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Friday, July 8, 2011


Married to an Erotica Writer

I had an interesting discussion with my husband a few weeks ago. In the car. Always a great place for a captive-audience-talk about things he might be a bit reticent about while at home. Not to mention I find the car a great place for frank chats.
Maybe it’s because we don’t look at each other eye to eye?

Yup, coward here!

Anyway, I digress! We had a discussion about what he finds erotic. Yup, been married 30 years to the man, but still he surprises me. He embarrasses easily, so facing a windshield and not thinking a whole lot can be helpful. I mean, he’s thinking about driving mostly.

I read a lot of erotica and I write a certain amount of it in all my books. Books he doesn’t read. He’s more the visual type. (Big surprise, right? Aren’t most men more visual? Or at least that is the stereotype.) He doesn’t even read my stuff. Makes him a little uncomfortable since he can’t separate his wife from the author.

I wonder if the spouses of other erotica authors feel the same way? I suppose for some it would be enticing, for others the intimidation factor could be a bit much.

“You really want that? Wait, I don’t do that…where did you experience that?”

Honestly, I don’t know why he is worried at all. I write massively fantasy based erotica. Aliens, paranormals, magic…he has nothing to worry about.

Unless there are more secrets he isn’t telling me.

In the two shorts I presently have out with Decadent Publishing, it’s human sex but on alien worlds. The Ship’s Mistress features a human woman trained by aliens to be the ultimate sex worker and her adventure aboard a very fun ship. The Sister’s Story is her sister’s story, searching for her missing sibling and her traveling companions. On an alien ship, heading for an alien world.

Hmmmm. I have a theme here!

I’m presenting working on a book I hope to pitch to my agent soon. Cameron was abducted by…you guessed it! Aliens! She ends up on a world inhabited by other victims of abduction, including other aliens! Weeee! And one has a library and he’s in need of a librarian. I really like The Alien Library and look forward to pitching it.

Should have an interesting discussion with the husband once it comes out…

Maureen lives along the lovely Monterey Bay and finds great inspiration in being so near the Pacific Ocean. She shares her home with Stephen, her high school sweetheart, married for over 30 years; a cat named Isabeau and a dog named Bonnie. She travels miles and miles to attend pirate festivals, renaissance fairs, scifi/fantasy conventions, steampunk cons, writing conferences and the occasional NASCAR race.

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Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

I find the car to be the perfect place for a chat, too. They have no place to run and hide.

Alien Library is a great title!

Louisa Bacio said...

My hubby hasn't read any of my books either. Although, I've tried reading aloud to him.