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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hello and welcome to Hey, We're Dating, the game in which I try to figure out who ended up with who by asking the couples a series of questions. Today we have six young college students with us who are ready to share all the details of their recent dates. Please welcome our ladies: Debbie – Miss tattooed pixie, Janelle – Miss pleasantly plump cutie, and Erica, Miss overachieving brain. And our gentlemen: Daniel – Mr. too cool for school, Todd – Mr. rebel, and Ron – Mr. jock.

Let's begin with you, Debbie. You're from Ava Delany's newest series, the Beginnings series, is that correct?

Debbie: *rolling her eyes* Seriously? We all are, you know that. Isn't this supposed to be about our dates? Because if it's not, Janelle and I are out of here.

Oh, so you know our contestant Janelle then?

Janelle: We've been best friends for a long time, even though I've never gone with her to get a tattoo. Though since I started guy, I think I might just be up to getting a piercing.

And what is it about your guy that gave you this new confidence?

Janelle: Well, for a long time I thought he was out of my league, but he quickly made it clear that I was more than his type. Even though we'd known each other for a long time in our old high school circles. It's just that he'd always been afraid of frightening me off because I was so shy.

Erica, let's hear what you have to say about your guy. What makes him so special?

Erica: He's a suave guy, but when it comes right down to it, he's chivalrous. He'd never admit it, but he'd save a cat from a tree, and he'd look sexy doing it.
So he was a knight in shining armor?

Erica: *pushing her glasses up with a small smile* For me he was.

Debbie, I'd like to get back to you. What was it that drew you to your man at first?

Debbie: Nothing. He looked like a complete goof when I first met him. It wasn't until later that he showed me how hot he could be. And how surprising. *smirking* What a night that was.

What did that surprise have to do with?

Debbie: A very intriguing game of cards, and some less than button-down revelations.

All right, Daniel, what first drew you to your girl?

Daniel: She was all wrong. A girl like her should never have been in a frat house, yet there she was, clueless and doing keg stands, *smiling and resting an elbow casually on his chair back* and having a great time at it. I knew from that moment on I'd never meet another woman like her.

Todd, what about you?

Todd: She was hot. *rubbing a hand across the points and spirals of black ink peeking from the collar of his shirt*I knew, even with her plain Happy Burger uniform and the band-aid on her nose, that she was wild. And hot damn was I right. She was the real surprise. In the end, I couldn't help myself. I had to give her everything and more.


Ron: *grinning* She was a tiger. When she finally got out of the corner, she turned into a wildcat. I always suspected there was more to her than a wallflower, and she turned out to be so much more. I couldn't be happier to have finally found the real her.

All right, I think I've made my decision. She's an inhibited girl doing keg stands, and he's a suave knight at her rescue. That's Erica and Daniel. You are the couple from A Librarian's Desire, are you not?

Erica: Yes. I love Library Science, my major in college. But when I got drunk at a frat party and revealed a bit more than I normally would have in a game of Never Have I Ever, my life of books and card catalogs weren't quite as satisfying as Daniel's attention.

Daniel: And the mousy librarian doing drunken keg stands grabbed my attention right away. What a fascinating study in contrasts*winking at her from across the stage*. I couldn't wait to discover what mysteries her drab blouse and glasses might hide. And after hearing her sexy answers during Never Have I Ever, I was more determined than ever to know her secrets before the game was done.

Sounds like an exciting date you two had. Now, let's move on to the cuddly and shy woman and the guy from her high school she thought wouldn't be interested. I believe that's Janelle and Ron. You two are the couple from A Soldier's Woman (out 09-09), correct?

Janelle:*smiling and nodding* I always felt like the chubby and awkward teen in love with the most popular guy in school. But I never thought he'd give me the time of day. When I found myself at a party with some old high school friends, I was drawn into a game of spin the bottle with him, and I found out just how wrong I was.

Ron: I admire Janelle as much for her spunk as I do for her well-endowed figure. And when the sweetly shy girl showed her wild side, I couldn't think of anything other than possessing her; *meeting Janelle's gaze* mind, body, and soul.

Which leaves our final couple; the tatted pixie with the nose ring, and the rebel who loves her. Todd and Debbie, you are the couple from A Surprising Day (out 11-04). Am I right?

Todd: *leaning forward, elbows on his knees* I thought Debbie was the sexiest woman alive, despite the hideous Happy Burger uniform she had on. The tats peeking and the band-aid that couldn't cover the ring in her nose told me she was just the girl for me. Unfortunately, she seemed to think I was a geek. *smirking and sitting back again to reveal the tats on his forearms* Dressing for an interview never did show my body off right. At least not for the ladies. It didn't matter though. I just had to convince her to take it all off with a wager or two. Then she saw who I really was.

Debbie: When this total geek came into my work and started making bets with me, I took them. Hey, he amused me. I thought he might be fun to play with, if the mood was right and he was a good sport, which he seemed to be. So I took his bet, and wow, what an evening it led to.

Well, that's it for Hey, We're Dating. We hope to see you next time.

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heather said...

Lol, cute game :)

Na said...

Cute interview! I like these kinds of interviews, it makes the characters more real and completely relatable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments. I had fun with this post and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Ava Delany