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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Excerpt from Raincheck (available on Dreamspinner Press): M/M paranormal romance

The attack occurred so swiftly, Rodney almost didn’t see it himself. A shadow detached itself from the shelter of an alley and swung down something hard against David’s back and shoulders. David dropped with grunt of pain and lay sprawled face down on the sidewalk. The man standing over him grabbed him by the ankles and hauled him back into the darkness of the alley.

Rodney dove. He folded up his wings and plummeted down to the street level, his eyes fixed on the spot where David had disappeared. He only pulled up at the last second to swing his feet forward and open his wings to break his momentum. He still landed hard, touching down with both feet and hands in a half-crouching position. He stood slowly, his wings outstretched in agitation, the tips brushing the walls of the alley on either side. His tail arched up over his shoulder, the tip quivering with the need to strike.

He’d never been so angry in his entire life.

The man who’d attacked David was kneeling beside him, rifling though his pockets, and shoving whatever he grabbed into his own. He’d paused just long enough to flip open David’s wallet and tip his head to peer at the contents in the dim light before throwing it down in disgust. He was reaching for the canister of blueprints when Rodney moved.

He caught the mugger by the back of his jacket, his talons sinking into the man’s clothing, all the way down to the skin and underlying muscle. Rodney lifted him off his feet, even as he screamed and flailed blindly with a knife that Rodney hadn’t seen before. Rodney plucked the canister out of the thief’s hand and continued to suspend him in the air.

“That doesn’t belong to you,” Rodney growled in the man’s ear before hurling him to the oily pavement.

When the thief rolled over, his mouth opened and closed repeatedly as he gaped, stupefied, at the sight of Rodney standing there. He dropped the knife, crawling backwards on his rump, desperately scooting away as he worked his mouth, trying to make some sort of sound come out. Tears coursed down his face, gleaming on his skin in the moonlight. Once he’d put a few yards between himself and Rodney, he scrambled to his feet and ran, a half-strangled gurgle of sound escaping his body as he fled.

Rodney swiftly crossed back to David and crouched, balancing neatly on his toes as he touched David lightly on the shoulder. David groaned and shifted slightly. Relieved, Rodney blew out a sigh before frowning as he assessed the situation.

Raincheck is a modern-day fairy tale about Rodney, the lonely gargoyle, and his attraction for one of the tenants in his building. Will he ever be able to reveal his true self to the handsome and charismatic David Marshall? Will David be able to see beyond Rodney's horrifying exterior to the real person beneath? (Okay, chances are pretty good that he will, because I write romances, after all, but not all fairy tales have happy endings, you know!)

Don't forget that Dreamspinner is holding a "Find the Gargoyle on the Website" contest through the end of October. If you come across Gary the Gargoyle DoorKnocker, click on him to receive a free story from the author whose page he's hiding on!


Na said...

I'm glad the end of the post answered my question. I was intrigued with Rodney and wondering what sort of creature he is. I don't come across many gargoyles so these creatures have caught my interest.

Sarah M. said...

Na: I have a lot of people tell me that--makes me think that gargoyles are severely under-represented in the genre! :-)

Please leave me your email contact info here, just in case you're one of the random winners! (I should have asked people to do that earlier, but I just forgot...)

elaing8 said...

Never read a gargoyle romance before. Can't wait t read the rest.

Anonymous said...

I love reading gargoyle storie and this sounds great. On my list! Thanks for the excellent post.


Jean P said...

Not a lot of gargoyle stories out there, look forward to reading this one, excerpt was quite intriguing.

skpetal AT hotmail DOT com

Sarah M. said...

Oh, yay! Thank you, all of you, for leaving such nice feedback AND your contact info in case you win! :-)

Debby said...

I have never read a gargoyle story. Looking forward to this one as I added it to my list.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Sarah M. said...

Debby: TBH, I've never run across a gargoyle story before. I hope this doesn't disappoint!