games due September 19, 2011. One contemporary romance called Dark Days no release date for this one yet and hope for hundreds more in the future.

When I first started writing Midnight Assassins, I knew that I wanted to bring the old-fashioned vampire to life. I didn’t want to stray too far from the truth- well the stories and movies we’ve all seen, but yet I wanted to give my vampires a feel that only I could explicate. Our Vampire folklore needs to have a hero who is capable of murder and destruction, incredibly breathtaking, but yet has a weakness for that one woman that drives him insane with lust and love. So my research went as far as to finding out what most women would want in a vampire leader. I did a lot of movie watching and even went back to watching Nosferatu from 1922, but still I kept getting this crossed with the contemporary vampire. So then I decided why not put the two together. I mean if I were come across a vampire who spoke from the present but had been around for a few centuries, and had the good looks and charm to match I would go nuts. Us woman dream of this exact man that is drop dead sexy and has a personality to die for, but yet his only weakness is that one woman he notices in crowd of a million. Her eyes drawing his very essence out of his body.

That’s where my story came to play: Here’s my short blurb about Midnight Assassin.

Annie was definitely not ready for the life that was about to be handed to her. She was dealing with a job she liked, but a boss she hated. She had no family and only one true friend. One horrible day took her life by surprise. Beaten and almost dead she finds her life in the arms of a handsome, over bearing vampire and wants nothing more than to stay put there forever, but can't seem to let go of her past.

Nicholie was definitely on a mission in his life; to kill the hunters that killed his sister Emma, and maintaining his life as an assassin which was more than time consuming. Closing in on a lead, he ends up finding Annie instead, and falls head over heels with this breathtaking human that he wants to make his own, testing his very belief system as a vampire.
For me this novel started out my quest for finding all those sexy brooding men out there that played around in my head. Some sat playing chess with no shirt and had ropes of muscle just begging to be licked. Some were sitting there on a bench elbows resting on their knees, thinking about their next kill or dreaming about a woman that drove them lustfully insane. Or the hero that pulls up on his motorcycle, the mysterious man that makes everyone’s head turn from his gorgeous good looks and sexy leather chaps. The scenarios go on and on, each man waiting to be plucked from my head and placed in the novel that tells their story. So after all of this my novel Midnight Assassin only seems fitting to read and hold tight next to your chest at night case you just can’t get enough of the story.
You can find Midnight Assassins at Secret Cravings Publishing.

And after all of this please feel free to look me up on Facebook or email me on my website Can’t wait to hear from you!

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The Virtues of Vibrators by Silvia Violet

I was recently shocked to discover that my friend who was turning forty had never owned a vibrator. Really? I thought. Never? I love vibrators. I have a small arsenal of the devices myself in a variety of shapes and sizes. To me, buying a vibrator (or any other sex toy) says you're willing to take charge of your sexuality and experiment with what pleases you. So today I want to take a few moments to extol the virtues of vibrators.

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that a larger percentage of women and men who read erotica own vibrators than is true of the population at large. But if you haven’t ever bought one, this article has great suggestions for what to consider when making your first purchase.

Many people consider vibrators something a woman uses for masturbation and plenty of vibrator owners never let their partners know they own one (or two or three). But for me, my vibrators are not something I’ve hidden away from my husband hoping he won’t realize I use them for solo play. I don’t view them as a partner replacement, but rather as tools that can enhance sex both with a partner and without.

While for many people phallic is the shape that comes to mind when they hear “vibrator”, these devices come in all shapes and sizes and are designed for many different functions – clit stimulator, g-spot stimulator, vibrating butt plugs, almost anything you can imagine. Vibrators can be used on any erogenous zone by you or your partner and even on regions of the body you may never have considered erogenous before. And they aren’t just for women. Vibrators can feel great on a man’s more interesting bits as well. So I encourage you to see if you can come up with some new ways to play with these versatile tools.

