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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Ten Facts you Don’t Know About Cerise Deland!

Entertainment, IMHO, has nada to do with the creator’s ego. So in an effort to give you pure fun reading, I attempt to write this ditty and give you a laugh.

1. I speak Mandarin. (HUH?) And German. Very good German.
Why, you may well ask. The German comes from my father’s family, of which I am the fourth generation. The Chinese? Came as a choice when I decided to go to grad school.

2. There, I did my master’s in Chinese and Japanese History!

3. And I have taught both subjects on college level.

4. But I also taught foreign military officers to speak jargon English. YEP. For the United States Command when hubbie and I lived in Japan.
Great fun! And my collection of officers came from almost every country in the Far East except, of course, China! Irony, no?

5. I ran my own business for more than 20 years. I loved the independence of being my own boss. Having worked in the big corporate world, I saw the challenges of being “a good soldier.” Today, I often marvel at those who can do it, stay happy and centered and create new ideas inside the corporate “blender.”

6. I read any darn thing I have a mind to. Yoga Journal and Martha Stewart’s Living sit on my coffee table. But I just finished Empire by Steven Saylor and am on to a new novella by my buddy, Desiree Holt. Out soon, her book is titled HEAD GAMES about a sculptress. You MUST read this!

7. I work out three days a week. Plus I do Dance Jam on Saturdays. Grace, we got it. Style? Hmm. Not so much. At my age, I am happy to make it through the 60 minutes. Why? Because the hour is a combo of salsa, belly dancing and um…yeah, hip hop. I did write that: Hip hop.

8. I like to cook and travel. Not in any order. But all the time. The cooking means I must go to work out 3 times a week. The traveling means I have to write around all that.

9. I ADORE the new e-publishing business model. Now, I truly do write for the delight of conveying the story and have few worries about sell-thrus, reserves against returns, ad nauseam.

10. I am happy in my every day life. I have a spouse I adore--and have for more decades than I can believe! I have adult children and their spouses whom I celebrate and enjoy being with. I have a home I enjoy. I have friends I deeply treasure. I have work I crave like food and water. What could be better?


Debra Glass said...


Katalina Leon said...

I agree with Debra, wonderful list of accomplishments!

Nina Pierce said...

Wow! What a great list Cerise. You've led a very wonderful life (hey, that should be the title of a movie or something ;) )

Mona Risk said...

Cerise-- You forgot to add that you are a very positive person. I just love your attitude and would be happy to know you better. Reading your blog raised my morale tenfold.

Leanne109 said...

It's awesome to get to know you better Cerise, you are such an amazing woman! Thanks for sharing!

carnation said...

I ditto that. It really shows that you are a positive, happy person. Rina