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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Erotica--expanding every day!

In my up-coming October release, What the Mistress Did, I dedicate the book to all the women who allow authors to explore the limits of eroticism and encourage us with their support. I did that because, when I look back, my writing career probably wouldn’t have happened at all if I had stuck to the tried-and-true genres and themes I grew up reading. I’ll be the first to admit to being unconventional, and the first two novels I wrote (unpublished to this day) were a mixture of historical and fantasy, written during a time when those types of cross-genre books weren’t yet popular. I tried to conform…but it just wasn’t my style.

Discovering erotic romance felt like coming home.

Here was a sub-genre that bent the rules, allowing me to go beyond what was then the norm, but still demanded emotional satisfaction as well as exciting sexual action.

And then erotica opened up, expanding beyond the literary tradition, and I found another new direction. I still love my romances, and still strive to ensure a satisfying emotional journey when writing erotica, but now I can take the characters wherever they want, even if that doesn’t include a happy ending.

What the Mistress Did is a Georgian-set, erotic historical, where revenge is sweet, especially when taken by seduction! I hope you’ll enjoy the blurb below and the excerpt now available on the Samhain Publishing site.


Oh, the delicious peril of deception…

Lady Marianne Gillingham has no intention of ending her affair with David Dunscombe, Earl Harrington, despite his pending nuptials. She craves his attentions, and he satisfies her deepest yearnings.

Yet, when his fiancĂ©e, the sweet, innocent and oh-so-very young Annabelle Frazier, appears on her doorstep to demand the end of the association, Marianne realizes she does not wish to be second in David’s affections. She also cannot resist issuing a warning. The earl will bed his wife with tedious regularity, but never reveal his more unusual desires.

To Marianne’s amusement, her prediction comes true, with a surprising twist. The countess is back with a new demand: repair the problem her prophetic words created. Taking pleasure in imagining the other woman’s fear and horror, Marianne rekindles the affair to demonstrate exactly how to fulfill David’s lascivious desires—while Annabelle secretly watches from the shadows.

She never expected Annabelle to prove so resilient and surprisingly easy—not to mention delicious—to corrupt. Or that the ensuing erotic tangle would be impossible to put right without heartbreak.

Journeys Through Seduction


booklover0226 said...

This sounds like a must have for me!

booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Erotic romance is my favorite romance sub-genre. I have been pleasantly surprised at how much the selection of books has grown in the last decade. Many of my favorite authors write erotic romance. Thanks for the excerpt. Your story sounds lovely.

User1123 AT comcast DOT net

Mara said...

I love the premise of this book. On the TBR pile it goes!
marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

Leanne109 said...

I adore erotic romance and I hope it continue to grow and expand :)


Na said...

I really like that you didn't conform to conventions and wrote what you wanted to. I think when writers don't limit themselves and create a world and characters they belive in it shows. I hope you keep doing what you love.

Robin said...

Great post and excerpt!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

Anya Richards said...

Thank you all for your responses! The all-day blog on Saturday was so much fun.