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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Excerpt from Paranormal Pleasures by Roxanne Rhoads

Title: Paranormal Pleasures Ten Tales of Supernatural Seduction
Author: Roxanne Rhoads
Publisher: Bewitching Books
Genre: Paranormal erotica
ISBN: 0615470386 / 9780615470382
Page Count: 138

Book description:
Ten tantalizing, erotic tales of vampires, witches and demons grace the pages of this short story collection by Roxanne Rhoads.

Step into the darkness and let these tales tempt and tease to satisfy your paranormal cravings.

Eight of Roxanne Rhoads' previous eBook publications appear in print for the first time, along with two brand new, never before published tales of supernatural love and lust.

Paranormal Pleasures is available as a print anthology, for the Kindle at Amazon and the Nook at Barnes and Noble as well as being available in other digital formats at Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks.

Halloween is my favorite holiday and it inspired me to write a really wild erotic tale set at a Halloween party, here's an excerpt.

Excerpt from “A Halloween to Remember”- story nine in Paranormal Pleasures Ten Tales of Supernatural Seduction

Just as she heard the large old clock start chiming the midnight hour, she caught a glimpse of that white ruffled shirt going out the back French doors.

Adena took off almost in a run. Well, she gave it her best effort in her tight dress and stiletto heels. After scurrying out the back door onto a patio, she found no one save some naughty jack-o-lanterns and a set of screwing skeletons in a 69 position.

Then, she saw him over by a trellis covered with night blooming roses. Kind of late in the year for them to be blooming, she thought as she walked over to him.

She kept waiting for him to disappear as she approached, but he didn’t. He definitely looked like something straight out of a romance novel. All dark and brooding and sexy, he wore tight black pants and tall boots. His ruffled white shirt, partially unlaced, showed just a hint of fine dark hair on his massive muscle bound chest.

Adena trembled with desire just looking him up and down. This was what she’d been wanting all night. She needed him, not some jerk hooking up with anyone and everyone. No, she wanted quality over quantity.

“I’ve been watching you all night. You’ve not partaken in the games these people play. Why?” His deep, rumbling voice sent tingles down her spine. Other areas became tight and wet. His slight accent was erotic but unplaceable.

“It’s not really my thing,” Adena whispered.

“What is your thing? Would I fit the description of what you’ve been looking for?”

Oh hell freakin yeah! “Uhmm, yes, I think you would.” No use being too shy. He was here at one of Chrissy’s parties. “My name is Adena.”

“Forgive me for my rudeness. I am Dimitri Ivanof.”

Ah, Russian. That’s the accent. So sexy.

“Pleasure to meet you Dimitri.”

“My beautiful, Adena, the pleasure is most definitely, all mine.”

Adena was sure she was going to swoon right there in the dark. When her knees quivered, he was right beside her, one arm around her waist making sure she didn’t fall. The touch of his body against hers made her tremble even more. A feeling of overwhelming desire overtook her senses. She’d never encountered desire like this before. Her nipples tingled, tweaking into hard little nubs under her lace up top. Aching with a need to be filled, her nether region tightened and throbbed. Her nerve endings were alive like never before, like a low voltage stream of electricity flowing over and through her body.

His breath came hot against her ear. “Are you all right, Adena?”

She turned to face him. My god, he was so gorgeous. His brilliant blue eyes sparkled with heat and mischief. She was flirting with danger, but he was too much to turn down.

Suddenly, his full firm lips were on hers. The sweet heady taste of brandy lightly teased her senses. He pressed and she pressed back, lips matching, meeting and melding into the best kiss Adena had ever experienced.

His hands found their way to her dress, pulling apart the lacing, freeing her ample breasts to spill from the gown. He kneaded and caressed, pinched and squeezed her nipples until she thought she’d come just from the sheer pleasure of his hands on her body. His mouth finally left hers, giving her the air she desperately needed. She gasped for breath as his lips made their way down her body. He kissed her neck, teasing her throat. When he kissed her chest, he found a nipple and sucked it in between those delicious lips of his. Moving from one nipple to the other, he teased, nipped and nibbled her into delirium.

Before long, her knees gave out. Her body started to crumple. He caught her, picking her up like she weighed nothing. Carrying her over to a garden bench, he gently laid her down and promptly spread her legs. He ripped through her fishnet stockings and tore off her thong.

His eyes pierced through her as she looked at him. Square jaw set with defiance, she swore he was daring her to say no. No freakin’ way was she saying no to this man. She was melting with desire, overcome by his passionate and fearsome display. No, she wasn’t scared, not at all. Hotter than ever was all she could think of to describe how she felt.

He moved between her legs, gently kissing and teasing her. Dipping his tongue between her folds, he pushed deep inside her and swirling it around. Pulling out, his attention focused on her clit as he slid one then two fingers deep inside her. His fingers continued the undulating movements his tongue had been making, while his mouth clamped down to suck gently on her swollen nub.

