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Friday, August 5, 2011

Between the Covers: Rebecca Gillan

Welcome to Between The Covers, my monthly blog about erotic romance in the news! My name is Rebecca Gillan. Sometimes I come across stories that look like normal people doing normal people stuff. And sometimes I come across stories that sound like someone tried to re-enact their favorite scene from a romance novel and it didn’t go so well. Once a month, on the first Friday of the month, I share some of these juicy gems. So grab your popcorn and enjoy the ride!

There isn’t much more romantic than your guy writing a love song about you, especially if he’s an actual song writer. On the flip side, if your guy is writing love songs about other women—but refuses to write one for you—you might have missed the great big neon flashing sign that you have nabbed yourself a loser. You can either do the dignified thing and leave his hoe-chasing butt or you can ignore the situation. If he does it for you in every other way, maybe a song is not that big of a deal. As this case out of Ambridge, PA, shows, you probably should not demand he write you a song. If he’s a big enough loser not to figure out you are going to be pissed, he’s probably a big enough one to beat the crap out of you for pointing out he’s a loser. The old clique about there being more fish in the sea? It works for guys willing to romance you with a song, too.

This next news story is being included not because it’s relevant but because it’s so very, very absurd. The headline says it all and I’m not going to go into how many levels of “OMFG!!!” this violates. I will say only that this is why you don’t do kinky BDSM without a good, trustworthy dom.

“Owner of killer bear chokes to death on sex toy”

Yes. Really. I’m not even sure how one would offer condolence to the family after a headline like that.

Here’s one more story that is only vaguely relevant but being included for its absurdity. Police in Virginia responded to a burglary at an adult specialty store on July 7th of this year. A K-9 office found the perpetrator still in the store. This is where it gets odd. The perp was wearing women’s undies and “partying” with a blow-up doll. And if that wasn’t odd enough, the guy is a Captain in the US Army—and a veterinarian. And it took a K9 to find him. I so very very would love to have been a fly on the wall when the Army got the call on this one. Talk about a really bad night to have the duty.

Did you hear about the lady who was beaten and raped horribly? When on the stand, testifying against her attacker, the defense attorney badgered her so badly she said, “Get to the point, bitch.” The judge ruled the victim in contempt of court and sentenced her to three days in jail—in the cell right next to her attacker.

Now don’t go all OJ on me; you know I always close with a “doing it right” story. The news caught wind of it which embarrassed the judge so badly the victim got released a day early. Did she huddle in a ball? Nope. She went right back into the courtroom to finish testifying against the creep. Now THAT’S doing it right! You can’t stop the bad stuff from happening to you but you can keep the filth of the world from destroying you!

Remember to have a little fun from time to time, but keep it between the covers or you might end up in the police blotter- or on this blog!



Leslie Lee Sanders said...

Whoa! That's all I can say. Crazy stories. Nice post!

shadow_kohler said...

WoW! Those are some stories. I love the army one. lol Ill be a fly on the wall with ya! ;)