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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Born Into Fire by Tarah Scott & KyAnn Waters--erotic paranormal/fantasy

We're without power here in our little New York town, so my daughter and I are down at Penera having coffee and staying warm. Who would have thought December weather would come before Halloween? Yowsa!

I'm starting today with a short excerpt from Born Into Fire, a very erotic paranormal. Heh heh. But this PG13 excerpt is of our hero and heroine's first kiss. Soft, tender, and filled with a meaning neither of them expected.


She positioned herself beside him. Slowly, her head lifted, and their gazes met. Breath mingled. She turned and stepped in front of him.

“Kenna,” he said in a hoarse whisper.

She lifted on tiptoes and brushed her lips against his. Heat streaked through him. If he didn’t end this torment, he’d end up claiming her here and now. He grasped her shoulders with the intention of easing away from the kiss, but her lips were soft, and her mouth opened for him. Her unique feminine taste sent him over the edge, and he thrust his tongue inside.

Kenna moaned, and Erion was lost. He threaded his fingers under her hair and gently grasped her nape. Her fingers curled around his forearm as she leaned in, and he deepened the kiss. The flesh beneath his fingertips heated. But the fire he fought was the blazing need coursing through his body and channeling into his groin. His cock swelled, lengthening and hardening.

Her grip on his arm tightened, and she nibbled his lower lip before finally breaking the kiss. For a split second, he felt his resistance crumble.


Aspiring artist Kenna Lang can’t believe her luck in meeting the gorgeous Eric Grey.

Their affair turns hotter than even her glass furnaces. Drawn together in an erotic joining, they become more than human. She’s fire, and he’s air. And together, their power is unimaginable.

Loose Id

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Born Into Fire was written by myself and the fabulously talented KyAnn Waters. I'm giving away a copy of Born Into Fire to one commenter. Be sure to leave your email addy in your post so I can contact you.


elaing8 said...

I hope you get your power back soon.
Born Into Fire sounds steamy :)


Debby said...

Hope you get your power back soon. I am one of the few with power here is CT. Born into Fire sounds like a really great novel.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Eliza March [Elizabeth Marchat] said...

Mmm, sounds hot! Can't wait to read it.

Na said...

All of your books looks good Tarah! This one and your Knight one. I hope you get power back soon :)