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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Greenwood Manor--Adult Excerpt

Author: Shannon Leigh
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
Genre: Paranormal Erotica/Ghosts
Laura Flannery needs a vacation from her boring life and a break from nosy neighbor. So when a postcard arrives in the mail announcing the grand opening of a bed and breakfast in New Orleans, she decides to give it a try. Deposited on the doorstep of what appears to be a beautifully restored mansion, Laura finds it odd the cab driver is so eager to drive away; and that’s just the beginning.

From a butler who seems to avoid any physical contact what so ever, to a housekeeper who floats rather than walks, Laura can’t help but start questioning her sanity. Then, when a man she’s never seen before appears before her and claims he’s her dead husband, she has to decide if it’s time to head for the hills or stay and discover what secret past she has with Greenwood Manor and it’s handsome, albeit deceased, owner.


“What are you?” she demanded, stepping a little to the side when the skin on her backside began to smart. “A ghost?”

Barnabas chuckled. “If that’s what you wish to call me. Then yes.”

Suddenly feeling exhausted, Laura rubbed her palms over both eyes. “But I don’t believe in ghosts,” she murmured. “They’re not real.

You can’t be—”

Before she could finish her lame protest, Barnabas had closed the distance between. “I’ll explain it later,” he said, pulling her roughly, almost violently against him. “Right now, I want to use my energy to feel you. To touch you. To love you. It’s been so long, Laura.”

Unable to deny the pleading in his eyes or the need in his voice, Laura subtly nodded her head. It was obvious their joining was inevitable. Why delay the longing in her heart?

His mouth came down over hers in a shockingly possessive kiss. Frightened and elated at the same time, Laura merely clung to his broad shoulders while his lips worked magic over hers. Her mind began the whirl, and she felt as though she were floating on clouds, her feet hovering above the floor.

Breaking away from his mesmerizing kiss, she chanced to look down. Sure enough, Barnabas and she were suspended several feet above the cushy carpet below. With a gentle nudge, he pushed her body slightly away from his.

Feeling as though she would fall, Laura let out a yelp of terror and clutched frantically at his arms.

Barnabas smiled. “Don’t be afraid. You’re safe with me. I promise.”

Relaxing a bit, Laura let herself drift freely. The air around her was strange, heavy. And yet, she felt weightless.

While the sensation was certainly bizarre, it was, at the same time, surprisingly exhilarating. When she tried to stop her backward glide, Laura lost her balance and tumbled forward awkwardly. With just a wave of his hand, Barnabas righted her stance.

“It takes some getting used to,” he said softly. “Just relax, let me guide you.”

He slowly twirled his index finger, and her body began to turn in response. Laura giggled. “I feel like I’m on display.”

“Only for me,” he purred. “Only for me.” The husky rumble in his voice made her insides shudder with expectancy. Laura closed her eyes, letting her head fall back slightly. Her long curls brushed against her waistline, tickling her skin. Never had someone’s scrutiny made her feel so alive, so invigorated, so—

“Beautiful. You’ve not changed a bit.”

Laura met his heated stare with a shy smile. “Thank you,” she whispered, feeling warmth stain her cheeks.

Another wave of his hand and she was suddenly moving forward. Her body stopped only inches from his. Her breath caught in her throat when fiery sparks danced in his eyes like the undulating flames of a roaring fire.

His hands shot out to grasp her upper arms in an almost painful hold. Then he pulled her against him, their bodies colliding with a tantalizing smack as his mouth came down once again to possess hers. “I can’t delay any longer,” he breathed heavily against her lips. His hands transversed the planes of her back, then moved lower to her hips and thighs.

Laura sensed there was more to the urgency in his voice than merely carnal need. He’d mentioned the constraint of time twice now, leading her to believe he would soon have to leave. Shoving aside her ambiguity of the circumstances involved, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed herself more firmly against him.

“I’m ready.”

His fingers curled around the cheeks of her ass in a firm grip. Then he hoisted her upward, bringing her breasts to his eager lips. While his palms caressed her outer thighs, his tongue laved around one rosy bud, making it harden into a taut bead.

A deep moan escaped Laura’s lips when he nipped at her throbbing peak. Eagerly wrapping her legs around his waist, she arched her spine, forcing her breast more fully into his surprisingly warm mouth. Barnabas responded with almost feral hunger.

With their bodies floating weightlessly about the room, his hands were free to explore. Cupping one breast within his palm, he alternated between sucking her nipple and twirling his tongue about it in a

tantalizing swirl, before lavishing an equal amount of attention on the other.

Ever so slowly, he moved downward, gently lifting her buoyant frame higher into the air until she could nearly touch the ceiling. His mouth left a tingling trail along her flesh, from the crevice between her breasts, across the flat plane of her stomach, and finally to the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.

At the first brush of his tongue against her feminine lips, Laura shuddered. She gasped as electrical sparks of pleasure shot through her apex, radiating to her belly. Her fingers reached for his hair as she spread her legs, encouraging him to taste her core.

Wrapping his hands around her outer thighs, he coaxed her body to lie flat, nearly parallel to the floor several feet below. No longer afraid of falling, Laura relaxed backward, letting her weightless frame float freely.

Carefully slipping one knee and then the other over his shoulders, Barnabas began a pleasure-evoking stimulation of her clit that made her head feel as light as the rest of her.

Laura moaned and writhed against his face as he sucked at her swollen nub, gently drawing it in and out of his mouth. Then he flicked his tongue against it in an up and down motion, sending bolts of pleasure coursing through her insides. When he slipped in a finger and started caressing the sensitive spot just inside her sheath, she began to tremble.

“Barnabas…” she breathed heavily, feeling her feminine juices slip down the crack of her ass as her body tensed.

But Barnabas ignored her. The tip of his finger moved in circles over that tingling spot inside, while he continued to stroke her clit with his tongue. He obviously knew exactly what to do to bring her to culmination.

Laura’s stomach clenched. The muscles in her arms and legs tightened as her whole frame started to vibrate. Energy pulled to her pelvis, preparing for release. She tried to hold off, to prolong the pleasure as long as she could. But her mind whirled and she felt as though she were spinning in

circles. In the next instant, her insides convulsed; there was no stopping


Shannon Leigh
Amber Quill Assistant Review Coordinator
"Giving readers the O in their erOtica."

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Jean P said...

Oh my, that was a fantastic excerpt. That was quite the vacation destination she arrived at. Look forward to reading this story and finding out what happens with Laura.

elaing8 said...

Thanks for sharing the excerpt.I enjoyed reading it

Na said...

I would want to discover a ghost this way so this story sounds like one I can relate to :)

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That was so good! My list is growing... Thank-you!

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Debby said...

Oh my, what a great excerpt. Another to add to my list
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