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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Be a Multi Faceted Writer

Be a Multi-Faceted Writer
Michael Mandrake

Thank you Whipped Cream readers for still listening! *grins* I’d like to talk about being multi faceted as an author. 

Now, those that know me are aware I write gay erotica primarily but I’ve also delved into hetero as well. I think it’s important for authors to have a variety to what they write so their readers stay interested and even though the M/M has been my primary focus, I do intend to publish my m/f series, African Sun. I would say the M/M is my preference because I enjoy creating stories about manlove and romance but I realize that the backbone of erotica is still the vanilla and until that changes, I feel there’s a need to have at least a few in your repertoire.

Let me also say, this is only an opinion. I don’t claim to be an expert but me as a reader would like to see my favorite writers try something new. If you’re an M/M author and like sticking to it, then try writing a historical instead of a contemporary or dip into paranormals.

With my story, “Longing for a Normal State of Vertigo,” which appears in the gay sci-fi anthology, Riding the Rocket from Sizzler, I wrote a tale of a young doctor in the early 1900’s who’s looking for something new in his love life. I’ve also done a story called, “Jude’s Gift for Valentine’s Day,” for the XOXO Valentine’s Holiday, Love Tells All collection. It’s a vampire story about a man who’s decided to give his 300 year old immortal lover a special gift for Valentine’s Day.

Of course, doing new genres or subgenres comes more research but that’s part of the fun. For my upcoming hetero novel series, African Sun, I did a lot of research on the continent of Africa. I found out many interesting facts about the country of Tanzania where the story is set as well as tribes and healthcare organizations that have served in the rural regions. It was fascinating what I’d read and as I continue doing the series there will be more. All this because I love to give my readers a different look from me. The worst thing I want to be is predictable.

I’d like to thank you for giving me a listen. Readers, I would like to know if you agree. Would you like to see some of your favorite writers try something new?

Thanks for your time

A Second Chance by Michael Mandrake
Michael Mandrake -
It’s Raining Men Blog -

 Coming just in time for Halloween!

Blurb: No such thing as vampires!

William Chatterley is an up and coming author looking for a partner after many dead end dates. Finally, he believes he’s found a suitable mate in Andrew and they see one another.

The vampire Jude is weak from being without love in his life. When he sees the author, he desires him right away but his companion is a stumbling block.

How will he get passed it and when he does, will the mortal want to be his partner? What will he choose? Will Jude convince him to become his eternal lover?

PG Excerpt

“Yes, yes, come to me my child!” Jude lay his head against a dead tree. He sensed two virile young men he might like to enjoy for a double entree. Since he couldn’t have love why not fill up his belly with young blood for nourishment. He waved his long fingers and opened his eyes, gazing around the open field till he caught sight of the two he’d seen in his mind’s eye.
As always the faces were skewed when he looked deep within to see his prey but now that they’d come into view, he noticed one he didn’t want to destroy.
“Wha…I…” At a loss of words was Jude, gawking at the handsome man running away from another. “My, I’ve never seen in all my years a more gorgeous sight.” That moment the old immortal felt his muscles strengthen and his face tightening. A new feeling of love and inspiration came over him.
A mortal, so lovely and beautiful, the desire to live started to return.

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Na said...

I like when authors try something new and challenge themselves. I have a few authors who I really enjoy but after awhile it becomes familiar and I wouldn't mind being taken out of my comfort zone.

Rawiya said...


Thank you for the comment

I'd also like to see some of my faves try something new!


Anonymous said...

I believe that learning something new makes your writing fresh and more interesting. Change is good.

Rawiya said...


I totally agree. Thanks for stopping in