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Monday, August 1, 2011


Looks can be Deceiving!

Recently at a conference, another erotic romance author who is super nice and a lot of fun, checked out some of my promotional material. She said something like “you look all sweet and innocent but really you write the naughty hot stuff!” not a direct quote but you get the idea.

Looking at me, you’d never know I write ménage and more stories or tales of bdsm. Of course, that’s true of most erotic romance writers so it sort of surprised me to hear it. Actually, I was glad the word was getting out! Being too tame or mild in this genre isn’t good for you!!

Being misjudged is nothing new for me. One time I walked into a Spirit Shop with a friend of mine and the owner immediately pegged my friend as someone with gifts and me with having no psychic talents at all. Real psychics have been telling me I need to develop my gifts for years and I’ve had plenty of freaky predictions and incidents so I’ve got something. I’d love to work on my gift but I need a mentor not a how to manual for that stuff…

Back to the shop, I’m a skeptical person and very practical so that comes off as negative at times. But buyer beware, right?! I don’t trust salespeople--Wiccan or any other religion. I was raised Catholic (so rebellion is a given) and the shop wasn’t a total loss. I met my first Pagan Jesus freak. Weird day but I’ve got a witness. It’s all true!

Playing it safe sometimes works. For a while when I started writing erotic romances, I stuck to the standards, contemporary erotic romance and some paranormal. I couldn’t do hardcore BDSM (still can’t and won’t) and things were getting kinkier—light stuff was out. It took some time for me to dare to dabble in ménage and then adding more men became popular. I found I could write those as easily as m/f. Maybe easier but that’s what makes a fantasy fun!! It’s not about being bad or good, but being creative and yourself!! But that’s a lesson we all have to learn (sometimes more than once).

In my latest ménage (this one is m/f/m), Doubling on Denise, Denise made a mistake of misjudgment very much like that shop owner. But Denise trusted the wrong Master. The REALLY wrong Master. Some hot bodyguards saved her once but she fired them when they learned of her submissive secrets. Now the system let the bad guy out of jail so Denise needs protection and a second chance to trust the right men. Two Masters is a challenge but maybe she’s stronger than even she expects.

So whether it’s a sweet shy redhead who pens tales of group love, a sexy rich blonde who likes to please, or a kind looking grandma who wields a whip at night…you never know what people do in private. I never tried to act all sweet or innocent—it just worked well for throwing the nuns off so I could get away with more :-)


Michele said...

Out off all of your comments, the one with the grandma and a whip almost had me spewing coffee! That's quite a visual you painted for me first thing in the morning.

Great post! - :-)

bw said...

I have read many of your books and enjoyed all of them. Keep up the naughty work! *wink*

Leanne109 said...

I'm LOL right now because I to am a sweet conservative looking redhead who write menage :D I'll be self-publishing it soon :D
I am even keeping my own name becaue I cannot wait for peoples reaction to the fact that I write Hot menage :D
You go girl!!!!



Tamsyn said...

I completely agree that looks can be deceiving! I know a guy that, if you meet him out of work, you would think is just a graduate student. At work, he is a powerhouse! Never judge a book by its cover!