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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Music to Spank Your Lover By...

Ah, wouldn't it be nice if there were such a collection? Hopefully, in the case of a spanking, without too driving of a beat?

The truth is, sound and music are all too often not part of the erotic reading experience, at least on the page. But perhaps that's understandable. If an author writes that the hero puts on slow jazz for a scene, and a particular reader (like myself) doesn't like slow jazz or finds it particularly barf-worthy, then the reader can be drawn right out of the scene.

But sound can enhance an erotic tale too. Whispers, sighs, groans, and moans are all part of just about every book I write. And of course there's the sound of the Dominant giving orders, either quietly or loudly, to his sub.

For a scene in my book Deep In the Woods I went the other way. I had the Dominant, Dave, and his friend Ryan, plug the heroine's ears so she couldn't hear them as they trailed her in an erotic game of cat and mouse out in the forest. In a way, NOT hearing sound can be as arousing as basking in it. In Sophie's case, anyway, it heightened her senses and made the game seem that much more intense. Later, the boom of thunder triggers deeper memories and a mystery she's been trying to untangle. Sounds can sometimes internalize themselves with us, with certain sounds always calling to mind the same pleasant--or unpleasant--memories.

In my book Caressa's Knees, sound and music played a huge part in the entire novel. Caressa's Knees is about a tortured concert cellist and her personal assistant/bodyguard, Kyle, who tries to help her make peace with the music that drives her and sometimes seems on the verge of destroying her. Sound brings the hero and heroine together, since Kyle falls for her the first time after hearing her practice her cello. Sound is what Caressa lives for, but what also seems to be taking over her life. Even their lovemaking, for her, seems put to music in her mind. In the end, she must come to terms with music's role in her life, and her own self-image and worth aside from that of concert cellist.

I've always enjoyed playing with sound in my novels. The sense of sight is often engaged as we learn about how they look and as we observe what they do, but the sense of sound can add another layer, making the connection even deeper. Music can be so emotional. And isn't that what good romance is all about?

In closing, I'm curious what type of music do you enjoy or find romantic? If you wrote a love scene in a book, whether BDSM or vanilla, what would be playing in the background?


bw said...

I think some slow Jazz or New Orleans blues would be the in the backround of my scene. My characters would slow dance and rub against each other, lighting the fires of lust and desire.....oh, gotta go find my husband!


Anonymous said...

I would probably use something cliched like Gregorian chants. That music has an ominous tone that throws me off balance. I think it would have the same effect on a submissive in a scene.

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Anonymous said...

I think I'd base it on the type of characters and location. If the scene was based in New Orleans, then, of course, I'd choose their special brand of jazz. If it was about punk rocker types, then same, etc. Also, I'd choose something that was evocative to the setting. Like, at a party or in an elevator. Otherwise I'd keep it to something that is current and most people could identify with. Rina

Mara said...

I'm not sure what music I would use, but I find the idea of not being able to hear very, er, intriguing, um, mind if I borrow it?? and not for writing purposes, I assure you ;)

marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

Leanne109 said...

That' quite a name!! lol


Na said...

Music also plays a part in my reading. I try to find a song to connect with important or memorable scenes in a book so that every time I hear the song the scene comes back to me. The type of music depends. I try to match the song with the era of the book or the mood. Sometimes if a song is mentioned in the book I will go and listen to it to feel more connected to the characters.

Gabrielle Lee said...

I am a very music oriented person. I think that any song can be romantic. It depends on the scene and the people, making it hard to peg just one type of song.


Robin said...

I like sexy jazz or blues music!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com