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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Living Through a Writer's Eyes

Ever wonder what the world looks like through the eyes of a writer? I can guarantee you one thing the world looks much, much different for a writer. At least from this writer’s eyes it does. How do I know this? Let’s just say I’ve shopped with my normal friends and I’ve shopped with my writers friends…trust me we see things differently.

How many writers out there walk around with a notepad or recorder in their pocket or purse? In the car? Normal people? So, that was about a hundred to zero. The first clue that the writers in the crowd see things in a completely different light than the normal folk. You see, through a writer’s eyes, every single person we come in contact with is a potential character waiting to introduce themselves. Every situation is a potential scene. Cool looking cars, tasty food, off the hook clothing, tattoos, piercings, hair styles—they all have the potential to end up in a book. I seriously doubt normal people notice as much about people, places and things as a writer does. For me the world is a buffet of story ideas.

Now take that idea and apply it to not only a writer, but say a writer who writes erotic romance—or take it a step even further—to BDSM and/or ménage. How much different do you suppose the world looks to those writers even compared to “normal” writers? So different a normal person would burst into flames if they spent a few minutes in my mind.

My life as a writer didn’t start off in that world. My life as a writer started out as a regular, every day, run of the mill, erotic romance writer. I had the solid story lines, the believable characters and the hot sex to top it all off. However, my characters led a pretty vanilla life. Then one day, a new muse set her little foot up on my doorstep and a new era in my writing life began. Research ensued—lots of it in fact. And a strange thing happened. As differently as I viewed the world before, that difference may have increased by ten-fold. For instance, a simple trip to the fabric store one day turned into a BDSM researchers dream. How many normal people do you suppose go along feeling the fabric and knot testing it to make sure their heroine won’t lose circulation in her cute little toes if her hero ties her up with it? How many people might look at rings to hang curtains with and their thoughts wander toward inexpensive and quite cute nipple clamps? How many uses are there for a tracing wheel, hem clips or a ruler? Now you’re getting a view from a naughty writer’s point of view.

Now, let’s leave the fabric store and wander over to, say, a kitchen accessory store….What can we find here that might lend itself to creative license? Hard rubber spatulas…paddle material. Olive oil…nifty lubricant. Cute little popsicle molds…ice play with class. Feather dusters, candles, industrial rolls of saran wrap, and the list goes on. Oh, let’s not forget suction cups...need I say more? Wonder what’s over at the hardware store…

Of course this store lends itself to a bondage lover’s dream come true. Eye bolts, chains, outdoor plant hooks to be disguised as a place to hang someone’s arms over their head. Fence posts to create a nifty outdoor place to spread eagle someone for a little flogging. And rope of all sorts, some of which is even neat colors—of course you need to keep in mind research is necessary to know what gauges are best and which one’s won’t leave burn marks. Oh and look over in the gardening section at all the cool cane poles that normal folk associate with staking up their tomatoes. Guess what else they’re good for. Yes, a good wallop to someone’s tender back side. And speaking of tender backsides, just what do you suppose a good leather and horse supply store mind give me in terms of ideas. Crops, and reigns, and chaps—oh my!

See how much differently the world looks through the eyes of someone like me? If I can find all that in normal stores what do you suppose happens when I go to a reputable naughty store…

And speaking of naughty, how about a peek at book one in my Identity series, Identity Crisis…

An electric hum sizzled across Tori Dearborn’s sun kissed skin, setting the tiny hairs on her arms and on the back of her neck on edge as she stared at the outfit hanging on the back of the closet door in her bedroom. It was quite a number. A set of red leather chaps accompanied a red leather corset and matching g-string. Tori walked over and buried her face in the material, inhaling deeply, as a slow, delicious warmth enveloped her, sending a dull ache straight to the core of her womb. Leather. New leather. God how that smell turned her on.

Tori reluctantly pulled her face away from the chaps long enough to notice the accessories set upon her satin covered pillow alongside an envelope. She walked over and picked up the red leather handcuffs. Her fingers glided over the smooth edges of the restraints and she wished her husband was home right this minute to try the new toy out on her. But Chad was away on business. It was the first time in their five year marriage he'd miss their anniversary, but clearly by the gifts he’d left behind, he was anticipating quite a homecoming to make up for it.

Never in her wildest imagination would Tori have thought to marry someone like Chad Dearborn. Not only was he a successful VP at a top notch land development firm, he’d had the good fortune of growing up in the lap of luxury. He received the best private education money could buy and all the amenities that came with the wealth his family had amassed. Private country club memberships, music instruction from some of the world’s elite musicians, summers in the Caymans and winters in the European Alps. Even though there was nothing beyond his reach, Chad was the most conservative, restrained man Tori had ever known. And when he discovered her lifestyle choices, Chad was less than thrilled, but he professed a love so deep for Tori he agreed to find a way to make their relationship work. Creative compromise he'd called it.

For three hundred sixty two days a year, Tori would be the model conservative wife. She would dress appropriately for the club, mingle in all the right circles and attend all the necessary functions. But that wasn’t to say that the lifestyle she loved was completely absent those three hundred sixty two days. In the privacy of their own home, Tori sat at Chad’s feet and he fed her. He put her on a pedestal and she wanted for nothing. And in the bedroom he would occasionally pull out a silk scarf and blindfold her. But the full on, leather and bondage games that Tori thrived on were restricted to just three special days a year. On those days--Christmas Eve, Tori’s birthday, and her and Chad’s anniversary, Tori was allowed to be the leather loving submissive Chad found in a less than conservative club one night while he was out rebelling against his parents desires for him to marry a stick figure Barbie from the Hamptons.

It wasn’t love at first sight by any means. In fact, Tori resisted Chad with sass and even tried to turn him off. 

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booklover0226 said...

I enjoyed both the post and the excerpt; they were great.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

books4me said...

Thank goodness you have the mind you do, or we wouldn't get great books that you appear to write!

books4me67 at

Anonymous said...

I love that writers can be inspired by the normal, boring things the rest of us ignore. I'm glad you all carry your notepads and records to keep track of your ideas too. Thanks for the fun post!

user1123 AT comcast DOT net

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey, books4me and Stacie! Thanks for the nice comments--and I'm all too happy to carry those notepads. ;) I absolutely love what I do, and I love my devious shopping trips--I have a "normal" vanilla friend that goes with me sometimes, you should see the looks she sometimes gives me when she sees me looking at something with "that" look on my face or she makes the mistake of asking...what are you thinking? Now, my dear vanilla friend--sure you want to know the answer to that? LOL I think I'm turning her...

bw said...

wow- going to look up the book right now....looks VERY good!


Na said...

I can imagine how different things would be seen from the perspective of a writer. I like to read and write and have been guilty of carrying a small notepad around. I like to always have it handy to jot down important thoughts because I hate when I can't remember but know it was important. Even when reading I need a piece of paper around...for just in case something comes to mind moment.

Robin said...

Great post!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com