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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bedknobs or Broomsticks?

This is my last post on Whipped Cream for the day (I'm also over at the Party Pavilion) – and I’ve really enjoyed myself, hope you all have too.

Now because it is the glorious, spooky, magical time, I was thinking carefully about what kind of magic I would choose. And without a doubt, it would always be the ability to fly. Fly, fly, fly!

I still remember the bitter disappointment of jumping out of a tree, arms out, flapping madly, only to land on the grass, hard. One day it will happen – they promised us jet packs.

So I was thinking about the powers that the ghost in my story, Mia’s Books has. It can inhabit the pages of books and change the words to communicate with, Mia, my leading lady, seducing her and becoming her ghost lover. Instead of using its supernatural powers to hide and haunt, it tries its best to be seen and make its presence felt to Mia.

I really felt for the ghost character while I was writing. It was a new experience to try to get inside the mind of an entity who has no body, no way to touch or communicate. It was almost like I had to invent a super power for the ghost to give it those abilities.

What powers would you have? And what were you expecting to have been invented by the time you grew up – hover boards, personal robots? 

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elaing8 said...

A power I'd like to be able to teleport or heal.
As for what I thought would be invented by the time I grew up..I have no clue,I can't remember.

I'm looking forward to reading Mia's Books.

Na said...

I really enjoyed your posts. I would like to be able to ly on a broom too but alas not meant to be. I'm okay with magic in books and I like that yours is a little different.

Tabitha Rayne said...

Thank you for your fab comments today, I've had a great first time! x

Jean P said...

Have enjoyed all your posts. I have always thought the ability to transport yourself from one spot to another would be great. No dealing with crowded transportation systems.

Debby said...

Great posts today. I ay let Mia handle both
debby236 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I'd like to be able to conjure any character in a book for a few hours at a time!