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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The evolution of a dream. Or how plot bunnies are born.

Have you ever had a vivid dream that just wouldn’t leave you alone?  Just over a year ago, I had one so vivid, so compelling it shoved aside the book I was working on.  That’s not unheard of, I get these kinds of dreams often.  While not a first, I rarely ever switch genders for an entire dream.  And yet there it was.  A vivid action sequence staring the character that would become Daniel, snark, attitude and all right there from the very beginning. 

This dream so engaged me I had to set aside the book I was working on.  A whole new world arose in my mind with characters that insisted on being who and what they are.  Daniel, a true genius with a foul mouth and snarky attitude.  Mace, a wolf human hybrid who just refused to act like the tough guy biker I wanted.   And then there’s the fact I’m writing about two guys.  I’d read a fair bit of M/M but never had the urge to write any.  Until these two came along.   Now, I find I enjoy that dynamic so much the next few books I’ve planned are also M/M.

What about that dream ensnared me?  First I think it was Daniel’s determination in the face of certain death or at best, enslavement.  He’s no one’s submissive.  The meeting of two alphas in a romantic relationship fascinates me.  Second, as the wolfmen began to take shape in my mind and the world they lived in grew, I got caught up in all the what if’s, how would that work and how would everyday people cope.  What would it be like to survive the end of a civilization?  Where does the end begin?  How long does it take and when does a new society take over?  These kinds of questions keep me up at night.

So, here is the final version of the dream that started it all.  A suitable excerpt for Halloween I think.

Excerpt from Wolfman: Apocalypse
    Halfway to the truck, Fang came up from behind me. Spike flanked me on the other side. Fuck, I hadn’t thought they’d be going.
   “I bet you can’t wait to snuggle up between me an’ Spike, Brainboy.” His lips twisted in a sick grin. He laughed and kicked one damn crutch out from under me. Spike snickered as I struggled to regain my balance. Then that fucker kicked the other one and I went down.
I braced for the kicks sure to follow. I heard the door slam and scuffed black biker boots stepped past me.
   “I hope you can keep on your feet better out there, Brainiac. I’d hate for one of us to have to carry you.” Mace’s deep voice rumbled straight to my cock, like always. His words flayed my already tender ego. Fucking son of bitch, did he really think I was that clumsy? Did he care?
Snide comments and jeering laughter swirled around me. I should be used to it by now but it still roiled my already upset stomach. Couldn’t the fuckers just leave me be? I climbed to my feet, careful not to look Mace in the eye. Mace grunted and waved us all toward my four-door truck.
   Mace stood by the driver’s door, and Hawk took shotgun, leaving me to squeeze between Fang and Spike. I couldn’t do it. Not today. Not with them. Not after last night and this morning and the day before and… I could go on. I turned back.
   “Where the hell do you think you’re goin’?” Mace turned with his hand on the door.
   “Ah, I forgot something.” I kept going. I’d gotten pretty damn fast on those crutches.
   Mace’s irritation ratcheted up a few notches. “Forget it and get your ass in the truck, Brainiac. Unless you’re looking for another beating?”
   I turned and for once looked him right in the eye. “Go ahead, beat the shit out of me, again.” I threw my arms out wide. “It’s not like I can stop you. Being a weak little human and all.” The growing crowd sniggered. A few added crude comments but I ignored them. “Or better yet, just shoot me and get it over with. I’m done bowing to you sick fuckers.” A shocked silence followed. Mace stood there, mouth open, staring with the rest of them. I yanked the door open so hard it bounced off the wall.
   I had no idea where I was going. I just had to get away from there.

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Debby said...

What a great story about plot bunnies and dreams Th excerpt was fantastic.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Brannan Black said...

Glad you enjoyed it Debby. I'll have some insights and excerpts from the two most recent books in the series later today.

Na said...

Thank you for sharing your "dream" with us. I hear of a lot of authors whose dream inspired their book and I hope I get to experience that one day.

Brannan Black said...

Thanks Na. I hope someday to get to read one of yours.