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Saturday, July 30, 2011

~ Talking About My Fav Place – Las Vegas: 1 ~

     Hi all! C.R. Moss here and I’m happy to be one of the guest bloggers today for LASR/WC's Happy Anniversary Blog Fest and talking about one of my favorite places, the city I live in, Las Vegas. In my excitement of meeting writers I’ve only spoken to online, I’m doing a number of guest blogs about Las Vegas, leading up to the EAA Conference I’m attending ( here in town. :)
     Las Vegas isn’t just about the strip, downtown, gambling, food and shows—all of which can be great depending upon what you’re in to ;). It just seems that sometimes there’s a misconception floating around about Las Vegas. People have said, “You live there? That’s so cool!” or they’re so focused on the tourist part they forget to see the bigger picture and they dislike the place. Granted, some of my friends who live here don’t like the big, brown, hot dust bowl due to it being a big, brown, hot dust bowl and they want to escape, or have already, and that’s understandable. There are times I, too, miss the green of the northeast and the rain and can do without the heavy traffic, but I still prefer the sun over seemingly endless cloudy skies. Yet, if I want to see green and experience a change in clime, I can always go out to Spring Mountain Ranch State Park or up to the Las Vegas Ski Resort on Mount Charleston.

     But I digress.
     What I wanted to say is Las Vegas has communities just like anywhere else. There are schools, churches, businesses, etc. that are here as they are in any other town you live in/visit. There are groups/leagues/organizations you can belong to. When first moving here, we became involved in the running/triathlon community, still are to a degree, and belonging to groups makes living here a lot less ‘touristy.’ As for another argument I’ve heard, yes, Las Vegas might not have the culture of the older cities like New York, Philadelphia or Washington DC, but it does have its own brand of culture. There’s a theater in Summerlin (  There’s the monthly arts festival called First Friday (  There’s ‘jazz on the lake’ and ‘movies on the lake’ out at Lake Las Vegas. There are even some Drive-In Theaters!     

Las Vegas can be a pretty ordinary place. Well, as ordinary as it can be with an approximate 4 mile stretch of colorful eye candy. ;)
Happy Reading,
C.R. Moss

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Siobhan Muir / Meg Palevich said...

What I love most about the Strip in Las Vegas is how unapologetically over-the-top it is. It's meant to be eye-catching and gaudy, and I love it for that. I've found great friends and a great community in Las Vegas, not only the writing community, but the more traditional activities of school and recreation. Love the sun no matter the season! :)

C.R. Moss said...

Thanks for stopping by! & I love how you put the strip is unapologetic about being over the top. it's true.

Anonymous said...

Hello CR!
I've only had two short visits to Las Vegas and of course I stayed in the hotel the entire time. I'm so glad you were able to share what you love about LV. If I'm ever lucky enough to visit again I will do my best to venture out to see what lays beyond the flashing lights of the strip.

user1123 AT comcast DOT net

booklover0226 said...

Hi, CR.

I haven't visited Las Vegas but would love to. I enjoyed your post.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Toni said...

We go almost every year. Not to gamble but to enjoy the people and the sites. It is alot more diverse then people think.


C.R. Moss said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone! If you enjoyed this post about Las Vegas be sure to check out my others today:
There'll be a 4th one as well at 7:11 pm eastern time.

Na said...

Thank you for bringing Las Vegas back down to earth. It sounds like an ordinary city with extra-ordinary tourist hotspots. I have never been to Las Vegas and I do think of it as a place full of life especially at night. If I were visiting there I'd definitely want to check out the quieter and normal parts. I'd be nice to find a park and picnic the day away.

Shannan Albright said...

Hi CR. As a Las Vegan myself it is a breath of fresh air to hear about there being more than the strip. We have a wonderfuly diverse culture from foods to the arts. There's something for everyone that's what makes this town so unique.

C.R. Moss said...

Hi Shannan!
Yep, I agree!