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Monday, July 25, 2011


I'm starting to feel like Sybil. She was a character based on a real woman and artist named Shirley Mason. Sybil was made famous through a movie based on a book by the same name. She had disassociative personality disorder and thirteen personalities to go with it.

I don't have thirteen personalities. But, I have six. Their names are Cyn, Cynthia, C.D. Yates, Cyn D., Katy Cavalier and Mommy.

Cyn is the one who walks to Dunkin Donuts to get coffee for Mommy. She is the one who talks to the DH and usually wants to kill him. She Skypes her friends and plays Sims when she can. She is scornful of Mommy but realizes the necessity of her existence. She considers Mommy weak for needing a nap. She is the youngest of five children; sometimes her father calls her Linda. She loves horses and reading and often wishes for time for herself. Because of her other selves, however, this doesn’t happen very often.

Cynthia (Selwyn) is the writer. (The one writing this, actually.) She usually wishes Mommy would sit so she could get some writing done; she's also afraid that if Mommy gets too comfortable, she will take a nap and no writing will get done. (Though she wouldn't be averse to Mommy’s reading a book or two, preferably not a Max and Ruby story.) Cynthia’s most recent release, Dog-Gone But Not Forgotten, has gotten great reviews and has been a highest rated Chick Lit ebook at You can reach her at or check out her blog at

C.D. Yates is also a writer; she’s being phased out by Cynthia Selwyn and she’s okay with that. She thinks her name sounds far too proper and mystery writer-ish to belong to a writer of romantic comedies and erotica. Despite her name, however, C.D. Yates’s book, Kissing Trick, got great reviews and is published by The Wild Rose Press. She is looking forward to a nice retirement, preferably someplace child-free, with free wifi.

Cyn D. is part-owner of Author-Wise Publishing Services, the one- stop site for self-publishing success. She and her friend and critique partner, fellow author Silke Juppenlatz, are offering editing and covers for independent writers on a budget. Cyn D. is jealous of Cynthia Selwyn, who gets to write fiction and spend time in her head with fun, imaginary people instead of thinking about marketing and other business- type stuff. She is passionate about her job, however, and if given the opportunity would spend all her time editing. Her author’s “book babies” become her grandbabies, and she cares for them as if they were her own. You can reach her at

Katy Cavalier is a content editor for Decadent Publishing. She loves her job and is devoted to her authors. She can also recommend books for contract, so she’s a good person to get to know. She prefers paranormal and romance and anything with cowboys or horses (or both). You can reach her at, especially if you have a manuscript you feel would fit the publisher's guidelines. She'll be happy to hear from you.

Mommy is the patient one (when she's not being the nutty one, that is). She cleans the house, pays the bills, cooks the meals, does the laundry, mows the lawn, tends the pool, feeds the pets, helps the teenage girl with life issues, maintains the eleven-year-old boy’s vast wardrobe and plays Robin to the four-year-old’s Batman. She's overwhelmed and overwrought, and has really bad hair. She needs a shower. She drinks too much coffee and is overweight because she doesn't take care of herself. She really, really needs a nap.

But first...she (and the rest of her selves) need to decide who they are and what they're going to wear, today. Cyn wants to wear anything Mommy wouldn’t wear, and Cyn D. is thinking workout wear. C. D. Yates would be happy with a natural fiber and Cynthia just wants to past chapter one on her current book. Katy Cavalier wants to don a nice suit and heels and, as usual, Mommy's thinking of wearing anything that’s okay to get bleach-stained.

This could take all day…

Readers can find Dog-Gone But Not Forgotten at

She needs to get out of there, fast.

Eighteen years ago, Jack Radigan took Carrie Moore's virginity—then broke her heart by marrying her best friend. Now Carrie's Nana has died, forcing her back to Rhode Island, where she's trying to sell off Nana's estate before she runs into him. But Nana had a dog not even her lawyer knew about, and it appears Carrie's plan is doomed. Because the Irish wolfhound seems to have an agenda all her own, and it involves making Carrie deal with Jack—the town's animal control officer—on a daily basis. The havoc the beast wreaks is costing Carrie a fortune. Hopefully, it won't cost the last whole bits of her heart, too.

Jack married Becky…but he didn't love her.

She was pregnant and he needed to be a father to the child. Now, Becky's gone, and Carrie's back home. So when her dog runs amok in their town of Narragansett, it's his job to get the animal under control. But first, he has to control his desire to kiss Carrie, the woman he was meant to marry many years before.

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