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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Autumn Inspiration...

I'm back as promised and I'll give you a sneak peek into my upcoming BDSM Romance The Lonely Dominant in just a few...

Don't forget to check out my earlier post from today. If you comment on that post you'll be entered into a drawing to win my current BDSM Romance Be My Everything!

Autumn has always been such an inspiring time for me. Not only in my everyday life, but in my journey as a writer as well. There's something about the vibrant colors of the leaves, the chilly fall air and the smell of a wood burning fireplace that triggers my imagination. Last year at this time, I finally decided it was time to get myself in gear and become serious about my writing. I penned three stories in those Fall months and all of them have been contracted. Two of them are currently published and one is set for a November release.

Here I am in the month of October again, and I've just completed my fifth novel. It has to be the pumpkins and the caramel apples that get my creative juices flowing. I'm the most productive during the months of September, October and November, so I just go with it.

Successful businessman Alec Carter realizes his life is less than fulfilled when he meets beautiful Princeton University senior Clara Whittaker at a local coffee shop. Alec experiments in the BDSM lifestyle but doesn't consider himself hardcore until he crosses paths with the obviously submissive Clara. The more time Alec spends with young Clara, the more his dominant tendencies push to the surface. She could be what has been missing.
After her grandmother's death, Clara ends up a guest in Alec's home until she can finish school. She quickly learns she's a natural submissive and decides she wants to explore this new side of herself with the man of house. Alec shows her a life she never knew existed as they enter into a world of role playing, fantasy, and desire. Alec may be the Master, but Clara holds the key to his heart. 
As the semester comes to an end, so does their arrangement. If Alec doesn't admit his true feelings for Clara, she could walk out of his life forever. But, Alec isn’t sure which she craves more . . . his dominance . . . or his love. 
The Lonely Dominant is scheduled for a November 14, 2011 release with Noble Romance Publishing. You can follow me on my blog for release details and giveaways.

I'll be back soon to talk about my upcoming m/m release Embracing the Unexpected soon.

Happy Halloween!


Na said...

I do find Autumn inspiring as I do with all change of seasons. It feels rejuvenating and a great time to tackle new challenges. I'm glad you found the opportunity to reall take writing seriously. It looks like it has paid off :)

ella jade said...

Thanks Na. I'm having the time of my life. I've finally figured out what's been missing all of these years. I'm happy to have found a place to house my creativity!