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Sunday, July 31, 2011

EROTIKOS by Shannon Leigh (first kiss)

GENRE: Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Shapeshifter / Time Travel / Action / Adventure / Interracial / Multicultural

PUBLISHER: Amber Quill Press (ebook)


PUBLISHER: AudioMinx (audiobook)

PURCHASE: audiobook

It’s been a long time since Renee and her two friends have gotten together for a girl’s night in.  What could possibly be more fun than drinking margaritas, gossiping about their recent bed-partners, and playing drunken rounds of Twister until they all pass out?  But when Mina shows up toting a bottle of José Cuervo Gold in one arm, and a strange game named Erotikos in the other, the girls’ evening is about to get a lot more interesting. 

Even before they remove the contents, Renee senses something amiss.  This is no ordinary game.  Erotikos promises pleasures galore and adventures filled with sexual delight.  But how can a cardboard pastime with its small stack of cards, two oddly marked die, and eight pewter men accomplish all this? 

After reading the instructions, the girls select their character pieces—an Indian, a selkie, and a vampire.  Three men of varying backgrounds, but all sexy as sin and tantillizing to the eye.  With a roll of the dice, the game begins, and the three women soon find themselves pulled into a place where their wildest fantasies come to life...

“Hotah Tatanka Winyan,” he said. He stepped toward her, repeating the phrase. “Hotah Tatanka Winyan.”

Renee started to hyperventilate. “I don’t understand,” she stuttered. Her whole body trembled with fear as she took in the bloody wounds dotting his chest and sides.

“Hotah Tatanka Winyan,” he insisted. “White Buffalo Woman.”

He stepped forward again and Renee let out a petrified shriek. Realizing her fear, the man halted his advance. “Don’t be afraid,” he assured. “I won’t hurt you.”

Renee’s pulse roared in her ears. “Where…why…am I…here?” she managed through pants.

The man appeared perplexed. “Have I not performed the Sun Dance correctly?”

He stared at her long and hard, as though expecting an answer. Renee shook her head. “I…I don’t know what—”

“I’ve pierced my chest with bones and fettered them to the sun-pole.” He indicated the two wounds, one on either side of his pectorals. “They were ripped from my flesh as I danced. I knew you would come.”

Removing a crown made from what looked to be some sort of herb, he tossed it into the fire. The flames bounced and danced as they greedily consumed their new offering. Surrendering to the ravenous blaze, the leafy green circlet sizzled and hissed, quickly turning brown and curling in on itself until it filtered into the bed of embers below.

The aroma of sage drifted to Renee’s nose as thin white smoke filled the inside of the teepee. Her gaze fastened on similar bands of herbs encircling the man’s thick wrists and ankles. Aside from the buckskin loincloth and two red dots of paint on his cheeks, he wore nothing else.

Renee silently watched, frozen with confusion and fear, as he walked toward her. When he reached the fallen pipe, he stooped to retrieve it. “Did you bring this?”

As he stood, his eyes met hers and Renee saw something akin to amusement shimmer in his near black gaze. Perhaps it was a play of firelight, but she could have sworn a grin touched his firm lips. She suddenly felt as though she were the butt of some sick joke.

The smoke-filled air caused her eyes to water and burn. Renee wiped them with the back of her hand. Blinking against the irritation, she refused to take her sight off of him. “Why am I here?” she demanded, her tone unbroken and a little firmer than before. “Eyanosa.”

He smiled then, as though realizing the charade was up. Tossing the pipe aside, he placed his large hands on his hips and regarded her with a boyish grin. “That is my name. Do you know what it means?”

Renee hesitantly nodded, not sure she wanted to know. His tongue slid along his full bottom lip. “It means big both ways.”

A staggering thrill shot through her apex, causing her to gasp.

Eyanosa’s grin widened, exposing teeth that were perfectly straight and startlingly white against his tanned face. “I believe you have a task to complete.”

When he started toward her, Renee held her hands out and sidestepped to the right. “Now wait a minute here. This is just a game. None of this is—”

“Real?” He blocked her retreat with a hand on the post next to her right cheek. “Touch me, Renee. Then tell me if I’m real.”

Renee’s mouth dropped to her chin. “How did you know my—”

His palm cupped her chin, nudging her mouth upward a bit. “I knew you the moment you selected my playing piece, as did the others know theirs.”

Before she could thwart his attempt, Eyanosa’s lips closed over hers in a powerful kiss. His mouth moved with such possession it left her knees weak and lungs devoid of air. By the time he released her, she felt as though she were floating.


Shannon Leigh
"Giving readers the
O in their erOtica."


Anonymous said...

What a cool idea for a story. I can't wait to see what kind of situations the other two women find themselves in.

User1123 AT comcast DOT net

Tamsyn said...

Hey, this is my kind of story! I would love to play the game and see what I get!:o)


Shannon Leigh said...

Thanks! I'm seriously debating a sequel. There were so many possibilities with this story.

Na said...

I like how Renee and her friends starts out having an ordinary night out and then is thrust into a fantasy world. It's makes it more believable and for me to put myself in her shoes. I also wonder about Mina, who is she really and how did she get the game Erotikos in the first place. I'm intrigued.

Shannon Leigh said...

Mina is such a naughty girl. Check out the interview I did with her and Athan and you'll see just how she got her handsnon Erotikos.

Robin said...

This sounds fun!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com