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Friday, September 23, 2011

Guest Blog: Paisley Smith

Fresh Blood

When Delilah Devlin first opened submissions for Girls Who Bite, she encouraged contributors to investigate vampire myths from around the world, looking for something fresh to add to the pantheon of vampire romance. She wanted the stories to be varied and unexpected. Fresh blood, so to speak.

Vampire romance has made a resurgence. Why are these fantastical creatures so alluring? A few of the contributors know.

How did you get interested in paranormal romance?

“I enjoy reading paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi. Short stories give me an opportunity to play with other genres.” ~ Karis Walsh

“I enjoy love, love, love paranormal romances. Different worlds, strange creatures ,make it fun and familiar emotions make it real.” ~ Myla Jackson

“I thought I was a stranger to paranormal beings, until I realized that the stories I grew up on were full of them—dangerous lights over woodland ponds; la llorona, the weeping woman; las brujas who could become birds at night.” ~ Anna Meadows

“I love paranormal anything! And romance is the cherry on top.” ~ Victoria Oldham

“I got into horror movies at a very early age. Werewolves, vampires witches and ghosts all had a huge appeal for me. It wasn't until I was much older that I discovered romance and learned that these elements were combined. I fell in love!” ~ Christine d’Abo

“I've always loved vampires and werewolves and things of that nature. So love of these things was the impetus for me to try my hand at paranormal romance.” ~ Regina Jamison

“All things magical fascinate me and have since I first saw The Wizard of Oz.” ~ Paisley Smith

“I grew up in a household of avid science fiction and fantasy readers. We read books as a family most nights after dinner. I was one of those kids who read under the covers with a flashlight when I was supposed to be asleep. When I started writing fiction as an adult, I naturally gravitated to paranormal stories.” – Adele Dubois

“I've always been interested in ghosts and vampires, remnants of the past. Other paranormal forms don't interest me at all, but my love of history makes me fascinated by beings who bring the past into the present. And vampires are sexy, so the romance part just comes naturally. There's not many vampire stories that don't contain some element of romance, or sexual transgression, even going back to the old Gothic novels of the nineteenth century, which I have studied in depth.” ~ Rebecca S. Buck

Do you only write lesbian fiction? If not, what else do you write?

“I write – and love to read – lesbian romance novels.” ~ Karis Walsh

The Gift of Lilith is my first lesbian story. I've written other books and novellas including girl-on-girl action, but this is my first totally lesbian and will not be my last! It was fun and I can totally get the attraction. And love is love no matter your gender or persuasion. ~ Myla Jackson

“Just about everything I write is about women in love. Those women are often, though not always, in love with other women. Female passion most captures and holds my attention as a writer.” ~ Anna Meadows

“I write primarily lesbian fiction, because I like to identify with my characters, and I find lesbian romance/ erotica incredibly hot.” ~ Victoria Oldham

“I tend to split my time fairly evenly between writing m/f and m/m. I've only recently started writing f/f and am loving it.” ~ Christine d’Abo

“I write lesbian fiction, poetry, children's stories, and regular fiction. I like to try my hand at various aspects of writing.” ~ Regina Jamison

“I write lesbian and bi-sexual erotic romance in a variety of genres from historical to contemporary to paranormal.” ~ Paisley Smith

The Crystal Altar is my first lesbian tale, though I've written girl on girl sex scenes in some of my mainstream erotic romance novels. I'm straight, and have been married and monogamous for twenty-five years. The Crystal Altar was a fun foray into writing something different and new. I think women are very sexy and I'm confident enough in my own sexuality to experiment with my characters. I hope straight women will also enjoy reading the stories in Girls Who Bite. Our heroines interact with vampires! What could be more exotic or exciting?” ~ Adele Dubois

“My published novels Truths and Ghosts of Winter (published by Bold Strokes Books) are both lesbian fiction, as is my forthcoming (in 2012) The Locket and the Flintlock. Since I'm gay myself, it comes naturally to write lesbian characters. I tend to think of my writing as not so much "lesbian fiction", as general/literary/historical fiction with lesbian characters in it. However, I have a wide range of interests, both in fiction and non-fiction, and I don't like to be put in a box, so I can see myself branching out!” ~ Rebecca S. Buck

Do you have anything else readers of Girls Who Bite might like to read?

“My first lesbian romance, Harmony, was recently released by Bold Strokes Books. Worth the Risk will be published in January, 2012.” ~ Karis Walsh

“I have great chemistry going on between two female characters in my book Duty Bound at Samhain Publishing. It's sexy and very tender. ~ Myla Jackson

“For more woman-on-woman, try my stories in the last two editions of Best Lesbian Romance (Cleis Press, 2010 and 2011), as well as the next edition, out in January 2012. For women in love with men, I have stories coming out this fall in the anthologies Red Velvet and Absinthe: Paranormal Erotic Romance and Steamlust: Steampunk Erotic Romance (both Cleis Press). My fellow GWB contributors also have an incredible range of work out there—just about anything a girl could want on her nightstand!” ~ Anna Meadows

“This is my fifth lesbian erotic story, including Women in Uniform. I have another paranormal coming out in the spring (a succubus romance). I'm a full time lesbian fiction editor, so I get to spend all my time in lesbian fantasy land.” ~ Victoria Oldham