Follow this link to read some interesting statistics about vibrator use, including the fact that men and women who use vibrators have, on average, less sexual dysfunctions.

For suggestions on how to introduce a vibrator into a relationship, go here:

While vibrators do not take center stage in my upcoming release, Shifter’s Galaxy: Accommodating Desire, I can assure you that the heroine, Lucy Vasilia, owns her fair share. She is a woman who believes in taking charge of her own sexuality and seeking out what pleases her even if others would judge her for it.

Shifter’s Galaxy: Accommodating Desire by Silvia Violet
Changeling Press

Lucy Vasilia is the director of the Alkestis Market, a well-run trading center catering to both legitimate and black market concerns. She's not a woman who normally mixes business with pleasure, but shipping tycoon, Ian Hadley's dominating presence and cool control make her knees weak. When he matter-of-factly proposes a three way with his lover, Security Chief, Connor Langley, she decides to make an exception and give herself over to pleasure for an afternoon. But Ian and his dark, dominating lover want far more from her than a few hour’s dalliance. They intend to make her acknowledge their soul-deep connection, and they won’t be satisfied until they’ve claimed her in every possible way.


Ian Hadley opened the door to the reception area for the Alkestis offices. A Vindolesian with the characteristic grass green hair and onyx eyes burst out of Ms Vasilia’s office. “Stupid bitch,” he yelled as he threw a nano tablet at the receptionist, narrowly missing her head.
“If that slut thinks she can keep us out of her fucking market, she’s even stupider than I thought.”
Ian stepped into his path. “You would be wise to retract that last statement.”
The Vindo shoved at Ian’s chest. “Fuck off, asshole.”
In one swift motion Ian drew his plasma gun and shoved the man up against the wall, weapon pressed under his chin. “If I or one of my employees hear you refer to Ms. Vasilia like that again, those will be the last words you ever speak.”
“Jeez, lighten up man. You fucking her or something?” Ian shoved the weapon harder against the man’s chin. The Vindo made a choked gasp. “Fine. Fine. I’ll lay off your girlfriend.”
“I respect the women I do business with, and I will defend their honor even if that means some asshole has to die. Don’t let me see you on this station again.”
Ian stepped back and the Vindo scrambled to the door and disappeared down the corridor.
Lucy Vasilia electronically signed a document and folded her nano tablet before looking up at Ian Hadley. She made a final, slow perusal of his well-toned physique, suppressing a sigh that their meeting had come to an end. “That should conclude our business. I’ve sent a copy of the contract to your ship’s computer.”
He smiled, a slow, sensuous curve of his lips. “Excellent.” He made no move to leave her office.
“Did you have further questions?” Lucy managed to keep her tone professional though he made her want to purr.
“I do have one question.” He paused, his bright blue eyes hot and unrelenting. “Would you like company?”
Lucy titled her head and stared at him. “For what?”
His smile deepened. “When I fuck you.”
Lucy sucked in her breath. “Presumptuous, aren’t you?”
“I’ve seen your eyes drifting down to my cock. You want this as much as I do.”
She stared pointedly at his crotch. His erection threatened to burst one of the seams of his expensive suit. “You certainly are making a rather impressive display.”
He smirked. “Indeed.”
“I assume you’d like your Head of Security to join us?”
“Ah, so you did do your homework.”
“I never meet with anyone I haven’t researched thoroughly. You hired Langley at Captain Devlin’s suggestion.” It was a statement, not a question.
Ian nodded. “Devlin said to tell you hello by the way.”
“Did he indeed? I take it Chief Langley isn’t fully human.”
Ian shook his head. “He’s not, but I have the impression you won’t be disturbed by his particular needs.”
She grinned. “I’m not as fragile as I look.”
“I never thought you were. So what will it be? How much hard use are you game for today?”
She nearly choked. “I can take whatever you and your lover want to give.”
“You may live to regret that statement. When?”
She held up a finger signaling him to wait and pressed a button on her desk unit, paging her receptionist. “Cynthia.”
“Yes, Director?”
“Cancel my next two appointments.”
Ian raised his brows, studying her curiously.
A sharp voiced erupted from the comm. Unit. “With all due respect, Director, the delegation from-“
“My business with Mr. Hadley is taking longer than expected. I will simply have to reschedule.”
“Yes, Director.” Cynthia sounded resigned.
Lucy looked at Ian, fighting the urge to tremble. The sexual heat in his eyes was devastating. She’d never slept with a business associate, and she’d certainly never cancelled an appointment so she could get a quick fuck in her office.
Then again, she couldn’t recall a man who’d ever turned her on as hard and fast as Ian did. She’d glimpsed him with his lover as she’d headed to dinner the night before. Connor Langley was a glorious mix of beauty and pure animal power. He moved with a panther’s grace, but she had no doubt he could kill most men one-handed. She’d been working her ass off. She deserved a treat. “Call Langley now.”
He pressed a button on his wrist unit. “Langley, you’re needed in the Director’s office.”
“Is there a problem, sir?”
“No, we are simply in need of a . . . consultation.”
“I will be right there, sir, ” Langley responded.

