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Friday, September 9, 2011


In Defense of The Villain

Writing paranormal erotic romance means getting to do some very creative things with plot and story line. Vampires can fly, and of course, they can hypnotize and mesmerize, among other delicious things. Shifters can become any number of creatures, which is always fun. And in my new book, Stolen Destiny, I created a race of people called Aeveren who live many lives through reincarnation, have destined ones they are drawn to across distance and time, and possess powers above what humans have. But even more fun is creating villains in the paranormal genre.

Villains are always so enjoyable for me. Mine are usually mad, bad, and dangerous to know, in addition to being incredibly sexy. I like that in a bad man. They’re also intelligent, which is the hallmark of a good villain. There’s nothing worse than reading a story and the bad guy is a bumbling fool. It takes all the fun out of hating him, which is what villains are all about, at least on the surface.

But beyond hating them, a well-written villain can make the reader cheer for him, even as he does the most awful things. You see, the bad guy doesn’t have to be all bad. No, I’m not talking about giving him a heart of gold, although that might work. Instead, I mean the bad guy can be the character who challenges the hero to be all that much better. Because the best characters are neither all good nor all bad, a terrific villain can give a romance a wonderful twist, especially if he begins to compete for the heroine’s affections.

For me, the villain is often where the most fun is. Whereas the hero has to be honorable, at least to some extent, the bad guy can say and do things that are beyond the scope of what’s acceptable, and that’s where some of the best conflict can come in.

One of my favorite villains in my books is Amon Kalins. One of the most powerful of his race, he’s able to travel through time, manipulate it, teleport, and when he’s in control of his emotions, he can even affect what others think. Oh, and he’s six-and-a-half feet tall with blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Powerful and stunning. What a combination! Here’s a little taste of him, along with the hero and heroine of Stolen Destiny, Varek and Callia.

Callia began to speak, but Varek stopped her with a shake of his head. He quickly scanned the room but saw no one else. But he sensed they weren’t alone.
Leaning in to him, she whispered, “Where is he?”

Before he could answer, they heard the doorknob turn, and they turned to find themselves face to face with the Aeveren tempuster. Amon Kalins stood facing them in the doorway. Taller than Varek by mere inches but leaner, he seemed bigger than life. His long, pale blond hair, his most noticeable feature, hung to the middle of his chest. Running a very close second were his eyes, which were a color close to ocean blue. They sparkled with very fine yellow flecks, and the entire effect was almost magical. Dressed in all black and wearing a long black coat, Amon Kalins looked like a sorcerer.

Fucking wizards, Varek thought to himself.

The three of them stood silently, Varek and Callia taking in the sight of one of the most powerful members of their people and Amon sizing up the visitors to his home.

“Callia, Gethen tells me you are related to Elan. How is she?” His voice was husky and low. As he spoke, he slid out of his coat.

“She’s fine.” Callia felt like she should say something else but was uncomfortable. His deep blue eyes stared into hers like he was searching for something in her through them.

“And this is...” Amon’s voiced trailed off as he turned his head to look at Varek. A sinister smile drew the corners of his well-formed mouth up slightly, and he said in a mocking voice far different than the one he’d used with Callia, “...your brother?”

Varek hoped one of Amon’s powers was telepathy and intentionally spelled out in his mind exactly what he thought the tempuster should do to himself. Callia saw his body tense and diplomatically answered the question while she attempted to avoid eye contact with Amon.

“No, Varek is my destined one,” she said in a voice full of pride as she smiled at Varek.

Amon walked between them and, in a deep, hollow voice, said, “Ah, young love.” He sat in a dark leather chair and extended his arms out to indicate they could seat themselves in the two chairs facing him. Behind him hung full-size portraits of fierce-looking warriors.

Varek kept his eyes on Amon, jealously watching him stare at Callia like she was something he wanted to taste. He sat in the chair closer to the tempuster and silently hoped this meeting and their entire acquaintance with Amon Kalins would be brief.

Callia struggled to avoid Amon’s gaze and looked instead over his head at the warriors’ portraits. She felt his eyes on her and knew without even looking at Varek that he was watching the other man.

Amon thought to himself how easy it would be to dispose of the beautiful female’s destined one and considered doing so but decided not to until he’d heard the reason for their visit. Then he’d seriously consider how to rid her of Varek, whom he knew already didn’t like him.

“You didn’t come to see me to admire my ancestors’ portraits, carina, so what can I do for you?” He knew without even moving his eyes from Callia that Varek disliked the pet name he’d chosen for her. Carina. Little one. He did enjoy when visitors came.

Callia recognized Varek should explain their situation but believed Amon’s preference for her required her to answer. As she prepared to speak, she offered Varek her hand and held his tightly, hoping to remind him of how much she loved him.
“We need your help. We have to find who is murdering Aeveren in New Hope. We need you to use your...abilities to help us capture him.”

As Callia spoke, she felt like Amon’s eyes were enveloping her. They were almost hypnotizing, and she began to fear that they were connected to some unknown power he possessed.

He answered in a voice like a deep purr, “We?”

This time Varek spoke, his voice the one he’d used in Nil. “Yes. We.”

Amon pulled his gaze from Callia and turned toward Varek. Callia watched as his deep blue eyes became almost blue-black.

“And I would do this, why?” The purr in his voice changed to a growl.

Gabrielle Bisset is a college history professor by day, but by nights and weekends (and summers!), she’s an author of erotic romances. Stolen Destiny, her first novel, is out now from Siren Publishing. To buy the book, visit

In addition, check out her novella, Vampire Dreams, out now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords for another wonderful villain.

To find out more about her writing, visit her blog at and her website at And friend her on Facebook at and Twitter at!/gabriellebisset

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