“I've recently send out a new f/f story for submission and I have a m/f/f story in the works. I hope they will both be out in 2012.” ~ Christine d’Abo

“If they're looking for more erotica they can read my story in Zane's Purple Panties entitled - Mom's Night Out. I have another lesbian erotica story that I'm waiting to hear about in terms of publication.” ~ Regina Jamison

“Writing Girls Who Bite inspired Delilah Devlin and me to pen a series of erotic, lesbian paranormals. Our series, Femme Noir, features sexy, kinky heroines and real-life vampire, Elizabeth Bathory. The first in the series, Bitten in the Big Easy, will be a September 2011, Ellora’s Cave release.” ~ Paisley Smith

“I have a backlist of titles with heterosexual heroes and heroines. However, the heroine in my newest release REV ME TWICE is bi-sexual. Though she is in love with the story hero, she likes to mix things up with the occasional F/F/M ménage and parties involving multiple partners. REV ME TWICE is my most experimental novella to date. Crystal, the REV ME TWICE heroine, knows what she wants and likes and isn't afraid to indulge her fantasies. I admire her for that. Readers and reviewers say they love this story because it's not afraid to be different. My booklist appears on my website at” ~ Adele Dubois

“My novels, Truths and Ghosts of Winter (from Bold Strokes Books), both contain lesbian romance and historical fiction, interwoven with modern stories. My lesbian short stories (not paranormal) have appeared in Breathless: Tales of Celebration (Bold Strokes Books, 2010) and Best Lesbian Romance 2011 (Cleis Press, 2011). If anyone wants to find out more about me, I blog regularly:” ~ Rebecca S. Buck

Who is your favorite literary or movie vampire?

“My favorite paranormal books are the four in the Night Watch series by Sergei Lukyanenko. Brilliant books, set in modern-day Moscow.” ~ Karis Walsh

Actually, I loved my vampire in Sex, Lies and Vampire Hunters, a book I wrote for Ellora's Cave Publishing. She's funny, sexy and new at it. ~ Myla Jackson

“Most of the ones I know are traditional stories with roots in Mesoamerican mythology, but I’m having a great time learning about vampire legends from around the world!” ~ Anna Meadows

“Though I hate to admit it, I'm a huge devotee of the Twilight saga. I think the romance aspects are utterly true to the genre, and Edward is femme enough I can picture him as a butch! And of course, I love Winter Pennington's vampires, who ooze sensuality.” ~ Victoria Oldham

“I loved Gary Oldman as Dracula, but I was also a big fan of Ben Cross as Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows.” ~ Christine d’Abo

“My favorite movie vampire is Gary Oldman in Dracula. I LOVE that movie! I've seen it so many times! My favorite vampire story is by Octavia Butler - Fledgling. Fantastic read.” ~ Regina Jamison

“The variety of vampires on the HBO True Blood series and in the Charlaine Harris books is great! I mean Elvis as a vampire? Ha! Anne Rice’s characters also shocked me when they first appeared on the scene. I loved how androgynous they were.” ~ Paisley Smith

“I've had a major crush on Brad Pitt for twenty years. What can I say? I'm the loyal type. His character Louis de Pointe du Lac in Interview with a Vampire will always be my favorite movie vamp, simply because Brad played the part.” ~ Adele Dubois

“Lestat from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles--as he is in the movie, Interview with the Vampire, but especially in the second novel, The Vampire Lestat. I'm also a massive fan of Carmilla, in J. Sheridan LeFanu's Victorian short story of the same name, one of the first lesbian vampires!” ~ Rebecca S. Buck
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About Girls Who Bite

GIRLS WHO BITE: Lesbian Vampire Erotica edited by Delilah Devlin Cleis PressISBN-10: 1573447153ISBN-13: 978-1573447157Format: Trade Paperback On Sale: September 13, 2011

For bad girls looking for love . . . fangs are more than an accessory.
These are no Twilight tales — the stories in Girls Who Bite are varied, unexpected, and soul-scorching. Best-selling romance writer Delilah Devlin and her contributors investigate vampire myths from around the world, and add fresh girl-on-girl blood to the pantheon of the paranormal.

Take a walk on the wild side with some of the hottest erotic romance authors out there. In “La Caida,” a Mexican “salt-eater” saves a fallen angel and redeems her own soul. In “Bloody Wicked,” a powerful witch’s spell to lure a lover turns her into a vampire’s love slave. Through a “Pet Door,” a shapeshifting vampire meets the dominatrix of her dreams. South African “Impundulu” sweeps you back to a vampire’s primeval beginnings. With a list of contributors that include Adele Dubois, Christine d’Abo, Paisley Smith, Myla Jackson, Shayla Kersten, and Vivi Anna, Devlin delivers a dark and sexy read you can sink your teeth into!

So, sit astride the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, sail with modern-day pirates, watch a meteor fall to earth, and taste the powdery wings of a Monarch butterfly. Not things you’d expect in a vampire tale? Then sip O-positive from a femoral artery while tugging at the silky strands of your lover’s hair. Eternally delicious.
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