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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Inspired by Things That Go Crack in the Night

Maria-Claire one more time :) I have this image you see on your right on my website for inspiration. Generally, I create a musical playlist and look for at least one image to fit the characters who won't let me sleep until I start getting their love affair into a coherent story to share with everyone (these people who inhabit my worlds tend to have that exhibitionist thing goin' on ;) This picture, on the other hand...well, this one has me working backwards: fitting a story to the picture instead of finding a picture to illustrate my work-in-progress!

Inspiration comes from funny places sometimes and often unexpected situations as well. My favorite inspiration comes from unexpected funny situations 'cause, well, sex is funny :) A friend once told me that people should work hard at their relationships -- but it shouldn't feel like hard work. And did I mention that sex is funny??? Wonderful sloshy messy exhilarating sometimes heartbreaking fun. Ever try a position where you slid off the bed/the furniture/his cock? Gotta laugh. I love writing "those" scenes where ny heroine's breasts are straining for release -- usually against some leather garment. Ever have yours actually pop out at an inopportune moment? Gotta laugh.

Then again...looks like this chick worked hard to rope and chain her man here, and no one's laughing. Ah, but wait: no one's laughing yet ;) Yeah, there's a hot, romantic, sometimes funny love story in here somewhere! I'm off to write it!

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Anonymous said...

LOL Maria-Claire! I totally agree that sex can be funny. Some of my favorite stories have characters that can laugh at themselves when their love scenes go awry.

User1123 AT comcast DOT net

Maria-Claire Payne said...

Best lovers are the ones well-equipped...with a sense of humor;)


Leanne109 said...

Oh the ideas that come to mind to go with such a picture lol Happy writing!


Na said...

Inspiration really does come everywhere and the best ones can be from the unexpected places. It makes getting inspired all the more fun.

Robin said...

I have a feeling it'll be good!!!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com