Silvia writes erotic romance and erotica in a variety of genres including sci fi, paranormal, and historical. She can often be found haunting coffee shops looking for the darkest, strongest cup of coffee she can find. Once equipped with the needed fuel, she can happily sit for hours pounding away at her laptop. Silvia typically leaves home disguised as a suburban stay-at-home-mom, and other coffee shop patrons tend to ask her hilarious questions like "Do you write children's books?" She loves watching the looks on their faces when they learn what she's actually up to. When not writing, Silvia enjoys baking sinful chocolate treats, exploring new styles of cooking, and reading children's books to her wickedly smart offspring.

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We would like to welcome several authors from Decadent Publishing

1. Ashlynn Monroe

Ashlynn Monroe is a busy wife and mom. She enjoys writing about anything and everything paranormal or fantasy related. She spends most of her time daydreaming up her next tale of romance. She’d love to hear from you at authorashlynnmonroe@gmail. Visit her website at to learn more about the worlds she imagines.

I’ve been very proud and privileged to work with Decedent Publishing.

My Vengeance series was a story that started out as one short story I wrote for fun and it grew and blossomed into a tale spanning three novellas. I love this story. It’s about a character that isn't perfect. She's picking up her life after her husband’s death, raising their young son with the help of her cancer stricken mother. Audra works her job and takes care of her family, devoting herself to them until the day she dies…literally. That’s when her life really gets complicated. I like Audra a lot; she’s done a lot of growing as a person. She went through some stuff and wasn’t the perfect mom, daughter, or employee. She’s struggled, but has come out a better woman for it. I don’t like perfect characters, because I’ve never meet a perfect person. Cain, Audra’s love interest in the story also did a lot of growing. He has a demon, a mission, and a company to juggle every day, but this fine hottie isn’t perfect either. Together the characters complement each other because of their imperfections. I was sad when I wrote the last word, because I’ve grown to care about them. Ironically, they wrote the last book without any help from me. I just transcribed what they decided to do. I never expected to end this the way I did, but they totally obliterated my game plan by page three.

I’m also very excited about my contribution to the 1 Night Stand series. Back in the Saddle has a bit of a double meaning in this story. It’s a short tale, but even though it is paranormal, the heart of the conflict is very human. We’ve all had to overcome something due to the circumstance in which we’re born. I really enjoyed writing this hot sweet tale of redemption. Who doesn’t have a meddling sister or other well-meaning relative messing around with their life? If you’re saying not me, kudos on having such a well adjusted family, for the rest of you I’m totally doing the head nodding too.