Her knees shook, and her body trembled. He was pushing her over the edge, not that she had far to go, and he was doing it soo good.

“Oh my God,” she cried as her body gave into the waves tumbling and crashing through her body.

He held onto her as she came, over and over. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her until she lay in a mass of tingling nerve endings. She looked at him. He seemed to glow in the moonlight. How had she gotten so lucky?

He was truly the man of her dreams.

Then, he took off his shirt. Hot damn, make that the man of her wet dreams. He was now standing in front of her, muscles rippling in the moonlight. A fine sprinkle of dark hair caressed his chest. It trailed down his stomach stopping only to dip into his pants. Dimitri laid his shirt down on the ground, picked her up with an incredible display of strength once again. He placed her on top of the material covering the softly damp grass.

She stared as he undressed the rest of the way. First, he kicked off those tall black boots. Then, he undid his pants. She paused only momentarily to question the fact they were laced up. However, it was Halloween.

Yummy, with no underwear underneath, he pushed down the black pants letting his hard, throbbing cock bounce in the moonlight.

Holy cow! Actually, in his case, he was hung like a bull—long, thick and incredibly hard. Soon, completely naked, he mounted her. She readily spread her legs, opened herself to accommodate him, but he didn’t plunge right in.

No, he took his time. Teasing and taunting. Pleasing and pleasuring. Kissing her, he even whispered the clich├ęd sweet nothings in her ear. He said everything a woman wants to hear.

Boy, did she ever. It’d been so long. Though this was a quick courting, she still wanted a hint of the romance, not just the wham, bam, thank you ma’am deal.

Finally, when he must’ve felt she was properly primed, he thrust into her just a little at a time, allowing her body to adjust to his size with each movement.

Adena moaned and arched her back. Pushing up to meet his thrusts, she took him deeper. The pleasure was a little bit of pain and a whole lot of wow. She was loving every second. As she moaned and egged him on, he thrust faster and harder. When he finally drove every inch of his manhood deep inside her, she cried out with pleasure, screaming his name. She could feel his shaft harden as she clenched around him. They were both about to come. With another stroke, they teetered on the edge. With one more, they plunged over the side of ecstasy and crashed into each other’s arms.

After a few moments of heavy breathing, Dimitri looked deep into Adena’s eyes and said, “I hope you can handle more, because I am not done with you.”

Adena laughed, “Oh, good. I hate one hit wonders.”

He looked at her with a puzzled expression like he didn’t understand as he withdrew his still rock hard cock from her.

“Get up on your hands and knees. I want to see that beautiful ass of yours bathed in moonlight.”

Adena didn’t hesitate. She was sure the glare from her pale behind might blind him. He didn’t seem to mind, rather he moaned with appreciation.

“You don’t know how long it has been since I have seen a woman like this. A woman who wants me and desires me. A woman who is ready to do anything for me. You would do anything for me, would you not my dear, Adena?”

At that point, she would’ve agreed to assassinating the pope if it was what Dimitri wanted. She was so pleasure drunk, nothing mattered except him.

Dimitri knelt behind Adena, worshipping her butt with kisses and licks which were exquisite. His caresses left her tingling. A playful slap added heat to her tender skin. Then, positioning himself, he thrust deep into her body. The tip of his long cock pushed against her womb as she screamed in pleasure and wickedly wonderful pain.

Thrust after achingly deep thrust, Dimitri plundered Adena’s body. He drove her over the brink, then brought her back only to push her over it again. Orgasm after orgasm made Adena’s body shake, tremble and explode. Dimitri was remarkable, skilled like no other lover she’d ever had before.

Adena wasn’t the only one having multiple orgasms. God, this man could do it over and over, again and again, spill his seed on her, in her and all over her. How could he have anything more in those beautiful balls of his? She didn’t know, but he kept coming like a porno energizer bunny.

They did it in every imaginable position and all over the yard. Somehow, she even found herself in the cemetery with her bent over a tombstone. Being thrust into from behind, her breasts scraped against the old stone. What a wicked rush! Naughty and forbidden, it was so damn hot.

The sun was beginning to rise when Adena and Dimitri finally fell into an exhausted heap.

His body curled around hers as he whispered in her ear, “Bring me back. Love me and bring me back. If your love is strong enough, I can be yours, forever.”

That was the last thing Adena remembered.


Leanne109 said...

Sounds like a great book!


Anonymous said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday too. Thanks for the super sized excerpt!

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Roxanne Rhoads said...

You are welcome.

Toni said...

Love the exerpt. Now I want more, much more!!


Na said...

Nice excerpt. It reminds me of a cat and mouse chase, only I have a feeling the mouse wants to be caught. I can't say I really blame her, I would fall for a male with a Russian accent as well.

Gabrielle Lee said...

I love Halloween always a great time of year. This book is going in to my growing tbr pile.


Robin said...

Wow, great excerpt!

Robin D
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