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Friday, September 2, 2011

Between the Covers: Rebecca L. Gillan

Welcome to Between The Covers, my monthly blog about erotic romance in the news! My name is Rebecca Gillan. Sometimes I come across stories that look like normal people doing normal people stuff. And sometimes I come across stories that sound like someone tried to re-enact their favorite scene from a romance novel and it didn’t go so well. Once a month, on the first Friday of the month, I share some of these juicy gems. So grab your popcorn and enjoy the ride!
Another day, another story about people behaving badly on the various social media platforms. You can’t miss the stories: everything from teenagers posting deadly pranks to teenagers trying to rally support for a looting riot. You almost expect this sort of behavior from teenagers. This makes it all the more jolting when it’s adults doing really dumb things on FB, Twitter, Flikr, Grinder, or a few dozen other social media platforms, though, and doubly so when it’s about love/dating/cyber stalking. I have tried desperately to ignore this trend but it’s getting too hard to resist.

No blog about misuse of social media would be complete without a rundown of politicians who have over-shared pictures of themselves on Twitpic of Flikr. From Anthony Weiner’s crotch shot (with a name like that, he really should have been more careful about tweeting body shots) to the snarky/silly attempt of Spirit Airlines to cash in on his gaff by offering a Weiner Fire Sale, one thing has been made perfectly clear. Politicians will keep using the same lame excuse that didn’t work for anyone else. Anthony Weiner’s case was particularly hilarious because he claimed he didn’t recognize the little wiener in the picture... only to later hire a lawyer before admitting it was his little guy in the photo. I really can’t blame the airline, though. That was just begging to be done.

The Weiner Roast also served to remind us all of another New York State politician to get confused about the lack of privacy on internet social sites, though Craigslist really isn’t that type of internet community. Except that it is, as Congressman Christopher Lee found out, to his dismay and ours. This one was not shocking and really didn’t make many ripples before Anthony Weiner brought New York political sex scandals into the lime light. The developing Craigslist scandal surrounding Rep. Phillip Hinkle of Indianna is much worse. That guy is a “staunch” anti-gay, family values oriented social conservative… who was caught offering a teen boy $80 for sex. Ew. Just ew.

With all the news coverage of politicians doing dumb things on social media, one might think that there is ample warning for the rest of us. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. For example, there has been a startling trend of jurors looking for FB hook-ups… with the defendants they were supposedly judging. Of course, the guy was only 22—just barely out of his teens. Maybe he honestly thought jury duty was a great place to meet chicks. I think blogger Michael Cohen said it best when he said “The art of dating involves courtship and that doesn't mean instant access to our lives, which is what Face Book provides.”

I don’t know about you, but I am very ready for the feel-good part of this blog. This month, I have not one story about “doing it right,” I have found you a whole website full of them! Wonderful, soul-warming tales of lost lonely people finding that one person they loved when they were young and lost because of the pull of life. Dozens of awesome stories of Face Book helping them to reconnect and rekindle the spark. I linked directly to my favorite of the series, a story of young love ripped apart by parents who thought their daughter was too young for romantic love only to find each other years later and fall right back into love!

That’s about it for this month. Have a great rest-of-the-month and for those of you in the US, have a safe and fun Labor Day! And remember to keep your head in the game while having fun. Keep it between the covers or you might end up in the police blotter- or on this blog!


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