I had so much fun working on these pieces with the fun and fantastic people at Decedent. I’m also pleased to have met such great authors who have been entertaining me each time I enjoy a new release from Decedent. I’ve been delighted with every single story I’ve enjoyed on my Kindle. If you haven’t tried one of my books, I’d love you to. Let me know what you think at I’d love you to friend me on Facebook or just like my author page .

Here’s the backlist, some are coming summer 2011, but most are already available for your enjoyment (I hope…gulp).

Decadent Publishing-
The Vengeance Series-Decadent Publishing-Urban Fantasy
Back in the Saddle-Paranormal 1 Night Stand Series Short

Wild Horse Press-
Hidden Magic-Wild Horse Press-Urban Fantasy Romance
The Mirage High series-YA Paranormal-Wild Horse Press
Dark Miracle-Wild Horse Press-Erotic Paranormal
Blood and Bondage-Wild Horse Press-Erotic Paranormal
Wild Hearts-Wild Horse Press-Paranormal Romance
The Mirage High series-YA Paranormal-Wild Horse Press (print anthology or individual eBook shorts)
Blood and Bondage-Wild Horse Press-Erotic Paranormal
My Soul to Keep-Wild Horse Press-Urban Fantasy Romance
Kiss Me, Kill Me, Bite Me-Wild Horse Press-Dark Paranormal Romance
Reality Stinks-Wild Horse Press-Urban Fantasy Romantic comedy

Cobblestone Press-
Chemical Lust-Cobblestone Press-Science Fiction Erotic

Silver Publishing-
Passion's Escape-Silver Publishing-Science Fiction Erotic
Lost Heart's-Silver Publishing-Science Fiction Erotic
Wish-Silver Publishing-Urban Fantasy Erotic
Just One Night-Silver Publishing-Paranormal Romance
Vampires and Mistletoe-Silver publishing-Paranormal Romance
Captured Heart and soul-Silver Publishing Erotic Anthology

Wicked Nights-
Love Factory-Wicked Nights-Science Fiction Erotic
Dark Man-Wicked Nights-Paranormal Romance
Eternal Gift-Wicked Nights-Paranormal romance
Aloha Christmas-Wicked Nights-Paranormal romance

kNight Romance Publishing-
Clockwork Hearts Series-kNight Romance Publishing-Paranormal steam punk

Wicked Ink Press-
Blood Kin-Keith Publications-Paranormal Romance
The Templar Vampire Series-Keith Publications-Paranormal Romance

Evernight Publishing-
Fallen Angels-Evernight Publishing-Steam Punk Romance
Protector Mine-Evernight Publishing-Paranormal Romance
Indecent Encounters-Evernight Publishing-Erotic Romance Anthology
Master of Mine-Evernight Publishing-Erotic Romance Anthology

Willow Moon Publishing-
Dream Mists-Willow Moon Publishing-Paranormal Romance

Beachwalk Press-
Slave to his Desires-Beachwalk Press


2. Maureen Betita

The Kraken’s Mirror
She falls through the glass
Sails with Hollywood pirates
Discovers her self

Yes, I wrote a haiku to test myself when it came to creating an elevator pitch, condensed even more. Actually, I was dared by a newbie student of Judi McCoy’s last year to come up with an assignment to challenge her. I said sum up your book with a haiku. She did it!

And I knew I needed to do it, too.

A haiku… First line, five syllables. Second line, seven syllables. Third line, three syllables. Of course, it isn’t this simple for a real haiku poet. There is nuance and grace and the many things that make a poem more than just a string of words.

Yet! This is a challenging way to sum up a book. One you’ve read, one you’re written, one you’ve plotted or dreamt of. Even just a relationship…
I’m working on one for the next book…

The Chameleon Goggles
Running from her past
Followed by monsters and steam
Opens to true love

Eh. I like the first two lines, not so sure of the last. But I’m still working on that last line. It doesn’t really say what I want it to say, yet. This is the next book in the series of the Kraken’s Caribbean; the third will be The Pirate Circus.

