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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Champion for Gay Culture

Awesome! You’re still with me! Hope I’ve been very entertaining for you today here at Whipped Cream. I always try to leave something on the mind of my readers whether it’s in my books or in a blog post and today,  I might ruffle a few feathers.

Many of you know who the lady to the left. Yes, it’s her, Lady Gaga.

I won’t spend time going through her bio or giving you facts about the woman because so many have forced her down our throats already. Yes, we all know tunes by her, have sang a couple myself and seeing the videos as well as anything on TV we can compare her to another woman who did much of what she has done but about a decade and a half ago.

Yep, that would be the material girl, Madonna. She paved the way for Lady Gaga to be who she is today. She’d done all the crazy costumes, the antics, dressed provocatively when Lady Gaga was still in diapers. She also did a little of what Gaga is doing which is being a spokesperson for LGBT.

Mostly through her music, since I don’t recall Madonna meeting government officials or Presidents, but she did do some things for AIDS research and such since she became famous in the height of the AIDS era.

However, my article is not to speak about what they did musically or for the community, it is to state my opinion at how I believe the LGBT community needs another face.

Unbelievable! Every time we speak about championing for gay rights or causes Lady Gaga is at the forefront. I’m not bashing her, I just saying it’s time for a better face. I applaud everything she’s doing, all the money she’s donating, speaking out against homophobia, but really, when we talk about the cause and how there needs to be changes, can we make someone else our champion.

I have a few suggestions.

Yes, this is one of my favorite men in the world. I realize he doesn’t really talk about his sexuality and prefers to leave it on the backburner but he’s so articulate, smart, and very handsome but that’s not the reason why. He should speak for the gay community.

Yes, he’s just as flamboyant as Gaga but I’d much rather see Adam Lambert a lot more than her. Openly gay singer who has pretty much made it through mainstream music hopefully without too much trouble.

Ricky Martin just let us know he was gay but wow, what a better person to speak about being homosexual and coming to grips with it after denying it for years.

These are only a few examples as there are many more but I just want to see someone else to pave the way. I know all of what she’s done has been amazing but as with a lot of pop stars, they get forced down our throats and we get tired of seeing or hearing about them.

Lady Gaga fans, it’s okay to like her, you don’t have to listen to me, the muse, Michael M, but I’d like the media to stop making her the unofficial spokeswoman. Someone else get involved so I won’t be forced fed anymore.

Officially Gaga’d out…

Maybe if Adrian were a real person, he could be the spokesperson? Leave your thoughts and you could win the antho below!

Video Trailer


Adrian Vanderguard is the hottest singer in the music business right now and is currently on tour supporting his third album. Now that the long journey is coming to a close, he is visiting his home away from home in New York City to play a string of six exclusive shows at New York’s famous Falcon Theatre in front of sellout crowds that include top celebrities.
 Adrian is also a loner who is in need of companionship. While on this lengthy trip, he has made up in his mind that he would like to be dating by Valentine’s Day of the following year, and he will stop at nothing to accomplish this.
 Matthew Gionapolis is the Falcon’s environmental engineer. A young, healthy, twenty- something, that takes his work very seriously. Matthew is one person who likes everything to be in place, and really is not into having much contact with people unless he has to.
 Not knowing this, Adrian decides that he would like to get Matthew to be his assistant despite the fact that the young gentleman was rather rude to him when he tried to introduce himself. Undeterred, Adrian even goes as far to point out the fact that Matthew must do as his managers say or else it could mean his job. This upsets Matthew but because he would like to be employed, he goes along with Adrian’s ploy, and while all this is going on, he develops a soft spot for the kind hearted, gorgeous crooner that may change his mind about wanting to be alone for the duration of his existence. 

“Excuse me, young man,” Adrian tapped Matthew on the shoulder.
Matthew shrugged and walked away.
Laura and Diana watched in horror at what Matthew might do while Bret observed with discontent.
“Matthew, my good man, listen, I…wanted to draft you as my assistant. Since your bosses didn’t see the email, I’m a little…desperate. This will turn out good after all since I really like what I’m seeing.” Adrian turned on the charm immediately.
Matthew however, was not moved.  “So, why can’t you get someone else? I’m not assistant material, you know. I’m sure there are, many a gay boy that would love to get your towels for you and tease your hair.” He rolled his eyes.
“Yeah but, none of them are holding my attention like you are, mate.” Adrian grinned, his brown eyes once more connected with Matthew’s emeralds.
“Yeah, well here’s a newsflash for your Mr. Vanderguard. You can take your affections elsewhere, I ain’t interested.” Matthew frowned and went back to working.
Matthew strolled to the next patch of carpet while shaking his head. He knelt down to trim more fibers.
Adrian licked his lips and stared at the janitor.
Laura, Diana, and Bret continued to look on.
Again, Adrian folded his arms. Although he should have been taken aback by Matthew’s reaction, he was determined to have his way. “Well, Matthew, even if you aren’t, it is a requirement of your job to do whatever asked and since I have told your boss that I want you as an assistant because she fucked this up, you have to do what she tells you to…” Adrian moved his hands onto his sides while tapping his foot.
Matthew stopped clipping loose hairs. “Seriously?” He looked at Laura and Diana who just nodded their heads.

“Shit…” Matthew mumbled under his breath, nodding. “Fine, whatever, I need the job, but I am telling you now I don’t like this.


Na said...

Thank you for the excerpt. Matthew can hold his own. He's not afraid to offen and is pretty nonchalant. It also shows a lot of personality.

Rawiya said...

Youre welcome!

Thanks for being in touch with me all day. :D

elaing8 said...

I'm Gaga’d out too. She's everywhere. I think Anderson is a good choice.

Hot cover.Great excerpt.

Rawiya said...

Thanks Elaine

I know I am, so is the muse. *giggle*

Thanks for stopping in!


Erin O'Riordan said...

I'm a proud Little Monster, but your other choices are also some of my favorite people in the world.

Rawiya said...

Thanks for stopping in Erin.


Johnny Miles said...

Very good candidates there for people who have done much to help the gay movement forward. Great excerpt, too!

Rawiya said...

TY Johnny!