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Monday, October 31, 2011

Guest Blog: Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne

Oh, I love this time of year. From spooky events to the thought of All Hallows Eve – it’s terrifying and tempting and especially to a writer. From the time of being a little girl I loved spooky and scary movies. Sure, I was the kid who was afraid of the boogeyman in the closet and slept with the light on but you have to admit that vampires and werewolves were almost magical creatures. Through my teen years and into adulthood vampires remained my creature of choice. Okay, that does sound a bit odd, doesn’t it? But it’s true. I’ve been writing since I was barely able to hold a pencil and through all the stories and books (yes I actually wrote 18 full length novels by the time I was 16) a thread including vampires remained.

Back in those years vampires weren’t glorious sexy creatures but flesh and blood sucking monsters you were supposed to fear like a serial killer. All of a sudden something happened during the tenure of Anne Rice – being bitten became sexy. And then when you threw in the imagination of writers who allowed the creatures to have sex? WHEW – that’s all I can say. Sexy bites, sex with a creature who can go all night long literally and the thought of immortality is a powerful aphrodisiac – don’t you think?

In recent years the standing joke is that “my vampires don’t sparkle” but I have to say, what’s wrong if they do? The Twilight Series reminded us that authors have a vivid imagination and can take their humans or creatures of the night into another world entirely. I think that’s when my vampires were born. I have an entire series I’ve written as the real girl – Cassandre is a pseudonym – but I’m holding them back for a while until the popularity comes back. BUT…I penned a trilogy and another m/m BDSM piece that allows vampires to be a bit more of what they were while including sexy and sometimes terrifying aspects of the life of kink. Throw in the popularity of m/m pieces and both pieces you’re going to get a taste of were created.

I also love the lore of ghosts and human witchcraft so I incorporated a favorite board game that I played as a child – The Ouija Board – do you remember talking to spirits? It’s the perfect time of year for it so… both of the excerpts are PG rated but you’ll get an idea of how spicy they truly are and be very afraid – my vampires can and will drink your blood.


Jax Steele was a haunted man. A Detective by trade, damning visions of a wretched event had taken not only his soul but also the family he loved dearly. Living a shadowed life, he accepted every wretched case given with a vengeance, determined to right the wrongs of his horrible past. When young men began showing up slaughtered like animals, the nightmares began all over again pulling him into his own private hell. All clues led to an elusive erotic artist of Russian decent who enjoyed the dark arts of BDSM and Jax believed he’d found his killer, yet intense hungers buried deep within were awakened and he wanted nothing more than to become Aleks’ student.

Aleksandr Vasiliev carried dark secrets of his own. A monster to some, the vampire had forsaken his past and the family regime in search of a new life away from murdering humans. Unfortunately his previous subjects turned up gutted and he was the only suspect. As Jax and Aleks forged a bond to try and find the murderer, each suspected something that neither could control. As the power of domination and control swirled around their relationship, Jax was forced to face not only his ugly past but also hungers that burned deep in his soul. Betrayed, Aleks was determined to save Jax, his true mate but powerful vampires from his past threatened not only his lover but the entire human race. In a race against time, few would survive.


Savannah Lily was bored with her everyday life and hungered to spice up her life. Her job as a fashion consultant left her little time for a social life so when her three best friends suggested a game using the Ouija Board and a naughty dare, she initially scoffed until she heard about the prize. She’d dabbled with the occult since her childhood, curious about all things that went bump in the night and Halloween was fast approaching. Hungry for one man who filled her every night with sinful visions, winning the prize just might help her achieve her ultimate fantasy, immortality.

Constantine Avion was considered by many to be a warlock specializing in the extreme torture of men and women. Some said he held the key of life and death in his hands and he was rumored to have a male lover. Feared by everyone that knew him, his secret club catered to the darker side of sex infused with magic. Entrance by invitation only, few were selected to go behind the hallowed doors.

For some reason Raging Shadows was having a Halloween party open to the public in groups of four or more. The only catch? One member of each party would be required to perform an act of seduction or kink if requested with no questions asked and Constantine determined how the game was played. As the night fast approached, Savannah was determined to entice the man some called a monster. Unfortunately she didn’t understand his level of power and his desperate needs until one night reminded her she was very much alive. Would Savannah decide to succumb to the man of her dreams and give up her soul or was there a darker power working against the tortured lovers?

Cassandre writes highly erotic romance stories and novels in the contemporary, science fiction and paranormal flavors. Currently she has eleven erotic romance novels published with Rebel Ink Press and several more under contract. Her recent titles include, Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper, Her Sinful Long Legs, Revving Her Wild Engines, Shadows of Panic and Wicked Desire, Wicked Wager Among Friends - Tales from Lucifer’s Lair – the first in a series, Breakfast Eye Candy, and several m/m pieces including Game Over, Power Struggle and Punch Back. Her first full length novel was released in August titled Truth, Dare or Dangerous Intent and her first f/f piece was recently published entitled Fire of Submission. Her first print release – a compilation of several pieces titled The Feast of Temptation was released in September. Sinful by Design is being released in November followed by St. Nick’s Night of Xstasy and Shattered – another gritty m/m piece in December.

She also recently had her first release with Naughty Nights Press – Spankdown with Red Fire – Surrender and Raging Shadows released in October and Forced Fantasies and Mr. Mistletoe coming in December.





Michelle said...

congrats on the first print release in September and on the upcoming releases.

Debby said...

Great title - Are you afraid of the dark? I love the dark but there are things in it that can go bump. Congrats on your releases.
debby236 at gmail dot com

DA Kentner said...

I really like the concept of "Raging Shadows."
Great blurbs. These stories look wonderful.
And yes, I'll start with "Raging Shadows."