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Friday, July 15, 2011


Feeling the Flow

I've been asked a lot if I'm the kind of writer who plots and plans everything out, or the kind who writes by the seat of his pants, never knowing what's coming next.

The best answer I can give is...yes. ::grin::

My characters come to me fully formed, with their pasts, presents, and futures already filled out. I'm basically a stenographer - for lack of a better word. I write down the things they tell me, and try to make it all sound writerly and artistic.

That doesn't mean I know everything, though. Sometimes, I interpret the characters' stories incorrectly. I make assumptions about who does what and when and where, and I'm always surprised when a character cocks an eyebrow at me and asks how I could've mucked it up so completely.

Not to mention the rewrites. One story I recently submitted went through four different openings, and several different settings before I finally understood what my characters were trying to tell me.

Sometimes, I get the timelines wrong. I forget that the characters as I meet them now aren't necessarily the same as they were when they went through what they're telling me about. For instance in one of my upcoming Breathless Press releases, one of the main characters has a different job in the story than he does as I know him. By the time I've met him, several years have passed since he began living with his lover.

So, do I plot and plan, or do I wing it? Yep!


Janice said...

Sounds like you wing it a bit.


DC Juris said...

Hi Janice! Thanks for stopping by! I probably wing it more than anything else, to be sure!

Kayla Jameth said...

Pantsing rocks! Just the boys tell it like they want. It always comes out better that way.

DC Juris said...

I think so, too, Kayla. I'm always mystified when other authors say they changed something, or when betas say I should change something. Ya can't change history, and that's what the story is - my characters' histories. ::shrugs:: To each their own, I guess!

Lena said...

Those pesky characters really can cause chaos when they want to, don't they? However, from the stories of yours that I've read, it seems that ultimately, you all come to a fabulous compromise.

DC Juris said...

Aww, thanks, Lena! They can cause some definite chaos! And sometimes, I think they like it that way!