My Etwan Chronicles is an ongoing series of novellas. Here are my attempts at haiku for them.

The Ship’s Mistress
Turned to pleasure’s task
One man’s secret holds the key
Sailing to freedom

The Sister’s Search
Searching for answers
Across a sea of bright stars
Her past waits for her

A haiku does focus the mind in a unique way. When I write straight poetry, I tend to run on. But with haiku…that isn’t allowed!

Try it!

Maureen lives along the lovely Monterey Bay and finds great inspiration in being so near the Pacific Ocean. She shares her home with Stephen, her high school sweetheart, married for over 30 years; a cat named Isabeau and a dog named Bonnie. She travels miles and miles to attend pirate festivals, renaissance fairs, scifi/fantasy conventions and writing conferences.

Visit Maureen at:


3. Stephanie Williams

“I could be writing….”

Hello, fellow writers and authors. I’m going to address an issue that I’m sure if you belong to any social network out there, you’ve seen it or talked about it.


I’m not talking about going through the motions of editing or why we have to edit. That’s self-explanatory.

It’s the time it takes up. And let me just say right here. They can send a man to the moon, but that haven’t developed a software that reads your mind and knows that you’re trying to say: “He was going to lift the stone whether he felt like…” as opposed to “He was going to lift the stone weather he felt like…”

I’m just saying.

And don’t you love auto-spell checker? NOT!

As I sat at my computer pondering this dilemma, I thought about all the finished and unfinished manuscripts I have sitting on my hard drive. I’m getting to them one by one and I’m submitting and getting contracts. That’s not the issue. I LOVE WRITING!

Letting the wheels turn in my head as my fingers fly across the keyboard is like a …writer’s orgasm! When you get that acceptance letter or email and contract from the publisher, it’s a multiple orgasm!

Then comes the edits:

“Hey Stephanie, loved this story, kept me on the edge of my seat. Here are your edits with track changes and comments. Get it to me for the ______line. Thanks!


Don’t get me wrong. I love my editors. I have three and they are the best! They make me see things I miss, whether it’s a word missing or a plot hole.

I’m talking about that I have to take time away from my fantastic hero that’s about to get drugged by the evil warlord, that way he will forget that he was suppose to married the CEOs daughter and seal the merger of his company and….

You get my drift?

This just happened recently. I had two stories sitting in the editing queue of one publisher. I have two books out already and a third one on the way. So I took a breath and patted myself on the back. I’m done! They’re not going to get to my next story for at least…I don’t know, three more weeks.


Just when I was getting into my other story and the creative juices where flowing like Niagara Falls…BAM! I got to do edits.


It’s a necessary evil, I realize that and I know you can relate.

We are story weavers! We create, we spin tales of the imagination, we create worlds and characters that remain with the reader and make them want more.

I don’t have time for edits...I could be writing!

For those of you that would like to see some of my tales here are the ones that are available now at Decadent Publishing


4. Ursala Sinclair

The Things We Do

I sat on a plane stuck on the runway a few weeks ago looking out the window at the lightning show taking place in the early evening sky. I glanced down on the tarmac and saw more rain being added to the already two feet of water there, and promptly shut the little screen over the window. I looked over at my daughter in the seat across the aisle from me where she sat with a fellow ballerina, listening to the music on her iPhone and singing happily away. We were on our way to Montgomery, Alabama to attend SERBA, South Eastern Regional Ballet Association’s ballet festival, where most of the top ballet companies in the south would meet and enjoy 4 days of intense master classes of various dance disciples. While the focus was on ballet there was an appreciation for all forms of dance. And believe it or not, all the dancers looked forward to not the ballet classes taught by some of the best instructors or chorographers in the business, oh no, they looked forward to the hip hop class. This year being taught by none other than a former So You Think You Can Dance runner up, Twitch.

