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Monday, October 17, 2011

Guest Blog: Carrie Pulkinen

My Journey Into Erotic Sex

I wasn't going to be an erotic author. My first published manuscript didn't contain any sex at all when I "finished" it. I just wasn't comfortable writing about something so personal.

Then I found the call for submissions from Breathless Press. They were looking for short stories about demons or witches for Halloween. Eureka! My first short story was about a half-demon demon hunter. Perfect!

Then I read the rest of the requirements. Uh-oh. The stories had to have a heat rating of at least 2. I wringed my hands and chewed my bottom lip. Could I add erotic, detailed sex to my story?

Why not?

I reread my manuscript and realized that several sex scenes fit perfectly into the story. I was able to weave them into the plot as if the were there all along, hidden in the folds of the story. I just had to uncover them.

My first go at writing sex sounded a bit like an instruction manual. Insert part A into slot B…you get the picture. What the characters were doing was hot, but what was I missing?


Once I got into the minds of my characters, I could feel what they would be feeling. Not physically, of course…but, hey, wouldn't that be awesome if I could? To bring physical sensations to readers with my words? I'd be a best-selling author in no time!

Ah, I digress…where was I? Oh, yes. Emotions. Once I took myself out of the bedroom and focused on the two people making love, the emotion poured out my fingertips and through the keyboard, lacing the story with intimate, steamy, pure paranormal erotic enjoyment.

My next book, To Catch a Spirit, was much easier to write. Logan and Allison are both very personal for me, so I was able to establish the connection between them and fill it with emotion from the get go. And you know what? Writing sex scenes is fun!

In my latest release, Her Guardian Lover, April and Damian have a love-hate relationship, which makes for emotion-filled, incredibly hot sex.

Though I was hesitant in the beginning, I can't imagine writing a romance novel that isn't erotic. I hope that my readers enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Blurb for Her Guardian Lover:

Guarding April isn't easy. Loving her could be the end of life as he knows it.

April May Carter, a twenty-nine-year-old small town high school teacher, dreams of finding a man to whisk her away from the hickville she’s stuck in. She wants it all—the husband, the house, the kids, the car. But her dreams of living the perfect life are shattered during a school shooting.

Damian is supposed to keep her safe. But a tragic event in his past has left him so bitter and resentful, he's blindsided by the angelic beauty who's awakened a part of his soul he thought had burned out long ago. He won’t let anyone get close enough to care about him. April should hate him. But she sees through his abrasive exterior and finds the compassionate, loving man beneath. Can Damian let go of his past, accept his responsibilities, and let her love him? Or will he spend the rest of his existence alone and miserable?

Carrie Pulkinen has always been fascinated with the paranormal. Of course, when you grow up next door to a cemetery, the dead (and the undead) are hard to ignore. Pair that with her passion for writing and her father's insatiable love for monster movies, and you've got the perfect recipe for an exciting storyteller.

When she's not writing stories of amazing sex with devilishly handsome men, Carrie likes to read, travel, take pictures, and play with her kids. Her other works include Sweet Release and To Catch a Spirit.

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An excellent journey - thanks for sharing.
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