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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

GUEST BLOG: a.c. Mason

Intro to Moi! a.c. Mason by me

Recently a fellow author told me when I write moi in posts,which I do a lot, I sound pretentious. I was absolutely shocked. Lol. No, really. I was since French is my mother tongue. I love inserting it here and there. I’ve now been speaking English for two decades. Wow! Where did all that time go? I live in Canada an hour west of the City of Toronto. Aside from speaking with the teachers at my kids’ schools and my day job, I don’t often use French. Well, that isn’t entirely correct. I use it in my stories. Why? Someone told me a long time ago use your assets. I figured this was one of them. Not only do I put the flavor of the language in my writing but also the culture.

So let’s see what have you learned about me so far?

I’m Canadian. I’ll add to this information and let you know that my father is American.

French is my mother tongue. I’ve now been speaking English over 2 decades. My stories are written in English. I love languages. You will also find Latin, Gaelic and Hebrew in some of my stories.

I’ve got kids.One's a teenager the other a tween. Time just flies by. My hair is turning grayer by the day. Shh! Don’t tell anyone.

What else might be useful to know about me? Oh, right what do I write? I write erotic romance and some mainstream.

Most of my work is paranormal. Some of it is historical paranormal and I’ve got a straight contemporary series thrown in there. I’ve got an eclectic bunch of muses. But all of my works have two things in common they are erotic and multicultural/interracial. Why? My mother is Belgian and Scottish and my father is African American and Cherokee. I was raised with a lot of cultural blending. My stories sometime deal with the conflict diverse cultures can create butnot always.

Here’s my question to the readers. Are there countries or cultures that you enjoy the hero to be from? Which one(s)?

The best way I can show you my diversity is to show you my book covers.

If you want to learn about my work it’s all over on my website

Born from the union of her Scottish and Belgian mother and an African American and Cherokee father, a.c.Mason’s youth was filled with dichotomies and moving from place to place. She developed a curiosity to explore through writing the seedy side of our nature and desires. Given her own diverse background, she writes stories that represent the world she grew up in. She is fluent in French and English. For the past eight years of her life, she has worked with one foot in the past spanning from 18th century, the Bering Strait theory to modern day and now late Victorian. She advocates the preservation of our natural and cultural riches for future generations. Her stories are the place where darkness meets human desire and fairytales endings are not promised but earned.


Debby said...

What an interesting post. I do not consider moi anything other than making you sound multicultural.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Casea Major said...

Great interview! Love all those covers together.

Jenna said...

Great post, Mason. I know so much more about you now! LOL You do have quite a blend of stories and writing styles. I love stories based in England or Ireland (haven't seen a lot of those latter), but I love historicals in any country. :)

Brenda said...

Nice to get to know you better, Mason.
I'm a fellow Canadian--I live on the west coast. LOL, I don't know a word of french. I should have paid more attention in school. I'd love to be able to speak another language.