Meanwhile I just prayed we’d get off the ground and make it there safely. As things stood we were already sitting on that plane going on 2 hours. We had to wait for the okay from the tower that the airport in Charlotte was open, and we could take off in time to make the connecting flight. Apparently, there were tornados in that part of the south and it shut down the airport there and in Alabama.

Finally, we got the okay from the tower to get into position, we’re the forth one in line for take off, the pilot announces much to the delight of all on the plane. Then we’re the next in line. There’s applause. But not two seconds after that announcement the pilot returns to the intercom. “I’m sorry I’ve just been informed by the tower that due to new FAA regulations since we’ve been on the runway for over 2 ½ hours we have to return to the gate.” You can just imagine the uproar.

But in the end some 20 hours later we eventually made it to Montgomery, my daughter and her fellow ballerinas had a wonderful experience and I was just glad we all made it there and back in one piece.

LaVerne Thompson, also writing under an alter ego Ursula Sinclair, is the mother of two teenage girls, a wife, a former intellectual property attorney, a multi-published author, an avid reader and a writer of contemporary, fantasy, and sci/fi sensual romances sometimes with a dash of suspense or a tad bit of violence.

To learn more about her work visit her websites at and or join her Fan page on Facebook.

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Crossbows and Vampires

As a paranormal romance writer I am faced with the problem of killing monsters. How would a human fight something stronger and faster than them and win? Oh! And keep it realistic.

So far, my human characters have set a vampire on fire with a tossed oil lamp and staked one while another vampire held them down. I like to write smart ideas, which give me headache when I’m trying to come up with them.

In my new release, The Beta Book 3 of The Vanguards series, my heroine is a slayer. How does a human woman kill monsters? I placed myself in her shoes and realized she’d want to be at a distance. Hand to hand combat wouldn’t be in her favor. Guns would work with shifters and most other monsters but what about vampires? Staking and beheading required close proximity…then the idea came. A crossbow. The arrow was a flying wooden stake.

There I had it. A realistic human female slayer that I could believe in and write.

What sort of characters do you like?

I’ll be choosing a commenter to win an ecopy of either The Omegas or The Alpha.


Three days of hell, in charge, and running out of antacids.

As the pack’s Beta, Robert needs to watch over the Vasi werewolf pack for a few days. He hates the responsibility, but his job is to dissolve any problems while his alpha honeymoons. Nevertheless, trouble comes to town and her name is Esther. She's beguiling, beautiful and picks his pocket. Although Robert doesn’t trust her, he still wants to possess her.

Esther arrived in Chicago with the intention of slaying a vampire named Daedalus. While trailing her quarry, she encounters Robert who unhinges her world. He doesn’t know her trade, and she doesn’t know his connection to the vampire. Disturbed by her attraction to this unusual werewolf, she can’t decide which prey to hunt. The one who’s stolen her heart or the one who’ll fill her bank account.

Hot graphic werewolf sex, growing body parts, and one pissed off Nosferatu.
Buy Link:


Annie Nicholas

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Between the Covers: Rebecca Gillan

Welcome to Between The Covers, my monthly blog about erotic romance in the news! My name is Rebecca Gillan. Sometimes I come across stories that look like normal people doing normal people stuff. And sometimes I come across stories that sound like someone tried to re-enact their favorite scene from a romance novel and it didn’t go so well. Once a month, on the first Friday of the month, I share some of these juicy gems. So grab your popcorn and enjoy the ride!

I am going to start off with a story straight out of the middle ages. The Lord and Lady of Brentwood had what appeared to be the ideal dynastic marriage. He fought his way up to noble status through hard work and married the daughter of a great and powerful family. Unfortunately, like all middle age dynastic marriages, the husband was a womanizer who fathered a bastard child on a servant. Even more unfortunately, this didn’t happen five-hundred years ago. Thank you, Arnold Schwarzenegger, for showing us the side of historical romances we didn’t really want to remember. Luckily for Maria, we don’t live in those times and she isn’t expected to put up with your philandering ways! Now we need to do something about the rest of the creeps out there who are running on medieval moralities.

