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Saturday, October 29, 2011

DADT Repealed, Now What?

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I wanted to look back at what happened on September 20th for a moment. On IRM, we had SA Moore on who is a soldier, fighting in Afghanistan and I thought it very appropriate to look back.

However, I had my own thoughts about the repeal as well. What happens now? Will the armed forces all of a sudden become more gay friendly?

In truth, I believe everyone knows that won't happen. Yes, it means gays and lesbians won't have to worry about being discharged if someone finds out but I believe all gays and lesbians in the armed forces will still want to proceed with caution.

Some great things happened that day though that at least give us some hope.

At around midnight, a gay couple, one who was an officer tight the knot the day of the repeal. 

The Navy Officer and his partner of 11 years recited vows after midnight. Surely this was a fabulous event. The officer mentions that he thought his fellow comrades must have known about it. Still, his partner won't receive any benefits, but at least this is a step in the right direction.

Another story. A service member telling his dad he's gay by phone.

The 10 minute video is taped by a friend, I assume but to hear the apprehension before the call is the story as well as the dad's reaction. Why can't more parents be like this with their gay and lesbian children? "I love you anyway." Is what the father said. No doubt, fearing war and serving under these conditions is hard enough. What a relief for this young man now. His parents know and he can serve without the threat of DADT. 

There is hope but is the work truly done? No. There are still a few issues. People still have their own ideas that must be squashed. Most in general say they don't care about their fellow service member’s orientation as long as it doesn't interfere with their jobs.

Will the taunting stop? Most likely not. This article claims business as usual. but it also cites a survey saying 80 percent of outed gay troops, only 40 will discuss it while others say they won't avoid it. 

Surely, some are not ready for the reactions. They most likely don't want it to detract from their jobs. Again, it shouldn't matter but until attitudes change, there'll always be issues.

Kudos to the government for making that first step. There is still much to be done but this is a start!

Ironically, fellow muse BLMorticia has a book coming out that’s based on the DADT policy called You Don’t Ask We Don’t Tell. She has a mock cover up for it and if you scoot on over to Goddess Fish, you will see a post about it.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the first one in a feed on fb. Yes, DADT is only a start. Good info, thank-you.

Na said...

I heard about this and yes, to echoe, kudos to the US government for going in the right direction. It has to start somewhere and there's never been a good tume as the present.

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Thanks for being so attentive today.