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Monday, June 20, 2011


The Most interesting man in the world

And it’s not the Dos Equis guy.

Patricia Snodgrass

Who is the most interesting man in the world? Do his words really carry weight that would break an ordinary man’s jaw? Probably not, and I don’t adhere to the sexy but hard to tame stereotype of the alpha male characters found in many romance novels. In fact, I find those men downright boring, therefore I never write about them.

I like extraordinary gentlemen; men who can hold a conversation or tell a great story. I enjoy being around men who are curious, active and enjoy exploring. I even like them a little on the dangerous side. And when I read, I favor fascinating male characters who are well rounded and worldly. And no, they don’t have to be pretty.

The world’s most interesting man is often a running theme throughout most of my novels. In fact, one of my upcoming novels,The Man Who loved Yolanda Dodson is all about what constitutes a most fascinating man.

It’s easy to write about the extraordinary male. All you have to do is think back to Indiana Jones, Han Solo, or even James Bond, if that’s your kick. But trying to find the world’s most interesting man in real life is a little harder to do.

What criteria are needed in finding this guy?

Is it intelligence?
Is it an adventurous nature?
Is it a sense of danger?
Is it sheer animal magnetism?
Is it a sense of compassion?
Is it being insanely wealthy?
Is it all or none of the above?

My first response to these questions was to look into the past. Humphrey Bogart, for example, could easily be one of the top contenders as world’s most interesting man, as well as Earnest Hemingway, Sidney Poitier, and the reclusive genius, Howard Hughes. These men weren’t astonishingly handsome, but they did have sex appeal, and each of them offered a woman a sense of danger; the kind of danger that turned women into thrill seekers. That, however, is for another blog post.

I really wanted to find a contemporary, and more so, a real flesh and blood male who could pass muster.

So, who could that most interesting man in the world be? Indeed, are there any truly interesting men left? Of course, I think my husband is the most interesting man in the world, but I doubt if the rest of the female population would agree, so that leaves him out.

It was obvious to me then that my search needed to go further afield and ask the ladies and gents on my FaceBook page just who they thought was the most interesting man in the world. After much poking, prodding, and eventually pleading, here are the responses I got. I have 9 contenders, but still no one is quite manly enough to take on the #1 slot. Some got really close, but not quite. So barring the Dos Equis guy, who do you think is the most interesting man in the world?

10. Ben Harper, musician and activist.

9. George Clooney actor and owner of Section 8 Productions

8. Jason Mraz: recording artist with a very cool website

7. Keanu Reeves: Actor

6. Bill Clinton: Former President of the United States: Think what you want, his administration was far from boring.

5. Josh Gates: Destination Truth, Adventurer:

4. Greg Mortensen: Entrepreneur for Pennies For Peace, adventurer.

3. Sir. Richard Branson: Businessman and adventurer. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the guy who tried to circumnavigate the world in a hot air balloon.

2. Dr. Zahiri Hawas: Director of Antiquities, Egypt:

So here’s your challenge, if you choose to accept it. Tell me who you think is the most interesting man in the world, and the winner walks away with a copy of my latest novel, Glorious. Good hunting, and please comment. I’d love to read your opinions.

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