We have all had fantasies about cops. They are there to serve and protect and they wear those oh-so-sexy uniforms. Some of them actually qualify as full-blown eye-candy, too. No matter how your fantasy plays out, though, it probably didn’t look quite like this. A police officer, apparently enamored with an inmate doing service by cleaning the police station, grabbed her and tried to kiss her. This one actually has the makings for a really good story to it. It could be a very fun thing to try at home between consenting parties. But, like most of the stories I feature on this blog, he should have kept this fantasy ‘between the covers.’

There are, of course, ways to mix in a little x-rated romance into your life. For instance, this Slate article contains a recipe for both roast chicken and hanky-panky. The author recommends twice monthly mid-week lunch dates for couples who have kids. After reading the article, I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly. The best part about this one, though, is that the author is a man. Is there anything more sexy than an erotic lunch date stolen out of the middle of the week where your guy cooks you a fantastic meal and makes love to you in the process? This one is a definite do!

And to finish it off, I have a heart-warming example of a couple who did it right! Rose and Forrest met at a senior dance. It didn’t take long before the two were madly in love. Both had been previously married but Rose, who lost her husband to a long illness, didn’t want to ever marry again. When, after years of ‘dating’, Forrest asked Rose to marry him, she said she would but not until his 100th birthday. Did he give up? No way! The two spent the next thirty years traveling and dancing their feet off several times a week. And on Forrest’s 100th birthday, Rose kept her promise and married her Prince Charming. Now that’s a romance for the ages!

Remember to have a little fun from time to time, but keep it between the covers or you might end up in the police blotter- or on this blog!


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When was the last time you did something for the first time? What was it?

I'm an introvert. I made a life decision a couple years back to act differently-- play extrovert.

One of the best things I have ever decided to do.

Since then I have walked the red carpet (yeah, as in Kodak Theatre, Hollywood), snagged a seat at the bar in the round above Times Square by schmoozing the waitress, interviewed two premiere filmmakers in front of seven thousand at WonderCon, mingled at an after party for stuntmen/women on the Paramount studios back lot, been allowed into the premiere Ivy restaurant--London, England (reservations normally a year out) to conduct novel 'research', moderated dozens of author panels as expert, told Nora Roberts I moved her books aside at a signing at Barnes and Noble to display mine (do I have gonads or, been chased by Scottish constables as possible terrorist for taking photos from a moving car--Heathrow Airport (and talking my way out of it-making them laugh)...

Got the idea?

Introvert is not a life sentence. Nor is it any less valid or wonderful than being an extrovert. It simply means we get our batteries recharged through solitude (whereas extroverts charge via crowds). You can choose to act differently.

We have this one life. One time to BE.

What do you want to remember from your proverbial 'rocking chair'?

Sooo ...

When was the last time you did something for the first time? What was it?

Christine London
Author of Shadows Steal The Light
Visit my website at for the latest!

Christine London was born in Chicago, Illinois, but left the long winters of the Midwest as a child to find her roots in the sun and charm of California, both North and South. Her adopted home became Great Britain when she spent a year of college in the east end of London with three male flat mates; one from each country on the main island. Her fascination and love affair with all things British has grown over the years, facilitated by summers spent trading houses.

Graduating from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Chris continued with family, teaching, singing in a jazz sextet and running foot races (and winning) before discovering her true passion….the romance and adventure of writing.
It took one Scot to awaken her poetic appreciation of Scotland's natural beauty, and another Scot to ignite her passion for writing. Thank you, gentlemen.

Coming June 2011 from MuseItHot Publishing:
Hog Wild
Sinclair MacTavish ruled the world of motorcycle mechanics, able to repair anything under the Four Corner’s sun. But when a cynical road weary Brit crashes through the door of her garage, she’s in for more than just another cantankerous client. He just may be the challenge of her life.