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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Vikings Created The Modern World

Who doesn’t love a Viking? Hey – I’m certain there’s a woman out there who doesn’t swoon at the thought of a hulking, possessive Viking stealing her as a bride – I’m not one of them.

Okay, so I married the ultimate Viking – Dutch-born, from Friesland – home of the Viking traders, and he still does it for me. So, sigh, I obviously had to write a Viking book. Last year, I woke up one morning with The Bear and The Bride in my head.

I wrote that novella in one week! Who’d know it would turn out to be a series of five novellas?

I am positive of one thing and one thing only - the Vikings Created the Modern World.

Whoa! You say. How’s that possible? Let me explain the reasoning behind that bald, sweeping statement.

Can we all agree that if there hadn’t been a William the Conqueror there wouldn’t be a Great Britain?

I’m imagining consensus on that point. I swear I can see everyone shaking their heads.
How did William come about?

First, there was King Alfred the Great (the only English monarch to claim that moniker).

In 886, Alfred the Great united the country against the decades of Viking raids that threatened to tear the island of England apart. That’s not to say that the Vikings vanish. They don’t. In fact, they continue to raid England and capture regions and towns. But relative peace allowed Alfred to build a network of towns and cities ruled by a common set of laws derived from Danelaw.

Dane law or the law of the Danes, and thus the Vikings, became the basis for English law.

For a period of nearly two centuries, English monarchs defended their country from wave after wave of Viking invasions. But, they manage to do little but keep the enemy at bay.

In 1016 King Cnut, king of Denmark and Norway, invaded England and claimed the land. Cnut is the first and only man to rule simultaneously the four countries of England, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden (parts of the last one anyway).

Cnut died in 1035 and infighting between his heirs keeps the disparate kingdoms in disarray. Instead of four countries ruled by one king, we have multiple kings, divided kingdoms, and short reigns.

In 1066, William of Normandy, declared England was promised to him by Cnut’s last legitimate heir, Edward the Confessor. And we all know what happened next. William invaded England and became king on December 25, 1066.

Okay, so can we now agree that if there hadn’t been a William the Conqueror, there wouldn’t have been a United States of America? No Great Britain, no World Wars, no cold war, no space race, no microwave, no cell phones…ad infinitum.

So, there I’ve proved my theory, The Vikings Created The Modern World.

And now for an excerpt from Viking Warriors Book#3, The Peacemaker.

The following excerpt takes place after Njal the Peacemaker finds out that his new wife, Bettina, has just killed her evil-step uncle’s prized barrows. An act of treason punishable by death.

Njal cupped her jaw.

Bettina met his gaze, standing tall before him in her stockings, slippers, and garters, and naught else.

“My cyrtel is gone.” Her fingernails dug into her palms.

“And breathtaking you look, wife, in naught but the finery a woman should wear.” She flinched when he collected a length of rope and watched as he approached her from behind.

“Njal.” She fair squeaked the words as he gently drew her onto the bed. The straw dipped and she shivered, for the fire had dwindled to cinders and soot.“’Tis cold.”

“I will build the fire afore I leave and gift you with a brick to warm your toes.” He straddled her waist and tied her arms to each end of the bed head.

“Njal—I know not what you intend.”

“I have a wife who is a poacher. A wife who steals from an earl. A wife who can be hanged for treason. A wife who has endangered the lives of the village smith and an innocent boy. A wife who will not stay put. What am I to do to but fix her in place?”

He near breathed dragon’s fire his ire was so aflame, and she quaked and stayed so still she hoped he might believe she had drawn her last breath. “Should you move but a hair, I vow your penance will be long and I will show no mercy.”

“You show me mercy now?” Bettina glanced at one wrist, then the other.

Catching her chin between his fingers, he kissed her nose, the arch of an eyebrow. “When I am done I will send your mother to you. ’Tis her decision to keep you tied or free you. But understand well, your actions fall on all in this keep. Disobey, set a toe out of this castle, and all will be punished.”

Bettina could not draw a breath. She knew of his fury only because his nostrils flared and thinned. Mordred and Darwent ranted and raved when angry. The earl oft threw whatever he had at hand when he became enraged. Her husband, Njal the Peacemaker, grew more and more controlled as his temper spiked.

Njal rolled onto his side and shoved his breeches off. His manhood stood erect and thick and purpled, all the veins looking to burst from beneath his flesh. She frowned and glanced at him, her eyes half-shuttered. Did he intend to force her?

Grasping her jaw, he crawled between her spread legs. “Think you after last eve and this morn I intend rape?”

Her cheeks caught fire and she ducked out of his grasp. “Nay. ’Tis true I know you not well, but I believe you value your honor above all. I but held a woman’s momentary fear.”

The blue in his eyes thinned to a mere rim, he shook his head. “You have the makings of an emissary any monarch would bribe to his side. ’Tis proud I am to have you by my side.” He licked the seam of her mouth. “But persuade me from what I must do, you will not, wife. Had Mordred pushed his suspicions moments ago, ’twas naught I could have done to prevent him putting you to the sword in mine own hall.”


“Nay.” He touched two fingers to her mouth. “Remember you what I told you after we had our first loving?”

“Of trusting each other?” Her voice sounded like rusty iron scraping aged stone.

“Aye. When I leave, think on that.” His mouth slanted over hers and he kissed her without mercy, his tongue working magik fire and sparks from her lips to breasts and burning nipples, plucking the straining muscles in her sheath. But he refused to allow her to return his caresses, to tangle tongues together, to let her suckle his jaw, the plump swell of his lower lip.

She strained at the restraints, thrashing and arching her hips to meet his rigid manhood, to feel the delicious friction, to ease the throbbing nub hidden in her folds. When he turned his attentions to her breasts, suckling and nibbling, and drawing his teeth on first one nipple then the other, leaving the buds wet and pulsing, a sob burst from her mouth.

“I beg you,” she whispered. “Please, Njal. Do not torture me so.”

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Genre: Erotic Historical

Have a good one.




MomJane said...

This one I am going to buy.

Jianne Carlo said...

I hope you enjoy MomJane. Check out my website in late August - I'll be giving away copies of all the Viking Warrior books released to date!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the history lesson and the excerpt!

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Toni said...

I think I'm in need of some Viking loving!! I have a feeling this is a hot story.


Na said...

I appreciate the history tidbits. I have always been fascinated with Vikings but I don't read about them often. I think of them as untamed, strong and protective men and when they love they do so passionately. I wonder how this Viking warrior will deal with his wife who seems fierce herself causing trouble.

Jianne Carlo said...

Thanks Toni and Na. I completely admit to being Viking obsessed!

Robin said...

I love Viking stories! This looks excellent!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com