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Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Kiss

The first kiss between the hero and heroine can be explosive, with the promise of passion and love. It all depends on the characters and where you're characters are kissing.

Here's the first kiss between my hero, Jared, and my heroine, Angie in Quick Silver Ranch: Saddle Up

Her fingers trailed over his broad shoulder, to his neck, where she stroked his dark brown hair.

His hand tightened on her lower back, bringing their hips together. And Angie swore she could feel his hard erection. Good, he wasn't immune to her.

She let her fingers skim from his neck, down over his shoulder blade, down his spine, over his well-defined ass, until she could rest her palm over his butt cheek. Then she squeezed it.

“Behave.” His breath brushed her ear and he swatted her ass.

“You hit me.” She couldn't believe it; he actually smacked her on the ass. Not that it hurt, but heat flowed through her body making her nipples grow harder. She‟d never realized a little swat could make her so hot.

“I'll do worse if you don't behave yourself, Angie.”

“Promise?” The word was out of her mouth before she even realized it. The music ended, Jared escorted her back to the table and pulled out her chair.

His palms cupped her cheeks, tilting her face up to his. “We'll talk later.” He dropped a hard brief kiss on her lips before striding away.

Angie's heart skipped several beats while she observed Jared cross the room. She put her fingers to her lips and sank down onto the chair with her core pulsing with need and her panties wet. If he met her later, they wouldn't be talking if she had anything to say about it.

Do you have a favorite first kiss? Share with us, I'd love to hear from you.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Marie. That is an awesome scene leading up to a quick first kiss. He left her off balance and wanting more. My favorite types of first kisses are usually instigated by an argument. The hero and heroine are rivals or haven't gotten along and their confrontation turns passionate. It usually surprises them both.

User1123 AT comcast DOT net

heather said...

Great first kiss, Marie. I think a first kiss between the characters is very important and should be hot or promising. My first kiss was actually kinda sad, I was lying in bed with my broken arm elevated in the air when I received mine, lol. As for my fave first kiss in a book, it's hard to choose just one. Saddle Up sounds like a great read :)

Isabel said...

Hi Marie!
That is one smoking excerpt. After reading Roped & Ready, your first Cowboy Kink book, I'll be sure to have my oven mittens on for Saddle Up. Thrilled to pieces Jared gets his own story.

As for first kisses, I think I'd like the ones when the heroine leads on leaving the hero stunned and panting for more. :)

Robin said...

That was very hot! My first kiss with first lover was after a Chicago concert when we got back to my house.

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

Na said...

I like first kiss scenes along with first meetings. It's something I anticipate because I get to see how the characters connect and if there is chemistry. Even the moment leading up to the kiss shows something. There's lot of kisses to choose from too: awkward, all-consuming, remorseful, I like them all and the type depends on the characters' personalities as well. Thank you for the excerpt.

Marie Tuhart said...

Hi Stacie,

Those argument kisses are fun, because things get so out of control. Thanks for stopping by.

Marie Tuhart said...

Hi Heather,

Sorry your first kiss was kinda of sad. I remember mine, it wasn't sad but funny. Thanks for stopping by.

Marie Tuhart said...

Hi Isabel,

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the comments on Quick Silver Ranch: Roped & Ready. Yes, Jared needed his own story. Stunned hero, works for me.

Marie Tuhart said...

Hi Robin,

Sounds like a very nice first kiss. Glad you liked the excerpt. And thanks for stopping by.

Marie Tuhart said...

Hi Na,

Thanks for stopping by. You are right, the kiss really depends on the characters' personalities.

Isabel said...

That's right, Marie, a stunned hero would be fun, can only image what he'll have in store for the heroine in response to such a passionate kiss...

Cathy M said...

Love their sexual chemistry, great job. That was memorable and very fun.