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Friday, August 12, 2011


Funny You Should Ask

Can sex be funny and still be sexy? I hope so. I think so. Please let it be!

If you're like me, you find humor everywhere. Nothing is more rife with embarrassing possibilities than a sexual encounter. Think about it, once sex is on the table we misread cues, misunderstand statements, and our insecurities kick in. Now we're not just wondering if we look fat in our pants, we're worried what he'll think when he sees us au naturel.

Do we really want the man of our dreams to know we snort during climax?

Add to that, the fact our blood is pooled somewhere other than our brains and you have a set of circumstances rich with...uh...with hot, steamy sex?

Sure! Why not?

It's reality isn't it?

Remember the first time with your various lovers? Perhaps it was in the back seat of his car and he came while the seat belt was poking you in the butt; or perhaps you were on the bed doing it missionary style and with his every thrust your head hit the headboard.

Still, you wanted it, and, admit it, you had fun then went back for more. What's more funny than that? To me, it's a delightful, messy paradox.

That's what I try to capture in my erotica.

I like to write characters who aren't wholly comfortable with their sexuality. It adds awkwardness and hopefully a bit of humor into the mix. By showing my heroines (and sometimes heroes) with a bit of self doubt, but enjoying themselves anyway hopefully gives readers a reason to smile and a little more confidence.

Why do I want to make people smile? It's funny you should ask...

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shadow_kohler said...

awesome post! your books sound hot! they've been added to my wishlist! thanks for sharing!