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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The Strength to Submit
Holden Granger

I started writing short fiction as a way to break a case of writer’s block while attempting to write a novel. I thought it would be easy to pound out a few thousand words and then return to my main project. Wrong! I was amazed at the difficulty of bringing real and vivid characters to life, developing a plot and resolving it in ten thousand words or less. Add in the challenge of writing sex scenes that make the story sizzle and you have a recipe for a couple of sleepless nights!

I wrote The Strength to Submit over a weekend and then spent a month on re-writes and editing with my editor at Breathless Press. My “little side project” became my primary focus, but it was far more rewarding than I ever dreamed. I can highly recommend any aspiring writer spend some time on shorter stories. They create a discipline that will come in very handy in writing longer novels. Every word has to count, and it creates a much tighter, stronger style.

I also recommend that writers take some time to explore sexuality in writing. For one thing; the research is great fun! For another, it is never a bad thing to get in touch with primal emotion in writing. Sex is something that unites all of us, no matter which brand we practice! My story, The Strength to Submit, explores themes of dominance and control, and what it takes for individuals accustomed to power to completely abandon themselves to raw passion. It was fun to write, and I hope it will be equally fun to read!

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