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Monday, September 5, 2011


Sex Scenes that Sizzle

by Cecilia Tan

For me, no love story is complete without the physical, as well as emotional, connection between the characters. How they get along in bed is as important to me as how they get along in the kitchen, or while fighting evil, or whatever circumstances have brought my two lovers together. I also find it isn't always believable for me to have my characters hold off having sex until the climax of the book. (No pun intended! Well, OK, perhaps it was partly intended...)

So sometimes my characters do have sex on the first date, or at least in the first act. The question becomes, though, where do you go from there? I love books that use unresolved sexual tension as a motivating factor, but it isn't always what I'm going for when I write. To create a satisfying progression for both the readers and the relationship that starts with sex early in the book, I often have to come up with ways to make each successive bout of love-making hotter or more significant than the previous one.

In the Magic University books, I accomplish this by making sex a part of the magical world and the magical power that some characters use. Maintaining their virginity, for some characters, is not a moral choice, but a magical one, as there are some spells that can only be performed by a virgin. At the other end of the spectrum, some spells require a threesome or a moresome. I am able to make sex a part of the plot in ways other than merely being a demonstration of the growing intimacy between the characters.

The university years are times of experimentation for many people, and my characters in Magic University are no exception. My hero tries out various kinds of partners and various styles of erotic expression while he searches for himself, and searches for true love. In my universe, love is magic, magic is love, and there cannot be true love without an intense physical connection. Ultimately, though, it is the deep emotional connections that Kyle forges that make the sex scenes the hottest of all. The growing love between him and his partner in each book is the most important aspect of that progression from shy, first-time sex to the climax of the plot.

Cecilia Tan is the author of The Siren and the Sword, Mind Games, The Hot Streak, and other erotic romances from Ravenous Romance. She is also the editor and founder of Circlet Press.

Spellbinding: Tales from the Magic University
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