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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Winding It Down With Sexy Jake and Lance

I think Jake grant is my sexiest, coolest, and most loved characters I've ever written. Tony Santos from Murder Stalks, written by my alter ego Sara Thacker, is my second most loved character.

Why do I love Jake? He's been through a lot. His partner, Mark, died six months ago and now he's trying to find his way in life. See how his story opens.

Jake Grant dropped the eighty-pound weight to the floor, hid his face in his hands and cried. The gym was closed, had been for hours and that was the only reason he let the tears flow.
Six months had passed since Mark had been killed. The insurance company had settled early, and the money sat in an account he didn’t want to think about. The huge Victorian house they had bought together in downtown New Bern and refinished had sold last month.
All that was left for him in North Carolina was the gym.

He's sad and alone. He needs someone to help him feel better. But when Lance first meets Jake it doesn't go so well.

Jake stood to leave, a bit surprised that his shoulder still ached. Someone bumped into him as beer spilled down his leg. The reflex was automatic and he jumped. Pain erupted in his shoulder, shooting waves of agony radiating down his back. He dipped to his knee, shocked by how badly his arm and shoulder hurt.
“Whoa, are you okay?”
Jake looked up to see a man bent over him. His hair was blond, cut short, but not buzz cut. His face had been recently shaved, his cheeks a rich tan colour with little stubble showing. His crisp linen shirt hugged his pecs and clung to his biceps. Tailor-made, Jake guessed.
“Here, let me help you up.”
Jake grunted as their gazes connected, sending a shock of awareness straight to his groin. For a second they both stared into each other’s eyes while the noise of the restaurant died away. The man rubbed Jake’s bad shoulder and he cried out in pain. Jake slammed his eyes shut, cursing his weakness.
“Oh, man. I’m so sorry. Here, let me look at that.” The guy guided him to a chair as his fingers ran across Jake’s neck. The pressure was gentle yet firm. “Does this hurt?”
Jake waited for pain, but nothing happened. “No, it’s fine.”
“Hmm, how about this?”
Pain shot down Jake’s arm as the guy pushed down on his shoulder. He cringed away from the touch, his breath coming in gasps.
“I take that as a yes.”

 Lance, trying to be cool runs into Jake to force a meet cute, but the cuteness isn't there because Lance has no idea that Jake is already injured. But by the stoke of luck that Jake has been missing the guy who bumps into him is a doctor.
Jake ends up allowing the good doctor to help him out and before long Jake is wondering how long he should wait before getting involved with another guy. Jake's emotions are all over the place but he decides to give Lance a chance.
Working It Out is Jake and Lance's story of falling in love, over coming problems and learning how to move on after a tragedy. I hope you enjoy Working It Out.
I want to thank Whipped Cream Reviews for having me today. It's been a load of fun and I can't wait to chat with you all later. Please join my Facebook page and chat with me. 


Anonymous said...

Jake sounds like my kind of tortured hero. I like reading about characters that are haunted by a past event. Watching Jake fall in love and get a second chance at a HEA will be lovely to read.

User1123 AT comcast DOT net

Na said...

I can see why you hold Jake near your heart. He sounds like the sort of character I will care for. After hearing about some of the things he's been through I am rooting for him to find his happiness.

Sara York said...

Thanks Satcie and Na.

Robin said...

I want to read his story!

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com